ADHD, Anxiety, and Meltdowns

Sometimes being a high functioning neurodivergent can be a blessing and a curse. People expect so much of you. They don’t really consider the fact that you have your challenges. I totally get it. It’s really easy not to see things that you don’t personally experience. Sometimes, things have to be experienced by a person for them to fully get it.

One of my confessions is that I try my best to keep positive. I keep routine to the best of my ability. That’s not as easy as you would think it is. Things happen. Most people can quickly adapt and continue. I’m not in that group sadly. I get frazzled. I fall behind on my agenda. It takes me days to recover. Sometimes longer depending on how big the disruption is.

I get so embarrassed by how I act when these things happen. I get short-tempered and anxious. I feel like everything is closing in on me. I feel like everybody is angry with me for not getting the tasks done that I said I was going to. Realistically, I understand that nobody is angry with me. One day I will not only understand that, but I’ll accept it as well. There probably have been some people who have written me off because of it. It hurt at one point, but I’m understanding that it’s for the best.

ADHD can be a doozy. Especially when I have so many tasks to do. I constantly have multiple tabs open. I go to try to do something and suddenly I’m on a different tab. Sometimes, I have been shopping a sale and have many things in my cart. Somehow, I get distracted by something else. I go back to purchase and the sale has sadly ended. I mean it saved me money in the long run, but I still wish I hadn’t gotten so distracted.

I’ve somewhat found methods to help with ADHD. Last year, I discovered that putting my reviews in OneNote. It helps me keep track of the reviews I’ve written and the ones I still need to write. I still have a lot of reviews to write for last year, but I’m satisfied with my ongoing progress. Lately, I have discovered that I can focus better on the review if I use my Bluetooth keyboard and my iPad. I’m thinking it’s because I’m not tempted by blinking tabs. I could be wrong.

I find it ironic that the point I have been trying to make has been derailed by ADHD. I guess this is why many call it squirrel syndrome. I hope one day that I will quit being such a monster when things go sideways. I hope that I will learn to communicate better when I’m in high anxiety moments. I think until then, the best thing I can do is stick to myself until I’ve calmed myself. Everything will happen as it will.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Once upon a time, I was ashamed to admit any of this. I was afraid I’d be accused of seeking attention. Or being told that others have it way worse than I did. I spend too much time invalidating my feelings based on how I think others will think of it that I forget that my opinions matter too. I’m working on that. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. Remember, that you are not alone. I’m always here if anybody needs somebody to talk to.

Touch of Heaven Release Tour


Touch of Heaven

Sin and Sinuosity, Book 2

Genre: Billionaire Romance | MMF | Ménage |Forbidden Love

Interracial Romance | Friends to Lovers | Possessive Hero


By Elice Nange

Hosted by DS Book Promotions

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Also available:

Taste of Hell: Sin and Sinuosity, Book 1


Heaven isn’t the dream. It’s the nightmare stalking your every move.

Delilah ‘Dee’ Brewer lived her life in the shadow of her sister. As one-half of the famous identical Brewer twins, she was dubbed the Defective Spare. A title bestowed upon her due to circumstances beyond her control.

When she dared to reach for more, it was ripped away from her in the blink of an eye, sending her back into the shadows — existing on the cusp of death.

Until she met him.

Harris Brinkmann. A man who slowly brings Delilah back into the light. A man who, like her, harbors dangerous secrets. A man with an unhealthy, borderline stalkerish obsession with her — and he’s not the only one.

Because he already has a partner, Marc Sotelo, who quickly comes to share Harris’s fascination with her.

They see her. The real her. The version of her that exists outside of shadows. What’s even more baffling is they both want her — all of her.

Together, they are everything they have each ever wanted but shouldn’t have. Together, they feel like heaven — but they all know the truth. Heaven is a cruel mistress that rips pieces from your soul, a waking nightmare that clings to you like a shadow.

Together, they are a special brand of damaged.

And they all know there can’t be a future for them. There will be no happily ever after. There is only the now.

Or is there…?

Note: This book can be read as a STANDALONE in the Sin and Sinuosity series.

About Elice Nange

Elice Nange is an author currently residing in the USA. She writes from the heart. Stories often address sensitive subjects like racism, sexual orientation, religion, discrimination, etc.

She may or may not be obsessed with Maya Angelou, ice cream, and the color purple not necessarily in that order.

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Weekly Television Show: Kids Baking Championship

So, full disclosure, I’ve only watched like three episodes of this. I really am enjoying it though. These kids are so talented. And the season we are watching is full of kids who already have their own businesses!!!! So it’s a little intimidating that these kids are like half my age and already more mature than I am. And more put together. I’m a huge Duff fan. I love watching anything that has him in it. I might have to watch some older seasons. Anybody watch this?

No Proof Release Blitz



No Proof

By Ashley McConnell


Genre: Thriller | Romance

Hosted by DS Book Promotions


US  | UK  | CA  | AU 

Read on Kindle Unlimited


Everything in Sadie Augustine’s life is going according to plan. She has her own graphic design company, a lifelong best friend named Audrey, a townhome in chilly Vermont, and Daisy, her Retriever pup. The one area Sadie has been struggling with – love.

When the mysterious Liam Reynolds moves in next door, he’s exactly what she was looking for – tall, dark, and handsome. When he and Sadie hit it off, they quickly learn that they’re a perfect match. So what happens when Audrey starts to uncover some dark secrets from Liam’s past? Someone won’t make it out alive.

You may think you have it figured out, but you haven’t even scratched the surface.

About the author:

Ashley has always loved to write, it didn’t matter what it was. It could’ve been a short story, full-length book, or to do list, as long as words were coming out of her brain and onto paper, she loved it. 

Working as an IT Project Manager by day, Ashley uses any free time in the evenings to write. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, Ross, and her two dogs – Teddy and Lilly. Ashley’s favorite genres to both read and write are romance and thrillers.

When her nose isn’t in a book, you can find her watching true crime documentaries or wishing she was at the beach. 

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Boss (Dick) Cover Reveal




Genre: Contemporary Romance | Billionaire Romance | Rom-Com

Release Date: March 31

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The Job Description: 

Immediate opening for a personal assistant to an eccentric self-made billionaire mogul. Your superlative salary, plus a substantial signing bonus, is subjective after a quantitative probationary period and based on your qualitative ability to thrive under pressure applied by the lean-mean-aggressive-machine, BOSS DICK. 

Apply ONLY if you’re tough-as-nails with THICK skin! 

My Application: 

My name is Sam “Fearless” Mathieson. I’m not afraid of BOSS DICK or the boss’s dick. I eat nails for breakfast and wear Kevlar under my suit. I’m OCD. Organization is my bitch! Immediate opening? I can start in ten minutes. Put up or shut up. 

The Offer: 

“You’re hired. Penthouse floor. You have nine minutes and counting….” Shoes in hand with my track coach’s voice echoing in my ear about form and stride, I sprint down the block, hit the rotating door, rush into the elevator and cuss the whole time it soars to the top while learning that Precious Kitty Publishing doesn’t publish books about cuddly, cute, kittens. They specialize in “soft-touch-feel-good” romance books. 


Mommy porn on steroids. But I need this job like I need air. I’m broke, but not broken. I refuse to quit on my dream. I made a promise, and I won’t break it. I’ll die first. With twenty seconds to spare, the elevator dings, the doors open, and I sprint down the hallway, past the startled male receptionist standing behind his desk, gawking, to the door at the end of the corridor that says, Sebastian King, CEO. Not wanting to miss my deadline, I turn the knob, throw open the door, and crash, just as my phone timer blasts BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That.’ The man behind the desk looks up from his laptop, shocked, then amused, then angry when the receptionist I passed follows me in like a puppy with his tail between his legs and declares, “Mr. King, this is my replacement. Sam Mathieson.” Then he turns around and runs away. 

BOSS DICK’s first words to me are, “You’re not a man. Get out!” To which I replied, kneeling on all fours like a dog, barking his kitty up a lawsuit tree. “Make me!” Famous last words, I’m afraid. Because every day since, he has done exactly that. Tried to make me quit. To give up. To go home. But I won’t. I need this job, but worse than that, now, I need this gigantic man in my life. I’m not talking only about the size of his ego, either. But the size of his sausage! Dear Lord, both are epic! One I want to stab, and the other I want to smother. But both are beautifully addictive! But back to my grand entrance recounting, how did BOSS DICK respond to my refusal to comply with his demand that I back out of his office, race the coward back to the elevator, and kiss my dream job goodbye just because I’m not a man? And I quote: “Then grab a condom for your heart, honey. I’m going to f*ck your feelings.” 

*This is a Standalone novel*

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Top Ten Tuesday: New to Me Authors of 2022

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

The rules are simple:

  • Each Tuesday, Jana assigns a new topic. Create your own Top Ten list that fits that topic – putting your unique spin on it if you want.
  • Everyone is welcome to join but please link back to The Artsy Reader Girl in your own Top Ten Tuesday post.
  • Add your name to the Linky widget on that day’s post so that everyone can check out other blogger’s lists.
  • Or if you don’t have a blog, just post your answers as a comment.

This week’s topic is New-to-Me Authors I Discovered in 2022

  1. Rebecca Barber- She has written a variety of books that I can see. I’ve read six of them. Two different series, but they take place in the same world. I really adored them!
  2. Roux Cantrell- I’ve read a motorcycle series by her. It was amazing. I loved every single one of them and would read again.
  3. Annee Jones- I’ve read quite a few books by her. They all have been centered around the holidays. They are also cute and short reads. She’s definitely now on my instabuy list. All her stories are just so heartfelt and inspiring!
  4. AE Bennett- I discovered this author by a promotions company. I do blogs tours for them. I wasn’t sure how I felt about her, but I am glad I was introduced to her books.
  5. Ceril N Domace- Like AE Bennett, I also discovered this author by doing a blog tour. Both books I read were so amazing and unique.
  6. Debbie Baldwin- I also did a blog tour for this author. The blog tour was for the fourth book, but I wound up buying the first three and reading them all. I think I read them in less than a week if I remember right.
  7. Vela Roth- I’ve read all but the last book in the series that’s currently released. The characters are so quirky. The books are THICK. I love it. I would love to see these books in audio one day!
  8. Paulette Stout- This author is just absolutely amazing. I have only read one book by her. But it was just so amazing. Her writing style is GREAT! I also love how raw and open the book was.
  9. Rosemary Willhide- I’m still reeling over the ending of the book. I also need to read the first two books in the series! I need more by this author!!!!
  10. Ivelisse Houseman- I got Unseelie on Netgalley. I knew it would be a cute and quirky read. I read her author’s note at the beginning. I found out that she was autistic. One of the characters in the book is autistic as well. I really adored the book! I can’t wait to read it again and read the sequel!

Your turn!

The Billionaire Fling Release Tour


The Billionaire Fling

A Contemporary Romance Collection for Charity 

Romance Café Collection Book 19


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Available on Kindle Unlimited


Champagne, sports cars, private jets: these powerful billionaires can buy everything but love.

With the world at their command, how will they cope with the one person who wants their heart, not their money?

Strap on your red sole stilettos, pop open the champagne, and dive into our billionaires’ glittering happily ever afters.

Over twenty titillating stories from USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors in a spicy billionaire collection curated by The New Romance Cafe, with ALL proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Participating Authors:

Celia J. Lisbeth

DL Gallie

Emmy Dee

Gabbi Black

Heather Scarlett

JA Lafrance

Jackie Paxson

Janie Grey

Kat Parrish

Kathleen Ryder

Keighley Bradford

Kenna Shaw Reed

Kristine Charles

Molly Lachaussee

Nikita Bloom


Susan Horsnell

TL Hamilton

Toni Denise

Whimsy Nimsy

About The New Romance Cafe

The New Romance Café is the place to get your daily dose of romance books. 

Hang out with like-minded readers and authors at different stages of their writing journey, in a diverse and inclusive group. 

Find out about new releases, take part in fun discussions, and recommend your favourite reads in the safe space of the Café.



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Weekly Reading Goals: January 23rd

Books I Hope To Finish:

  1. The Billionaire’s Arrangement by Amelie S. Duncan
  2. Katrina by Annee Jones
  3. No Proof by Ashley McConnell

Books I Hope To Make Progress On:

  1. Wicked Ever After Anthology- Releases February 10th
  2. Love and Other Kerfuffles Anthology: Releases February 7th
  3. Wildblood by Laura Blackwood: Releases February 7th
  4. Test of the Four by A.E. Bennett: Blog Tour February 3rd
  5. Cobalt Red by Siddharth Kara: Releases January 31st
  6. The Long Run by James Acker: Releases February 7th
  7. Intrinsic Motivation by Stefan Falk: Releases February 7th
  8. Hex You by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast: Releases January 31st
  9. The Second You’re Single by Cara Tanamachi: Releases January 31st

Reading Goals Overall:

  1. Read two hours a day
  2. Read daily chapters
  3. Keep on top of reviews

Ideally, I’d also like to finish Cobalt Red, Hex You, and The Second You’re Single by the end of the week. If I don’t, it will be okay. I have a TBR Jar readathon this weekend that I’m hosting at The Introverted Readathoner. I’m really excited about that. My schedule has been so packed that I haven’t been able to do that readathon the way I’ve wanted to lately. That changes this week. I’d also love to make progress in the Orphan X series by Gregg Hurwitz. I’d love to see your reading plans for the week!

Sundays in Bed With… Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen

Sundays are my mostly tech free day. Meaning I stay off social media and technology with the exception of my Switch and Kindle. It’s a complete me day. Today, I plan on spending the day listening to Crossroads by Jonathan Franzen. I have a book club meeting Monday at 6:30. Luckily, it was on sale during the audio sale, so I am confident that I will get it done before meeting. Even if I just started it! What are you reading today?

Jonathan Franzen’s gift for wedding depth and vividness of character with breadth of social vision has never been more dazzlingly evident than in Crossroads.

It’s December 23, 1971, and heavy weather is forecast for Chicago. Russ Hildebrandt, the associate pastor of a liberal suburban church, is on the brink of breaking free of a marriage he finds joyless—unless his wife, Marion, who has her own secret life, beats him to it. Their eldest child, Clem, is coming home from college on fire with moral absolutism, having taken an action that will shatter his father. Clem’s sister, Becky, long the social queen of her high-school class, has sharply veered into the counterculture, while their brilliant younger brother Perry, who’s been selling drugs to seventh graders, has resolved to be a better person. Each of the Hildebrandts seeks a freedom that each of the others threatens to complicate.

Jonathan Franzen’s novels are celebrated for their unforgettably vivid characters and for their keen-eyed take on contemporary America. Now, in Crossroads, Franzen ventures back into the past and explores the history of two generations. With characteristic humor and complexity, and with even greater warmth, he conjures a world that resonates powerfully with our own.

A tour de force of interwoven perspectives and sustained suspense, its action largely unfolding on a single winter day, Crossroads is the story of a Midwestern family at a pivotal moment of moral crisis. Jonathan Franzen’s gift for melding the small picture and the big picture has never been more dazzlingly evident.

Mysterious Aisles Blog Tour And Review

Mysterious Aisles

by BG Hilton

Black Phoenix Book Tours

January 20-23

Axel Platzoff did not work at the Handy Pavilion by choice...

Stacking shelves seemed beneath the former supervillain who had come close to world domination so many times. But as part of his plea deal with the Hague, he had to work somewhere, so he worked at the big-box hardware store in the sleepy Australian suburb of South Hertling. Fortunately, he was not the only eccentric employee of the place. Pavilion workers included dryads, time-traveling cyborgs, water-witches, ape-men, cowboys, demigods, angels, demons, mad scientists and animate garden gnomes.

Gradually Axel came to feel at home, until tragedy struck. The construction of a rival hardware store, just across Hurley Road threatened his living and his new friends. Axel had no choice but to to take the fight to his enemies, the only way he knew how. But is the DIY Barn really nothing but a rival hardware store? Or will it’s sinister secret destroy the Handy Pavilion and seriously inconvenience the people of South Hertling?

An engaging mix of urban fantasy and workplace comedy.

See the book on Amazon here.

About BG Hilton

Australian SFF author BG Hilton spent most of his life doing jobs so tedious that his only escape was entertaining himself with crazy fantasy stories, and now he writes them down in the hope of entertaining others. He specialises in Specilative Fiction, Humour and Non-Fiction. He works in the education sector these days, which would probably surprise any of his teachers. His debut novel — the Steampunk adventure ‘Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys’ was published by Odyssey Books in early 2020. He lives with his family in Sydney, and consequently spends a lot of time in traffic.


Story: This was a really quirky book. I found myself laughing many times. I have to be honest, I kind of wish that I had some talent in the narration department. I’d totally volunteer to narrate this novel. It’s showcases the dreads of working retail with a supernatural twist. I’d love to see this book be turned into a cartoon. Probably one more geared to teens and adults, but still. I’d watch every episode.

Characters: There were too many of them to keep up with names. I really enjoyed all of them. They were all strange and very quirky.

Critiques: None

Final Thoughts: I’m not sure if this is going to be a series or not. I want to say it is, but I just can’t be sure. If it is, I will definitely be grabbing the rest of the series. I’ll probably reread this a few times. Especially when I’m feeling down and need a good laugh. There are some potentially offensive jokes displayed in the book. I wouldn’t recommend it for anybody who are more sensitive to jokes.