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Weekly Reading Plans: January 24th

One of the biggest goals I have this year is to finally tackle the huge list of books I’ve accumulated over the past year. Especially the books were given to me in exchange for review. I haven’t intended to go so long without reading them. I am just really bad with time management. Hopefully, this […]

Book Photo Sundays: January 23rd

Disclaimer: Some photos may be photos that aren’t mine. I do not claim them. I do hope you enjoy them as well though. Note: Sometimes I will add videos if I’ve done a TikTok for that week. I’d love to see some of your bookish photos and videos!

Written In the Stars Anthology Spotlight: Diana Dawn

Written in the Stars Author: Diana Dawn Interview with Diana Dawn: Tell us what prompted you to start the series? Be as detailed as you want. My Whispering Willows series actually started back in the late 1990s. I was part of a small online writing club. We all would write a chapter a week or […]


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Hello. My name is Nikkie. I also go by Star. That’s how I (with the help of my good friend Juju) created the name Star’s Books & Tea. My blog used to be named Willow Writes And Reads, but I didn’t feel like it fit me anymore. I’m a very avid reader. A photographer. I also enjoy coloring and music. I also enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. Hope you enjoy my page.

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