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Reading Plans & Goals: March 20th

Goals: On my reading List:

Weekly Reading Wrap Up: March 18th, 2023

Books Finished This Week: I can’t say this was a bad week really. I also can’t say it was a great week either. At least reading wise. I actually had a pretty wonderful week. I’ve gotten to experience some wonderful things. I’ll even be going to see an early release movie tomorrow! I basically wound…

Author Spotlight: RK Phillips

Today, I have the honor of spotlighting one of my favorite authors and dearest friends. I can proudly say that I knew this beautiful woman before she published her first book. She has so much talent and she’s so talented in so many ways. Having her in your life is a true blessing. Without further…


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Hello. My name is Nikkie. I also go by Star. That’s how I (with the help of my good friend Juju) created the name Star’s Books & Tea. My blog used to be named Willow Writes And Reads, but I didn’t feel like it fit me anymore. I’m a very avid reader. A photographer. I also enjoy coloring and music. I also enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. Hope you enjoy my page.

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