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Cinema Sunday: Gilmore Girls

I’ll be travelling next week and the week after. So I won’t have another Cinema Sunday until August 15th. That also happens to be my birthday! Hopefully I’ll have some amazing television shows and movies to report then. This week was a pretty light week in al honesty. My girlfriend and I have been watching […]

Sundays in Bed With… Confessor

Hosted by: Midnight Book Girl I both love and hate this series. This is the last book in this part of the series. It’s the last of the Imperial Order. I’m so glad to be over this phase of the series. I’m kind of curious to see what happens to the rest of the series. Technically […]

Weekly Book Reviews: 7/24/21

Note: The reviews will be pulled directly from my reviews on Goodreads. There would be ten reviews posted this week. However, I will be going out of town on Friday and won’t return for a little under two weeks after that. So I’m going to split the ten reviews I have for this week over […]


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Hello. My name is Nikkie. I also go by Star. That’s how I (with the help of my good friend Juju) created the name Star’s Books & Tea. My blog used to be named Willow Writes And Reads, but I didn’t feel like it fit me anymore. I’m a very avid reader. A photographer. I also enjoy coloring and music. I also enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. Hope you enjoy my page.

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