Reading Plans & Goals: April 10th, 2023

Weekly Goals:

  1. Adjust to new sleep schedule.
  2. Catch up on reading.
  3. Catch up on reviews.
  4. Make to do list every day.

My Reading List:

  1. Royal Rebel
  2. Someone is Always Watching
  3. Heir of Uncertain Magic
  4. The Windsors At War
  5. Pieces of Me
  6. The Ferryman
  7. The Devil’s Glove
  8. Guarded
  9. Vowed

Hope to get to:

  1. No Proof
  2. The Billionaire’s Arrangement
  3. Pheonix Rising
  4. War Dog
  5. Sold on A Monday
  6. Luck of the Draw

I know I always have a lot on my reading list every week. i have multiple reasons for this. For one, I’m a mood reader. Having a variety helps me stay out of reading ruts. Secondly, I have a system and it works really well for me. I never expect to completely finish all of them. If I make progress in some and not others, I’m completely okay with that. Also, I’m finally starting to catch up on reviews and write them as I finish books. Until the backlog of reviews are posted, I’ll have two scheduled every day. Once they are all posted, it will be scheduled as I finish them.

What are your reading plans this week?


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