Bookly App

My friend and one of my admins for The Introverted Readathoner on Facebook has been using this app called Bookly. I’d heard of it but really never looked into it until I started seeing her screenshots. It looked amazing to me. So I decided to give it a try. They have a free version, but I chose to pay for it. I knew I’d use it every day and the paid version just works for me. I have been using it for the past two days and I really can say this is going to work well for me. When I go to read, I just need to click the book I”m reading and hit start reading. I can choose if I want to track it by audio, percentage, or pages! You can set goals on it and everything. I’ll probably revisit talking about this app every few months. For now, I’d just love to meet other people who use it. I’d love to learn more about it so that I can use it even more efficiently!


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