Earning It Blog Tour And Review

Regan “Rae” Murphy has zero interest in romance and even less in love. One heartbreak in her life was quite enough, and she has no desire to get wrapped up in the sticky tendrils of love again. She thought she’d left all those messy feelings and entanglements in her past when she moved to Charlotte from Charleston, especially the devastatingly handsome portion of that past, who was wearing nothing but a towel when she walked out on him. His betrayal was the reason she left – and is the reason she keeps her heart safely tucked away. But when her best friend, Kez, asks Rae to be her maid of honor, Rae reluctantly puts aside her own feelings about forever.

Love is in the air on Kez’s wedding day, and it smacks Rae right in the face when her ex, Van, appears-and he looks just as good in a tux as he did in a towel. For Kez’s sake, Rae agrees to bury the hatchet somewhere other than between Van’s shoulder blades. He makes it his mission to get Rae to hear him out-something she refused to do before she left him. The pull to listen is strong as the hope she’d buried deep within her starts to rattle its way free. Maybe everything between them hadn’t been one giant, intricate lie. But to get the chance to show Rae what they had was real, Van’s going to have to earn it.

Title: Earning It

Author: E.F. Dodd

Release Date: August 23rd, 2022

Page Count: 325

Start Date: August 28th, 2022

Finish Date: August 30th, 2022


Story: I enjoyed this story far more than I thought I would in all honesty. I also determined that I might watch too many crime shows with law enforcement types as the main characters. Those who understand, will know exactly what I’m talking about. I was convinced it was going to be long and drawn out and that I would want to scream. I was completely wrong. Also, I’d love a short story involving Nana. The references made about her are just too cute!!!! She wasn’t in the book enough.

Characters: I could imagine if this book had more viewpoints than just Van and Rae. I’d have loved to see more points of view. Especially Kez. She seems like a riot! Also, I’d love to see a book on Jackson and Kez. I really feel like I need to get to know Kez so much more.

Critiques: None

Final Thoughts: I thought I was going to walk into a cliché book that was full of predictability and angst. I was completely wrong and I’m completely okay with that. There is a bit of spice in this book. It really added well to the story. I also loved the open talk about sexual things among the group of friends. That was great!

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