Deleting TikTok

I’m really considering deleting TikTok from my phone. It’s just become so toxic. There’s too much of an us vs them mentality. A one extreme or the other and no in between. I fully agree people should be held accountable for their actions. I also fully believe that if they acknowledge and understand where they went wrong and improve from it, they should be forgiven. I will never say I understand people’s struggles and triumphs. I only live my life. I only know what I’ve been through. I do think that we should all start remembering the golden rule though. Treat others how you want to be treated.

That’s as much of my feedback as I’m going to speak on the TikTok matter. I have a limited time in my day after work. I’m going to use it to get caught up on my reading and blog work. I’m not going to waste it anymore on things that are toxic and draining. I haven’t fully decided about TikTok yet, but I am leaning on deleting it though. It’s just too much.

3 thoughts on “Deleting TikTok

      1. I notice I absorb alot of other people’s emotions too and too much darkness can really get to you over time. It’s good you’ll do the best thing for your mental health. Sorry to hear that book tok isn’t so nice sometimes.


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