2022 Reading Goals Recharged

So, earlier this year, I announced some of my goals for this year. Including my reading goals. I’ve been in a weird reading phase. I don’t want to say funk. I’ve had bouts where I devour books and then bouts where I barely read at all. Today, I want to add one that I added recently and revamp my goal so to speak for the year.

My reading goals are:

  1. One BOTM book every month
  2. One nonfiction book every month
  3. One LGBTQIA book every month
  4. One graphic novel every month
  5. One classic novel every month

With the way the first three months went, I’m going to alter this slightly. I’m still going to aim for one a month for each of the above. However, if I have 12 for each category by the end of the year, that’s good enough for me. I re-added graphic novels to my goal and added classic novels.

What are some of your goals for the year?

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