Writing Prompt: New York Holiday

Note: I will be alternating writing prompts and journal prompts. One week I’ll do a random journal prompt I find online and the next I’ll do a writing prompt. I’m not sure if I’ll do the writing prompts based on two words like I did before or look the prompts up. I may even be open to suggestions for both.

Writing Prompt: You’re on holiday in a new city and you were walking along talking to a friend when you suddenly realize they’re no longer with you. What happens next?

We had just left one of the best book stores I had ever seen when it happened. I couldn’t even begin to explain it if I tried. One minute she was right beside me. The next minute she was gone. The only possible theory I had is that we had accidentally stumbled upon an unknown portal.

I had heard that New York was littered with them. Many places were since chaos had reigned the lands in the form of Eli Warsh. He wanted us to have access to every other world we could possibly have access to. The only problem is, he intentionally left them in places where nobody would know about them until it was too late.

It took the cleanup crews that the guild had sent out over two years to get as many of the portals closed as possible. Sadly, we lost many people to the portals that we will never see again. Our only comfort is that they are living a new life in another world. They live on.

I hesitantly stepped around the area to see if I could glimpse the portal without accidentally stepping into it myself. Maybe if I found the portal, I could stick my arm through and grab her and bring her back to our side. I was still investigating when a hand came out of nowhere and grabbed me. The next thing I know, my breath was knocked out of me. I was driting in currents unknown to me.

Without warning, the feeling stopped. I opened my eyes to find myself in a place completely unfamiliar to me. I had barely gotten a look around my surroundings when I heard people talking nearby.

“Got her!”

“Are you really sure this time? The last time you said this you brought this beautiful redhead to us, but she’s not the one I’m looking for.”

“Yes. The redhead was with her. I just grabbed the wrong one. I fixed my error.”

I vaguely heard her yell at me to run when the footsteps drew closer pulling them out of the shadows. I didn’t know if I should be scared or not. They both looked absolutely normal.

“Hello love. Welcome to the beginning of a new future, and a beautiful partnership with me to make all worlds a better place. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

He stepped out of the shadows once he was done speaking. I gasped. I was looking into the face of a man who everybody believed dead. I was staring at Eli Warsh. He was smiling at me in a way that made his handsome features look haunted. What had I been drug into?

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