Sundays in Bed With… Dreams Lie Beneath, A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale, and Finale

Hosted by: Midnight Book Girl

Dreams Lie Beneath by [Rebecca Ross]

I discovered that Owlcrate is doing a read-along with this. I’m a bit behind. Hoping to catch up today. I have a lot to read, but luckily I have the day off. We will see how far I get! Fingers crossed!

A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale: A Heartwarming Feel Good Christmas Romance from Writer of Netflix's A Christmas Prince by [Karen  Schaler]

I’m buddy reading this with a group of people who bought it for Christmas. We are doing six chapters a week. I thought I would go ahead and tackle the chapters today since I don’t know how busy I’ll be this week or how drained I’ll be. I’m excited to get started with it.

Finale: A Caraval Novel by [Stephanie Garber]

This is my audiobook for the day. I listen to audiobooks when I am doing things where I can’t exactly read, but I can focus on an audiobook while I do it. Like some of my daily tasks, chores, and playing games. I’ve been buddy reading this with One Book More. We’ve been so excited to read them all. I haven’t loved this one as much as I have the first two, but I’m getting there.

What book are you enjoying today?

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