Thankful Thursday: 11/4/21

I don’t know if anybody else has made this a thing. I also don’t know if anybody else will do this with me. If not, it’s completely fine. It’s something I want to do every week. I’m going to think of at least one thing I’m thankful for for the week. I’ll try to do up to four a week, but at least one. I think this will be very therapeutic. We shall see in time.

Note: There may be some things that get repeated now and then. My intention is to talk about things I’m thankful for that week. So some things may pop up a few times. I’m not attempting to be redundant or repetitive. Just trying to be genuine.

  1. Possibilities. I was so worried about things when I chose to leave my previous job. I was worried it may take some time to get a new job. Every day, I wake up and I learn something new. I get more possibilities for growth and a new chance to grow and thrive. It’s amazing.
  2. Forgivness. I make mistakes. I slide on plans. I get lost sometimes. I lose my temper. I’m so thankful that I can be forgiven. I’m also so thankful to realize that I need to be forgiven.
  3. Books. I know I’m thankful for these quite often. I regret nothing. Books make me happy. I love reading. I love seeing books. I love smelling books. I love talking about books! My whole blog is based on my love of books and reading.
  4. Memories. I haven’t really felt well this past week. Most of my week has been spent just laying around. Allergies are not my friend. Anyways, when you are laying around, you reflect on a lot of things. I’ve relived a lot of memories. They made me feel better!

What are some things you’re thankful for?

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