Weekly Featured Book: Balanced

This one might be slightly controversial, and I get it. I really do. I’d like to be heard on why I chose this before anybody makes massive judgments. Please.

First of all, I want to strongly state that I am very uncomfortable with the romance in this story. It’s not really something I agree with. However, I have a lot of respect with the realism of the story itself. The author may not be happy to hear my take on this, but it’s my opinion.

Personally, I got really strong vibes of manipulation and grooming in this story. That’s why I say I have a great respect for the realism of the book. Not once is the romance glamorized or made to look appealing. It’s raw and it’s ugly. The guy comes off as a total predator in my eyes.

Another real aspect I’d like to talk about is how some of these girls push themselves just to achieve and obtain their goals. It’s really frightening to see. It’s even more scary to see them being pushed past their breaking point. Our main character, Arianna, basically starved herself and obsessed with everything she put in her body. She was working out and training ten hours or more a day for six days a week. Not only did she not need to cut back on her diet, but really she should have added to it!

All in all, this could be turned into a Lifetime movie or television show. I’d probably watch it. I get that people are upset about the content of this book. I agree. I just ask that they maybe see it from a different point of view.

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