Weekly Game Chat: 7/30/21

I am really starting to get into the habit of taking screenshots while playing games. So hopefully my game chat blogs will be more entertaining. This week, I only played two games. One of them which is new to me that I’m enjoying very much. I won’t be posting a game chat blog for next week. I’ll do my best to have two weeks worth of material for you next week. I just don’t know how often I’ll be playing games next week. If I’m honest, I might be lucky just to get daily logins done every day! We shall see!

Yahtzee With Buddies:

I’ve been working really hard this week at getting further up on the prize climb. Not for the dice at the top, but to get as many prizes as possible. I wound up opening up the adventure board completely and won the dice. I’m now working on getting the sticker packs open. I may go for the frame after. I’m not sure yet. The biggest goal I’ve had is to get my family as far ahead in the Games and Feast as I possibly can. We aren’t a big family, but we are growing. Another thing I’m working on is getting all the stickers for the glitter pack so that I can earn the grand prize.

Project Makeover:

Part of doing dailies is watching advertisements to get more rewards that I can use when I finally get time to play. I’ve seen advertisements for this game so many times that I finally gave in and downloaded it so I could see what it was about. It’s a match three game. I’m still really enjoying it. I get to choose the looks of the person and their environment. I haven’t been playing it long, but it’s interesting so far. I’m working on my third client.

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