Thoughts With Star: Travel

Last week was a pretty intense week. I’ve been preparing to have company over and then tomorrow I will be leaving for Texas for an entire month and a half. This leads me to my topic for this week. Travelling. Last time I went to Texas, I went by bus. It wasn’t a very fun adventure for me. I felt uncomfortable and overly cautious. It didn’t help that I was travelling alone. Add the fact that I wore a mask for eighteen hours straight. Needless to say, I was so grateful to be off the bus. But I digress. Travelling is really interesting to me. There are so many methods to travel and so many reasons to travel. Sometimes we go to see our family. Sometimes we go on vacation. There’s business conferences and conventions. I could go on forever. Sometimes we are only gone for a few days and sometimes we are gone for months. What are your thoughts on travel? How often do you travel?

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