Blog Prompts: A Book or Film That Stayed With You

Weekly Prompt: Write about a film or a book that has stayed with you.

This one was really easy for me. The Help has impacted me in major ways. It helped open my eyes to things that are still going on to this day. Just because they are more veiled than they used to be doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’ll leave it at that. This is a blog post prompt and not a political statement. What I will say is that I have my beliefs and I am firm in them. That doesn’t mean I have to go flaunt them around and make others feel bad about theirs. Everybody is entitled to believe what they want to believe. But I digress. This book is powerful and strong. I still remember the quote that hit me the hardest. I believe I’ve referenced it on my blog a few times now. I could be wrong. “You is kind. You is strong. You is important.” Writing this up actually makes me want to reread the book.

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