All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris Book Review

Sophie Ann is to stand trial for the murder of her husband. The trial isn’t demanded until after Hurricane Katrina completely wiped her out financially. She insists that Sookie attend the summit and the trial with her. As an employee. She wants Sookie to read the minds of the humans around to find out who’s really on her side and who isn’t. What waits there may be more than any of them anticipated.

I really liked this book a lot. I know that I’ve said that about every book in this series so far. It’s true. It didn’t become one of my favorite series out of the blue. There was a reason it happened. I digress. This book falls a bit flat compared to the rest of the series. Not by much and not a bad thing. It was a nice little reprieve from Sookie constantly skirting death by just a bit.

I really loved Sookie’s sass in this one. She’s usually just kind of passive. She just lets things roll. She didn’t let anything get past her in this one at all. She even told the vampires off a few times. It was pretty amazing. I would have liked to see Eric a bit more in this book. I think my reasoning is obvious. I know that Sophie Ann is supposed to be this horrible person, but I just can’t see it. She’s completely fair and just. She’s just a bit selfish.

Like the rest of the series, this book is narrated by Johanna Parker. I own this entire series in E-Book. I’m buddy reading it with my mom and fell behind in the beginning. I used the audiobook to catch up quickly. I fell in love! With her narration, I felt like I was actually in Bon Temp with them all. I have since obtained most of the series in audiobook just so I can hear her narrating through the journey. I just lack the last book and the companion novels.

This book was one of the sadder of the books in my opinion. It was a really good book though. We get to see Sookie stand up for herself. Which is a treat in itself. We also get to see another telepath in action. That’s also pretty amazing. And of course, the mysteries will always be thrilling! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

Sookie Stackhouse Series

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