It’s You (A Poem By Me)

Note: This is in place of Top Ten Tuesday. I wanted to participate, but I have lost most of my bookmarks. My good ones are somewhere else that I don’t have access too. I know it’s late, but that’s because I was trying to think of a way to participate.

The thought of you
Makes my heart sing
Makes me feel free
Makes me feel safe

Your touch
Sends electricity all through my body
Takes me to the moon
Makes me want to be closer

Your kiss
Makes me crave a thousand more
You are the one
I want to kiss the rest of my life

Your voice
Makes my heart beat fast
Makes me smile
I could talk to you for hours

You give me the world
With just one touch
You give me your everything
With just one kiss

2 thoughts on “It’s You (A Poem By Me)

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