Writing Prompt: Spider and Train

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Spider and Train

 The train was packed by the time Scarlett hopped on it. People were staring at her strangely. She knew she must look out of place with her full leather outfit. She was sure they were more curious about the belt of accessories than they were the outfit. She looked down to make sure she had everything she needed: cuffs, mace, pepper spray, flashlight, nightstick, and badge. It was all there. She let out a sigh of relief. 

Scarlett had hunted her target for many months. She had gotten valuable information from a very reliable source that he would be here. There may be a chance that he would have some others of his group with him. She smirked at the thought of catching them all. 

Scarlett was an intelligence agent for the paranormal forces of her division. She was one of the top agents in her division. She specialized in unusual paranormals. The most dangerous of the paranormals. Today she was hunting Spider. 

Spider was the top fugitive her division was hunting at the moment. He was a vampiric wolf hybrid. Nobody knows exactly how his kind came into existence. There were flocks of them. Scarlet and her team had been working on rounding them up for years. All of them were given a choice. They could either submit to having a tracking device in them and agree to abide by the human-paranormal agreement pact or they would be destroyed forever. 

Spider and his group had somehow found out about what Scarlett’s team were doing and have managed to evade all attempts of capture. They have caused chaos and destruction every time an attempt has been made too. Scarlett knew in her heart that if caught, they would choose to be destroyed rather than to submit. That’s just the kind of person Spider seemed to be. At least from the intel she gathered. She could only hope that they would all listen to reason and reform.

Writing Prompt: Angel and Passion

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Angel and Passion

Ginger couldn’t believe her luck. After planning this night for months, she came home early to find Stacey in bed with her ex. She was angry. She was confused. Everybody warned her against dating Stacey. She didn’t listen. She thought Stacey was amazing. She thought everybody was being too harsh about her. It turns out they were right. They knew more than she did about what was going on with Stacey.

Stacey and her ex, Charlie, had been together for years. They broke up in a horrible way. Ginger knew because she and Stacey had been friends at the time. The break up caused the two to become closer. They never really planned on getting together, but the passion between the two of them was undeniable. Within a few months, they were talking every day. They were together a year later. 

The argument that followed her finding them was fresh in her mind as she grabbed her coffee at the coffee shop. She had decided to leave and give them a chance to leave before returning. Stacey basically made it clear that she never took the relationship seriously. Even though she and Ginger had been together for three years. Even though they talked about marriage. She seemed to have it in her head that Ginger should have known that Stacey was still in love with Charlie. The engagement ring in her pocket told a different story, but Stacey had no idea about that. Nor would she ever know.

“Ohmaigawd. Ging. Is that you? Tell me it’s you!”

Ginger looked up to see a beautiful woman beaming down at her. Her hair was a rich dark chocolate and her eyes were a beautiful emerald green. She had on a beautiful pair of slender square glasses. Ginger’s breath caught. It was Angel. She and Ginger had gone to high school together.

“Angel! It’s so good to see you! What’s it been? Ten years? Wow. You look incredible!”

Ginger gestured for her to sit down at her table with her. She did and Ginger couldn’t help but be amazed by how beautiful she was. After all this time. Ginger had the hugest crush on her in high school. Of course she would have never told her that. Angel was the prom queen and had a lot of social standards to uphold. Even if she was friendly to everybody. 

“You do too! How’s life treating you? Don’t tell me you’re married with a dozen kids!”

“Haha no. I’m even newly single. I’m actually gay. I came out my freshman year of college. What about you? Did you ever marry mister prom king?”

She chuckled nervously. “Well. Not really actually. He and I split up in college. Turns out he was only waiting to take my virginity. He was wanting to tell everybody he corrupted the angel.”

“That’s awful!”

“Yeah. It hurt a lot. But as time went on, I realized I wasn’t exactly innocent in the relationship.”

“What do you mean?”

“I used our relationship as a mask for the most part. I wasn’t really interested in him. Or any guys for that matter. So being with him was easy.”

Writing Prompt: Crime and Castle

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Crime and Castle

I went to my bedroom and shut the door. I can’t believe I had finally talked my parents into updating things around here. They even agreed to install cable and internet. Apparently one of their friends informed them that a teenager these days couldn’t live without both. That they were now considering the internet a necessity. I wish I could find out which friend informed them of this so I could kiss them.

The only thing I couldn’t answer was how I knew about the latest technology. If they knew how I learned the things I knew, they would never let me leave the castle again. It’s not like I was really hurting anybody with what I did. It was still considered a crime though. That’s where they would be heavily disappointed in me. 

At night when everybody had fallen asleep, my maid and I snuck into the village close to the castle and crept into houses at random. We took care to make sure the houses were empty so that we didn’t disturb some poor unsuspecting sleeper. We watched television and snacked on foods that my parents didn’t allow at the castle. 

Bridget startled me out of my thoughts bursting in the door. She looked as excited as if it were Christmas or her birthday. I calmly waited for her to bring the excitement down so she could sit next to me. 

“What is it, Bridget?”

“I just found out the news! I’m so excited. This means we won’t have to-”

I clamped my hand over her mouth quickly.

“Not so loud. People might hear.”

“Oh, blast! You’re right! I’m so sorry. I’m just so happy. I’m not supposed to tell you, but they are even letting you have a television in your very own room!”


“Oh yes! Isn’t it amazing!”

“It is. What is it? Why do you look so funny?”

“I was just thinking how it would be easier to…. To….”

“To… what? Out with it!”

“The thing we like to do sometimes when we watch television. That we aren’t supposed to.”

“Cuddle? Kiss? Be together? Love each other?”

“How is it so easy for you to say?”

“Because I’m not ashamed of you, Brig. I’m not ashamed of us.”

“Then why don’t your parents know?”

“That’s different. They are just now coming around to the idea of technology. They will need more time.”

Bridget looked away, but not quickly enough. I saw the tears that formed in her eyes. My heart felt like it had been pierced. I never liked seeing her hurt. Especially knowing that I’m the one that caused the pain. I quickly pulled her into my lap and put my arms around her.

“Come now, love. Don’t cry. It’s going to be okay. You’ll see. I promise. I love you. You know that?”

“You can’t love me. I’m not in the same circle as you. And I’m a woman! All I’ve been to you is a good time.”

“Bridget Rose!”

“I’m sorry. That was crass. I didn’t mean it. I’m just scared. I’m scared you’ll find somebody else that you want the world to know about and you’ll leave me. I’m scared that I’ll always be just a secret love affair that you’ll one day forget.”

“Never. You’ve stolen my heart. I’m just scared. You know how my parents are.”

“I do. You’re right. Can you forgive me, love?”

“There’s nothing to forgive. I understand the anxieties and the fears. Let’s try to always talk them out. Okay?”

“Okay. Now tell me all the details about the installation. They even ordered televisions?”

“Oh yes! Well they had me do it. They didn’t understand the people on the phone.”


“You’re getting a cell phone, too! I almost forgot!”


“Yes! I am too. They want to make sure both of us are reachable at all times.”

“Not fun. I’ll take it though. Especially knowing I have a way to communicate with you around the clock now.”

Writing Prompt: Disappointment and Computer

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Disappointment and Computer

Waking up with a start, I quickly fumbled for my phone. I was convinced that I was late. Just the thing I needed to start my day. I finally found the phone and discovered that I was not late at all. In fact, I was up an hour earlier than I needed to be. With a groan, I laid back down attempting to get back to sleep. After fifteen minutes, I finally gave sleep up for a lost cause. 

Making my way down to the kitchen, I decided to utilize the extra time by making my favorite breakfast that I rarely get to enjoy. Once I was finished cooking, I grabbed my ereader and read while I enjoyed my breakfast. Once I was done eating, I finished the chapter and went ahead and did the dishes.

Once the dishes were done, it was officially time to start my day. I wasn’t looking forward to it today. I shuffled to my office and turned my computer on. While it was booting up, I made sure that I had everything I needed at the desk and my to do list in front of me. I am my own boss and make my own schedule, but that doesn’t mean I am able to sit around and do nothing. I work hard, but I at least get to enjoy what I do.

Once the computer had finally booted up, I was hit with disappointment. The project request that I had submitted to a company I desperately wanted to work for was rejected. I guess a part of me knew it was going to happen. I was just hoping that I had shown that I would be willing to go above and beyond and they would approve me despite my lack of experience. 

I decided to shrug it off and start working on the list I needed to do for the day. First thing first, I reached out to my partner to check in. She was a great worker, but she tended to work later in the day than me. Hearing from her early in the morning would be a long shot. Stranger things have happened though. For the most part, we had a system that worked. She worked in her hour frame most days and had a few people on her team, and I worked on mine with my team.

Absorbing myself in my work, I lost all track of time. My stomach growling alerted me that I had been working for six hours without a break. I quickly saved my work and made my way to the kitchen to fix myself a salad to eat. I had finished over half of my list for the day so I decided to stretch my lunch break to an hour so I could read as I ate. My book was getting to a really good point. I wanted to push through it. I also didn’t want it to end. It’s a normal struggle I face with most books.

I once wanted to be an author. I wanted to put out books that would delight the readers as much as the books I’ve read delighted me. I even did research on it all and observed authors I followed. I quickly discovered that it wasn’t the career path for me. Most authors have to spend most of their time promoting their books and they lose the reading time they once had. I couldn’t do that. Reading is my life. My passion. If I could get paid to read, I’d read every waking moment. 

I finished a couple chapters before my lunch hour was over. With a sigh, I returned to my office. I was surprised to find I had gotten six emails in my work email while I was stepped away. One of them was from the CEO of the company I had submitted my project request to. I opened the email and was shocked to find a counter offer to my proposal. They liked my idea but they wanted to give it another spin. They also wanted somebody in their company to share leadership on the project with me.

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Writing Prompt: Crime and Broom

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Crime and Broom

Addie walked through the house with a sigh that seemed to grow louder with each room she inspected. She was gone for three days and absolutely nothing had been done. It was like the house just quit needing to be taken care of without her there. She supposed she should have seen it coming. 

It wasn’t until she got to the kitchen that she got a little upset. The fridge was filled with foods that had gone bad. It ought to be a crime to let food go to waste. Addie firmly believed that if a person wasn’t going to eat something, they should give it to somebody else who would. They shouldn’t even buy it if they have no intention of ever using it.

She grabbed the broom from the supply closet and set about sweeping all the floors. She muttered the whole time she went not caring who heard her or got upset. She was tired of being the only one who was expected to do anything around the house. She was tired of people taking advantage of her. If things didn’t change soon, she would make them change. She was just sweeping the porch when a car drifted slowly down the driveway.

She watched as it inched its way closer to the house. It was a small burgundy four door car. It wasn’t really anything remarkable or fancy, but she had never seen the car before. Her instincts were on high alert. She didn’t feel like she was any danger, but she wasn’t about to take any chances. She watched as the car came to a stop and a professionally dressed man and woman got out of the car.

The woman made her way to Addie first. She had beautiful shoulder-length fiery hair. Her eyes were a deep shade of gray that anybody could get lost in. Her smile was warm and friendly. She went out of her way to show body language of somebody who was not here to cause harm or fear in any way. Addie instantly respected her for that. When she reached Addie, she spoke softly.

“Are you Adaline Walker?”

“You can call me Addie. How may I assist you?”

“Nice to meet you, Addie. I’m Kara Clarkson. I’m with the behavioral unit of the FBI.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Kara. May I ask why you’re out here?”

“We’re here to ask you some questions about your son.”

“Which one?”

“Joseph Walker.”

“Oh him.”

“Are you not on good terms with Mister Joseph?”

“You could say that.”

“Could you elaborate on that?”

“Joseph wasn’t exactly the best child growing up. He was constantly acting up. He was downright mean to other children. I didn’t know what to do with him. Nothing worked. He was put in juvie when he was just seven years old.”

“That must have been horrible to witness. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. What did he go to juvenile for. If you don’t mind me asking.”

“He broke little Maddie’s arm. Didn’t even feel bad for it. Would you like to come in and sit? I can make us a nice cup of tea.”

“Yes. Thank you. We are trying to build a profile on your son. Any information you can give is helpful.”

“I understand. Are you able to tell me what he’s done to deserve such attention from the FBI?”

“He’s a killer, Mrs. Walker. We know of at least fifteen victims that he’s killed in the past five years.”

“Oh my.”

Writing Prompt: Success and Clock

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Success and Clock

Martin couldn’t believe his luck. He had done it. He had finally fixed the clock to the way he wanted to. If this worked, life would change forever. Not just for him, but for the world. He was elated. All of his hard work would finally be paying off. Ten years later and he was finally where he wanted to be. 

“Okay, Myra, let’s see what you can do.”

He promptly set the date and the time he wanted to go to. He wasn’t expecting anything at all. When he felt a vortex around him, his breath caught. What was going on? Did he really mess up after all? What was going to happen? He hoped it wasn’t too bad that he couldn’t reverse it.

He was just putting himself into a panic when the vortex feeling went away. He opened his eyes and was surprised to find that he was still in his lab. He could just tell that it wasn’t the same though. All the clutter surrounding his desk was different. He was just deciding to pilfer through the pile when he glanced up at the blackboard. His breath promptly caught.

It was the date he set on his clock. He looked at the clock and found it was the time as well. He had done it. His project had been a success. He could go back in time. Nobody would believe him. He didn’t care though. He was about to change history as everybody knew it. He was going to take down the tyrant that threatened to rule the world and destroy life as everybody knew it forever. Before he even took any seat of power.

He checked his attire to make sure that nothing he was wearing would give away that he wasn’t from this time. He didn’t have to worry about running into himself. He was still a child at the time and nobody would suspect that the two were the same even if they did. Feeling satisfied that his wardrobe was timeless, he stepped out into the hall ready to explore everything and make his plans.

He was shocked to find that while everything looked familiar to him, it also looked different. It was amazing how much things could change over the years in such subtle ways. Time has a way of just sneaking up on you in a subtle way that before you know it you’re ten years in the future working on the same thing while everything around you has changed. 

Putting the thoughts aside, he walked down the hall and promptly left the building. It was weird to see that the building was empty. In his time, the building was bursting to life with people who thought they would have the next greatest invention. He chuckled at the thought. He couldn’t wait to see those who teased him about his project now.

Writing Prompts: Hell and Spider

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Hell and Spider

Jade was unsurprised to wake up and find that she had managed to be sent to Hell. It’s not like she lived the best life in the world. She was hired to do many unspeakable things in her life. She had no regret on anything she did. She sat up and stretched. If she was going to be here, she may as well make the most of it. The first thing on her agenda was getting a feel for the place.

As she was walking around, she noticed that Hell wasn’t really much different than Earth itself. It was just a bit hotter than she was used to. Not that that really bothered her much anyway. She was used to living in hot climates. She also noticed that there were a lot more spiders in Hell than there were on Earth. At least she could say she knew where they came from with conviction now. 

After an hour of walking around, she grew bored. She made her way back to her quarters and was surprised to find a note on her bed. She picked it up and read it. Lord Lucifer requests your presence. Please wear the dress I have left with the note. She looked down to notice that there was a box that had been left with the note. Opening the box she found a deep blood red dress sitting neatly in the box. Smiling, she put the dress on and made her way to Lord Lucifer himself.

It didn’t take her long to get to him at all. He was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Just how he liked it to be. He wanted to be close to all of the chaos he could possibly manage to cause on any unsuspecting person. It was his favorite pastime. When he saw her approaching, he stood up. 

“We meet again.”


“I thought I made it clear that you weren’t welcome here.”

“You break my heart, Luce.”

“The last time you were here you caused so much chaos that it took me a decade to get everything back in order. Francine is still recovering from your torment.”

“Oh she’s a spider. She’ll get over it. Besides, I thought you enjoyed chaos and destruction.”

“Even I have my limits, Jade. You are just too much. Until you can learn to tame your ways, I do not want you here.”

“It’s not like I asked to be killed.”

“I’m sure you didn’t. I’m sure that our beloved creator was bored and wanted to give me a reason to stress again. I send you back to Earth. You live there for a while and then he gets bored and sends you back to me. What did I do to deserve this?”

“Do you really want the answer to that?”

“Jade! I don’t need your attitude. Can’t you see the situation I’m in?”

“You’re threatening to send me back to Earth! That’s cruel! Even for you!”

“Fine. I’ll give you a choice then. You can choose to go back to Earth and continue your terror there or you can choose to live here as my wife.”

“Your…. What??”

“You heard me. Don’t play stupid.”

“What I heard was insane. How do you expect me to be your wife to solve anything?”

“It doesn’t, but at least when you cause chaos I can explain that you’re my wife and it’s just in your nature…”

“Low blow.”

“Did you expect anything less from me?”

“Neither of these choices are appealing. You know that, right?”

“Did you expect me to make a pleasant option for you? Do you know who I am?”

“I know exactly who you are. Perhaps better than you think I do.”

“Enough! What’s the decision?”

Writing Prompt: Comfort and Dog

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Comfort and Dog

Jade opened the door to her apartment. She had had a rough day. It started when the day shift forgot to stock the bar. She was annoyed, but she could make it work, but she hated going into the cellar to retrieve more stuff. She knew Ford must not have worked that day. He would have had everything looking great for her. 

Sadly, when she went into the cellar, she found more than she bargained for. She found her boss bent over the table with her boyfriend, Luke, right behind him. They looked like they had been at it for a while based on the look of pure pleasure on their faces. The look of horror that replaced the bliss was almost worth having to see it. 

She wasn’t even going to confront the two. It’s not like her and Luke have ever really even had sex. She guessed he needed it from somewhere. The only thing that upset her was that he didn’t feel the need to tell her that he was interested in men. It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker, but she would have stepped aside and let him pursue his passions if he needed to. They had been together for five years, but they had known each other since they were in diapers. 

She decided to let it go and begin working. Business was starting to pick up. She had her usual regulars and some very obvious tourists stop in. Most of them tipped well. That cheered her up a bit. She knew she was going to need all the comfort she could get when her shift was over. She knew that her and Luke weren’t really getting along well lately. It seemed as more time went by that their time was over. It didn’t take the pain of it all away though.

As the hours went on, she noticed that Luke had decided to linger. She knew he was waiting on business to slow down so they could talk. That’s just how he was. Sadly, the business slowed down and she watched as he moved toward her. 


“Really? You’re going to start with babe?”

“I’ve been calling you babe since we were five. Cut me some slack.”

“I’m not mad for the reasons you think I am.”

“You… what?”

“Luke. We haven’t been okay for awhile. It’s obvious to us and everybody in town. I’m upset that you couldn’t bother telling me that you were into men. I would have supported you. You know that.”

“I know. It’s just hard. It’s really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I am into men. That the thought of a muscled man makes me shiver. People are going to look down on me for my decision.”

“They don’t matter, Luke. Those of us who love you will still be by your side when they leave. That’s where your focus needs to be.”

“You still love me?”

“Luke Allen Cains. Don’t you pull that on me. I’ve loved you since I was two years old. That’s not going to change just because we aren’t together anymore.”

“Shucks, Jade. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I get it. So are you and Tom….”

“Not yet. I don’t know. It’s so complicated.”

“You’ll figure it out.”

“Thank you.”

They hugged and said their goodbyes. The rest of the night went by uneventfully. It was pretty slow and she was able to get her usual prep work for her shift done before closing. She was even able to get a good chunk of reading in. The only other disruption was a fight that broke out. But Tom managed to break it up. Tom tried to talk to her, but she assured him that they were okay. He surprised her by crying and hugging her and telling her he wanted to talk to her about it from the beginning. She admitted that she wished he had. 

Jade shook herself from the thoughts of the night and the conversation that hadn’t gone as terribly as she thought it would. She was still wounded. She thought Luke would feel comfortable telling her anything. She was wrong. She stopped in her tracks when she noticed an odd smell. Then she heard a shuffle followed by a thumping. The thumping turned out to be a tail wagging.  

She inched closer to the dog she was sure hadn’t been here when she left. Not that she didn’t love dogs, but she just didn’t have one. She once had a cat, but he kept going next door to see the neighbor and eventually just quit coming back. It was fine with her. At the time she was working too much for a pet anyways. The dog seemed friendly and let her pet it. It was then she realized it had a note on it. 

Luke was a very bad boy. Nobody should ever hurt my Jade. At least I am comforted knowing that Shadow here never will. Take care, my love.

Writing Prompt: Chaos and Fox

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

Writing Prompt: Chaos and Fox

Anderson came home to find absolute chaos. His wife had left him for their neighbor. The entire house was in disarray. He didn’t know how he was going to move forward. He was beginning to regret joining the military and serving so many years overseas. Had he known what he would be coming home to, he would have thought twice. Then again, maybe him being gone so long was for the best. 

He sat on the front porch musing on the irony that his life was slowly becoming a country song. He never really cared for country music. He didn’t hate it. It just wasn’t really a genre of music that appealed to him. He was beginning to get lost in thoughts of creating words for the song of his life when he caught a movement in the corner of his eye,. He looked up to see a fox standing at the end of the yard looking at him.

“Sorry little one. I don’t have any food for myself. Much less a beautiful creature as yourself.”

I am not here for food. I am here to find someone.

“What in the bloody hell? DId you just talk to me?”

You can hear me?

They both sat there staring at each other in complete shock. Anderson hadn’t slept in several days. He was sure that he was just hallucinating. He would find himself awake in a few hours in his bed realizing that this was all just a dream. 

I suppose it is you that I have come for, then.

Writing Prompt: Forest and Warrior

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

Writing Prompt: Forest and Warrior

Shane woke up with a start. He was convinced that he had overslept. In a panic, he dove out the door to check the clock in the kitchen. He sighed with relief when he found that he was actually up thirty minutes earlier than he should have been. Taking one last look at the clock to be sure he read it right, he decided to take a morning stroll before he got ready for the day.

It still baffled him the trinkets his sister brought over from the human world when she came home. He did adore them though. He even let her decorate his home when he finished building it with as many of the trinkets as she liked. His favorite had been the clock. Most days, he didn’t really need it. It came in handy for the days he did. Not that he would ever admit that to dear Analese. 

After putting his shoes on, he made his way into the forest. It didn’t take him long to get to his favorite trail. He tried to walk on it for an hour several times a week. Sadly, he had so many demands on him that he couldn’t make it an everyday thing. Maybe one day things will be calm enough to where he could. Until then, he would enjoy his time. 

He felt at peace by the time he made it back to his home. That peace was quickly shattered when he saw his father standing at his doorway. The look on his father’s face could scare the most cold hearted villain. He wasn’t looking forward to this conversation at all. He knew he couldn’t avoid it forever. It was bound to come some day.

“Son. Why are you not out in the field training?”

“I’m not due at the training grounds for another two hours. You know this, Father. You made the schedule.” 

“You will not presume to back talk to me, warrior. You know your place. You should take your training seriously. We are at war. We will not send idiots blindly into battle unskilled.”

“Warrior? I was under the impression I was talking to my father on my own land. I wasn’t aware that I was speaking to my drill sergeant. My deepest apologies. I train twice as hard as any other warrior we have. They train three days a week. I train six. Let it go.”

“There are seven days in a week.”

“I can’t imagine why mother decided to leave you and put shame on the family. It couldn’t at all be your winning personality.”

“Enough! If you give me an attitude one more time, you will start your day with running ten miles. I will not be spoken down to again.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Much better. Do not forget that the formal meeting and banquet is being held tonight. All the important elves will be there. I expect you to be there, and I expect you to be properly dressed.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And have that troublesome sister of yours put on a dress and come too. It wouldn’t kill her.”