My Bookish Icks

I want to disclose this by saying that I have no problems with these things existing. I also have no problems with people enjoying them. I’m just saying that they are a no for me. Keep in mind that I identify as a demisexual (on the asexual spectrum). I’m also more into women than I am men.

  1. Books that are more about the sexual aspect than the actual plot itself. I don’t mind books that have sexual situations in them. As long as its not the entire story.
  2. Instalove. I just really find it a little questionable. It’s also not really for me. Though I can say that I do find it cute in short stories, but it depends on the situation.
  3. Miscommunication tropes. I just can’t. I didn’t really enjoy it in tv shows either. It annoys me really quickly. I’ll still read it, but I will be agitated. Along the lines of miscommunication, I really don’t care for the jumping to conclusion and running off situations either.
  4. Prolonged situations. I mean I get that things have to be drawn out for drama purposes. However, there is an extent where it goes too far. At least for me. It just gets really annoying.
  5. Short book series. This one I feel the need to explain a bit. There are circumstances where it’s okay. Like standalone series for instance. They told their point and it was done. However, the ones that are broken up into short segments that really could have been combined into one book and been just as good irk me. If the point is made by a certain point, that’s fine.

I hope these make sense. I want to point out again that I am in no way judging people’s preferences. I’m just saying what I don’t personally like. I’d love to hear your bookish icks.

Bookish Chatter: 2022 Book Reviews

I’ve been really lazy with reviews this year. There was a time when I was starting to see writing reviews as a chore. I’ve been writing them up though. I have set up a OneNote for reviews. I have a tab for each month. It’s been really inspiring.

My plans are to write up two reviews a day (if time permits) until I’ve gotten caught up on all reviews. Once I’m caught up, I’ll do my best to write reviews right when I’m done with the book. Also, starting Monday, I’ll be posting a review every day until they are all posted. Once they are all posted, I will post them as I finish books.

I am seriously hoping that writing all of this out and posting it will hold me accountable. We shall see! I’ve been debating in also posting a video review every day as well, but I’m really not sure about that. I’ll put some thought into it!

How are you doing on reviews? Is anybody else slogging through them? What are some tricks you’d give to make reviews less of a dread?

Updates On Reading Rush And My Life

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! It’s been a fantastic Reading Rush week! I had Tuesday and Wednesday off. I sadly had to call in on Thursday. Wasn’t feeling the best. I only have one challenge left to go! Emma. I am hoping to have it finished by the end of the day or at some point on Saturday! Has anybody else been participating in The Reading Rush this week? How are you doing?

Has anybody heard of the Raycon earbuds? I’ve been getting advertisements for them everywhere! I’m really enamored with them. Especially with who the person owns the brand is. I have a Bluetooth pair of headphones that I love. My only problem with them right now is that because they are trapping heat. It makes listening to things kind of uncomfortable. It makes work uncomfortable too, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

We’ll be getting two kittens later today to foster for a month. Well one is a full grown cat and one is a kitten. They are my mom’s kittens, but she has a babysitting job for a few weeks to go to a little bit after our trip to Savannah. I plan to make their stay with us as comfortable as possible. Well when I’m here that is.

Time to get back to reading! Hope everybody is doing well!

The Reading Rush 2020 And My TBR

I don’t really have much to report for the week. I was sick and missed three days of work that I couldn’t really afford to miss if I’m being honest. However, I’m feeling better now! That’s what matters.

Now on to the topic I am excited for! Next week and the week after! Next week is Reading Rush! I’ll still be working during the week. I was going to take the next two weeks off to fully enjoy them. It’s okay. I’ll still be able to enjoy it.

After Reading Rush is over, I’ll be heading to Savannah for an event called LLS. This may very well be my very last year, but I’m not sure. This year will put a lot of factor in on that. And my finances over the next coming year!

Anyways, for those of you who don’t know, Reading Rush used to be known as BookTubeAThon. It happens for a week in July every year. Go to their website for more info!

My final reading list includes Book Of The Month books so that I can tackle challenges from that too. If you haven’t subscribed, I strongly recommend it. You get one to three books every month at a decent price!

The Challenges:

Read a book with a cover that matches the color of your birthstone.

My birth month is August. My birthstone is Peridot. I chose Mexican Gothic.

Read a book that starts with the word “The”

I chose The Guest List.

Read a book that’s inspired by a movie you’ve already seen.

The movie I chose is Clueless. The book I chose is Emma.

Read the first book you touch.

I went to a big stack of books, closed my eyes, and pointed. I had my fiance pull out the book my finger was on. It turned out to be Home Before Dark.

Read a book completely outside your home.

For this, I chose Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me.

Read a book from a genre you’ve always wanted to read more of.

I chose Contemporary for my genre. The book I chose was When We Were Vikings.

Read a book that takes place on a different continent than where you live.

I chose The Library Of Legends. It takes place in China.

I’m very excited to get the readathon started! Some of these can be doubled down on challenges if needed. I also have an audiobook for every single one except for Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me.

If you’re participating too, I’d love to see your TBR for it! Comment the list or link to your TBR! Happy reading!

Weekly Book And Personal Chatter: 7/9/20

It’s been a pretty decent week. It wasn’t completely amazing. We had a few things happen that have added some stressors. I’m pretty sure that I’m completely out of my reading slump that I’ve been into for the past month. The stress had really gotten to me.

I am officially done with training at work! I’m so excited! Wednesday was my first official day. I work afternoons. The training was mornings. It was a little brutal for me. I’m not a morning person at all. The training where we were taking calls took place at a time I find that I can read in between calls. I can’t read physical books though. It’s too much of a hassle of closing the book and then opening it and finding my spot. By the time I find my spot, I’ve gotten another call! I’m currently reading Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore. It’s been really great so far!

I’m still working to catch up. I feel like the longer I work at catching up, I fall further behind. I think that’s the curse of a reader! I usually have a few books that I read a few chapters of every day. I don’t have that many I do that for currently. Other than that, I pick one book to read and an audiobook. I’m currently reading The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutoski and listening to Kingdom Of Darkness by Tricia Copeland.

Reading Rush is from the 20th- 26th and LLS is the 26th to August 3rd. I’ll be in Savannah during the duration. Which means I’ll need to quarantine for two weeks when I get home. It will be so worth it. I’ll be making some special blogs for both events.

That’s all I can think of for now. Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs! I truly appreciate it.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day And Reading Update!

Hello! This year has been insanely busy for me! It’s both good and bad at the same time. I’ve gotten a lot of reading done, but I still feel like I’m very behind. I have high hopes that I will remain caught up and take a huge chunk out of my back-list here soon. I hope everybody has been reading amazing books! I’m behind on reading blogs, but I will catch up on that too!

I’ve been rearranging things to figure out what works best for me. I stopped doing the daily page counts. I’m still adjusting. When you get used to doing something for so long, it’s weird to just not do it anymore. If it remains something that makes me uncomfortable, I may put the page count back in action. We all have our quirks.

I’ve also taken off the schedule. I don’t mind having a scheduled blog, but I was feeling pressured to post specific things at specific times. I’m a free spirit when it comes to planning. Don’t get me wrong. I try to keep routines going. But most of my routine is trial and error. It’s seeing what sticks and what doesn’t fit. I’m considering at least doing a book haul blog every Friday. If this is something you’d like to see, let me know.

I will make it a point to post a personal blog post every day from here on. I will browse daily memes. I actually am putting strong consideration into keeping up with the WWW Wednesday blogs. Those were very fun to make and I feel like it gave me more accountability on my reading. If there are any recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Lastly, I’m strongly considering starting making TikTok videos. I’m not fully sure yet. I’ll definitely keep everybody that’s interested updated if I do. My main plan is to do book reviews. I’m considering doing lip syncs too. It seems like a lot of fun. And quite frankly, I spend a lot of time on the app, might as well make a use of it! Haha! If you don’t already, please follow me on my social media. The links are posted on the right. I follow anybody who follows me! I do that here too!

Have a great rest of the week!

Thank you for Reading!

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Willow’s Book Chat: Series VS Stand Alone

All book lovers have preferences. Some prefer a certain genre to other genres. Some prefer a specific point of view over others. Some prefer to read books that come in a series over stand-alone. Most of us will read out of our comfort zone and dab into everything anyways.

Today I’d like to talk about book series and book stand-alone novels. They both have their benefits. I used to not see it that way. I used to only read books that were in a series. I was a horrible book snob. Once I fully embraced the book community and all that it had to offer, my point of view changed. I will always prefer book series to stand alone novels, but I do enjoy stand alone novels now.

Reading a book series has many advantages. To start with, you have more than one book in order to read all about the characters and their world. To me, book series are like television series. You get to digest a little part of the story with each book. You can even binge read a series if you’d like. I guess length of series does need to be taken into account. I personally don’t mind how long a series goes on as long as it stays consistent. If it’s obvious that the series has come to its end, please end it. Other than that, the series can have 50 books and I’m cool with it. I’m sure this is a pretty unpopular opinion.

Now, I’m not an expert at stand alone novels. I don’t really read much of them. I do read them though. I can say that the stories are amazing. I can see the point that there are some stories that are meant to be told, but not in a series. The point of the story can be wrapped up in one nice little book. I do wonder if some books can be broken down. The first book that comes to mind is Gone With The Wind. Would it have been better as a duology? Or is it good as it is? I see stand alone novels as a movie of sorts.

In the end, both book series and stand alone novels are to give us book lovers a story to love and gush over. They are meant to entertain us and tell us a story. In some cases, they are intended to tell us several stories. I just recently discovered book series that are a collection of stand-alone novels that take place in the same world. I thought I’d hate that, but it’s really refreshing.

What are your thoughts on both? What are your preferences? When do you feel an author should stop writing in a series? When do you feel a stand alone novel should be turned into a series? What are your thoughts on duologies and trilogies?

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Willow’s Book Chat: Book Reviews

It would seem this would be a pretty straight forward topic, but it’s not. Well, not entirely anyway. There are many factors that can be talked about when it comes to reviews. The types of reviews. The authenticity of reviews. The amount of reviews.

Types Of Reviews

If there’s anything I’ve noticed is that nobody reviews the same way. There are all different ways to review. I used to feel embarrassed of my reviews. I thought that they were stupid and very juvenile. I’d see these elaborate reviews that I loved. It discouraged me greatly.

After awhile, I learned that I am writing the way I’m comfortable with. I’m getting the point across in a way that fits for me. That’s what matters in my opinion. As long as you’re reviewing the book and giving your honest opinion, you’re helping the author. Right?

Review Authenticity

I read a lot more reviews than I used to. Some reviews just make me so angry. It’s so obvious that they aren’t authentic. And the sad part is, people take their review seriously. That takes away a potential reader. I once read a review that gave a book a 1 Star Rating. The review stated that they didn’t read the book because the cover model looked like a serial killer.

Let’s look at this from another angle. I have been blessed to have been given many free books through my review years. I’ve always given my honest review. Yes, I have a huge list of books I still need to read, but I’ve reviewed every book I’ve finished. I once rated a book 3 Stars. I liked it, but I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I stated why in my review. The author messaged me and requested I rewrite my review and change the rating to 5 Stars. I haven’t accepted any more books from this author.

Final Thoughts

While reviews may not mean anything to me, I know they mean the world to authors. If I could find a way to encourage more people to review the books they read, I would. In a heartbeat. I can’t stress enough how easy it is to review a book. You’re essentially telling the author and those who read the review what you liked about the book and why, and what you didn’t like and why. It can take a few sentences or several pages. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. Just make sure it’s honest and comes from the heart.

What are your thoughts on reviews? How often do you write reviews? What’s your review style? I look forward to your answers and opinions!