Book Review: Crow by Roux Cantrell

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: Crow

Author: Roux Cantrell

Release Date: July 19th, 2019

Page Count: 92

Start Date: October 6th, 2022

Finish Date: October 6th, 2022


Story: I can’t believe I’m halfway through this series. Well at least currently. The author may add more books to the series. Who knows? I have basically devoured the books in this series. I’ve read these four books in just two days. I’m still in shock that I’ve managed to do that. This has got to be my favorite so far in the series. Even though there’s a part that I kind of want answers to. For closure purposes. It doesn’t kill the story without it though.

Characters: I feel like everybody pretty much played a part in this book. I really feel like I got to know more of the crew in this book than I have the first three books. Maybe it’s designed that way on purpose. I can say that I’m looking forward to getting to know them even more as this series continues.

Critiques: Nothing.

Final Thoughts: It was while reading this book that I have discovered that I might be becoming addicted to this world and the characters in it. I want to see how everybody is doing. I want to hear more about the children. I want to see the businesses thriving. I want to hear more about the rest of the town. I want to see how well the MC fits in in the town. I think I’ve proven my point. This is still my current favorite of this series so far. I do have four more books to read, so we will see if that remains true by book eight.

Book Review: Wick by Roux Cantrell

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: Wick

Author: Roux Cantrell

Release Date: June 27th, 2019

Page Count: 141

Start Date: October 5th, 2022

Finish Date: October 6th, 2022


Story: I was kind of worried about continuing the series with how the last one went. I didn’t care for it at all. It wasn’t enough to set it down, but it almost got there a few times. Anyways, this review is about Wick. It’s not about Tabor. I really enjoyed this book very much. It didn’t got at all the way I thought it was going to. I also felt like it was a bit more fast paced than the first two. I could be wrong on that. It’s just how I feel. I was so worried that it was going to go a certain way. I was glad it didn’t go that way though.

Characters: I really liked Wick in the second book. He was one of the reasons that I continued to read book two. I’m not saying that Brandi is a bad person, but she did make all the wrong choices. I can’t say I’d be any better in her shoes though. I’d have loved to see more of the other characters in this one. Especially the nurse.

Critiques: None

Final Thoughts: Every book I read seems to be better than the last. These are some short and fast paced reads. Some are full of spice, and some are not. It’s kind of like a very wonderful mixture. The main focus is on the story. I’ve already read book four before writing this. I will have a review up for that one as well.

Audiobook Review: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

Release Date: August 16th, 2007

Page Count: 354

Start Date: November 29th, 2016 and October 3rd, 2022

Finish Date: December 13th, 2016 and October 6th, 2022


Story: Per Goodreads, I’ve read this book twice. Once in 2016 and once now. The truth is, I know I’ve read it at least three times now. Once sometime before 2013 and then the two times listed. This story never gets old for me. It’s one of my favorite series of all times. It has one of my favorite characters of all time. Rose Hathaway. This is actually my first time listening to the story in audiobook. It was a different experience, but in a good way. I also kind of want to go grab my copy of the 10th anniversary edition and read the short stories!

Characters: Rose is one of my favorite characters. Hands down. She’s constantly being misunderstood. She takes the high road and doesn’t really correct people. She lets them draw their own conclusions. Then there’s Dimitri. He’s tough, but he’s fair. You have Christian who’s just such a snarky being. I know we’re supposed to like Lissa. Sometimes I do, but there are times she just kind of shows behaviors that I don’t care for.

Critiques: As if!

Narration: It was really great. It put me right into the world and made me not want to leave it.

Final Thoughts: I picked this book up for a challenge for a readathon I’m participating in. I’m really glad I did it. It was so great to step into the world again. It makes me want to disappear from the world and devour the rest of the series now. Maybe soon. Maybe I’ll have to work on getting the rest of the series in audiobook when I get more credits in. I have all of the Bloodlines series in audiobook. I need to read those as well. This is one of my favorite series of all time.

Book Review: Tabor by Roux Cantrell

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: Tabor

Author: Roux Cantrell

Release Date: May 27th, 2019

Page Count: 125

Start Date: October 5th, 2022

Finish Date: October 5th, 2022


Story: There are some stories that you read that a character or multiple characters just kind of ruin it for you and make you not even want to read it. This is one of those books for me. I could not stand Tabor or his attitude at all. Especially his assumptions of things. He just drew conclusions and those conclusions were set in stone for him. Had it not been for other characters in this book, I probably would have considered setting this book down. I can’t think of anything else to discuss about it. Not without my review being longer than the story itself.

Characters: Echo was a pretty amazing character. She had her flaws, but she’s had to make some pretty tough decisions over the years. What really endears me to her is how she put her kid above all. No matter what. Speaking of the kid, Kat was so stinking cute! I wish I got to see more of her in the book!

Critiques: Some parts should have been explained better.

Final Thoughts: I’m not saying that I didn’t like this story. I really did. I loved the suspense littered through the entire story. I loved seeing how well Echo fit in with the boys. I loved the quirky moments that her child were in. I just really could not stand Tabor. It feels like even his own people couldn’t stand him in this book. He’s on the list of the very few characters that made me legitimately angry.

Book Review: Gypsy by Roux Cantrell

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: Gypsy

Author: Roux Cantrell

Release Date: August 14th, 2018

Page Count: 134

Start Date: October 4th, 2022

Finish Date: October 5th, 2022


Story: This story is a very short and spicy read. I know that the official term is short and sweet, but I meant what I said. There are a few questions I have that were more referenced than really explained. I also was curious on the grammar of some things. There are names that I felt should have been capitalized that weren’t. That could have been done on purpose for all I know. I thought this was a very creative read. Normally with shorter novels, I say that I want and crave more. I won’t say that this one. The length of this book was perfect. I feel like if it were any longer it could risk dragging on. I could be wrong on that.

Characters: At first, Gypsy kind of confused me. The name not the person. I kept expecting it to be a girl. That’s just things that I’m used to. I didn’t really feel a connection with any of the characters. I think I could have. Maybe one day I’ll go back and read the book again and see what happens.

Critiques: None that I can think of really.

Final Thoughts: This was definitely a short and spice packed story. It glosses over a dom sub relationship and a potential for another one. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. Especially if they are as short as this one. I recommend this book for those who love books with more of a spice level and arranged marriage type things. There is a bit of suspense but it doesn’t drag on.

ARC Review: The Trainer by Jessika Klide

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: The Trainer

Author: Jessika Klide

Release Date: September 17th, 2022

Page Count: 109

Start Date: October 2nd, 2022

Finish Date: October 3rd, 2022


Story: This story is just so adorable! It’s very short and sweet. When it comes to spice, I would say this story has a very mild spice. Which is perfect for me. While I would have loved to see more to this story, I can totally appreciate the length. It’s the perfect story to just escape the world for a while. Whether it be due to a bad day or just boredom. I found out after the fact that this book is the third book in a series. Luckily for me, it’s a standalone series. I’ll still go back and read the other two when I can. The author has a wonderful writing style.

Characters: Apollo had a very interesting name. I was convinced it was fake. I kept expecting for that bombshell to drop. I can’t remember the girl’s name, but wow what a scare she went through! I can’t even begin to figure it all out!

Critiques: None

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story way more than I thought I would. I love supporting authors by trying out new books. I also always go into books blindly. Well I always say blindly, but I do come up with theories before I start them. Just by the title and the cover. I don’t read blurbs if I can help it. Anyways, this story was so short and so cute. I’m glad I stumbled upon it! It was a very refreshing change up!

Book Review: Marked by Rebecca Barber

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: Marked

Author: Rebecca Barber

Release Date: August 19th, 2022

Page Count: 326

Start Date: September 25th, 2022

Finish Date: October 2nd, 2022


Story: I really liked the fact that this wasn’t a short read. It is well over three hundred pages. I also really loved the build up of the dialogue and story arc. I was fully expecting a lot of angst and misinterpretations. That didn’t really happen at all. At least not in the way that you would think it would happen. Tasha took off so much during situations that she could have given Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride a run for her money, but that’s something else entirely. It was actually a nice comic relief in the story. I find that I really like sports types romances. Which fascinates me. There’s a high heat level in this book, but in a good way. It doesn’t overrun the story itself at all.

Characters: At first, I really didn’t like Tasha at all. She gave off vibes like she was kind of a bully. At least in her blog. However, I got to know her as a person and realized that was just kind of like a wall she wielded to keep herself safe. I really liked Logan sometimes. I mean I liked his character and his work ethics. There were just times his behaviors and attitude baffled me. I really liked Bryce but didn’t get to see enough of him. I’m looking forward to his story in book two!!!!

Critiques: In my opinion, there’s a bit of a plot hole in this book. At the end of a chapter, something happens. It’s in Logan’s point of view. I can’t remember which chapter. Somebody comes up to him about something that happened. His thought as the chapter ends is basically a “What now?” kind of thing. However, nothing ever comes of it. You don’t find out what he finds out.

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story a lot more than I thought it would. I was also very impressed with the page amount. I love short books as much as the next person, but I really love longer books more. There is a lot of heat in this for those who don’t care much for spice. I’m not a huge fan of it myself, but I don’t mind it. As long as it doesn’t completely overpower the story overall. This one doesn’t at all. This author also has a pretty amazing writing style. It should also be noted that this author is Australian and her spelling is different than we Americans are used to. Anyway, I definitely recommend this book fully!

Audiobook Review: Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel by A.W. Jantha

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel

Author: A.W. Jantha

Release Date: July 10th, 2018

Page Count: 395

Start Date: September 27th, 2022

Finish Date: October 2nd, 2022


Story: This is basically two books in one. Well officially it’s two parts, but still. One takes place in 1993. The other takes place in 2018. Or I believe it was 2018. Anyway. The first one is basically the movie in written form with just a few tweaks and add-ons. The second part takes place 25 years later. The main characters were Poppy, the daughter, and her friends and classmates. There are a few reviews that say that part two is too mature for the target audience or too liberal. In my opinion, it was just like the first part. The only difference I saw was that there was no younger sibling and the daughter had a crush on a girl. That’s it. Actually, the first part pushes more in the too mature than the second one does. I’m just going to leave it at that. I really enjoyed both parts very much.

Characters: There’s too many characters in both parts to give my opinions on both. Poppy was my favorite character of all. She was just this healthy mixture of Max, Allison, and Danni. It was very obvious that she was love and cared for by all three of them. I’d of liked to see how Danni fared 25 years later. She was referenced in part two and in it a little, but it doesn’t really talk about how her life is.

Critiques: None at all.

Narration: I really loved the narration over all. However, there were parts that were just kind of flat to me. Some popular phrases from the movie. I think that’s only because of how they are said in the movie. It’s not that the narrator did it wrong. It was just I heard it in a certain way so much that hearing it a different way threw me.

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed both parts of the book. I mean the second part wasn’t as thrilling as the first one, but it was good in its own way. I really loved the story development of both and the characters. I’m looking forward to watching the sequel to Hocus Pocus, but I’m not sure it really follows this sequel. We will see. Either way, I recommend this book. It’s worth the read.

ARC Review: Half Notes From Berlin by B.V. Glants

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: Half Notes From Berlin

Author: B.V. Glants

Release Date: October 4th, 2022

Page Count: 275

Start Date: September 24th, 2022

Finish Date: October 1st, 2022


Story: I enjoyed the book very much. I felt like I was really invested in it from the very beginning. I did think that there were parts that were glossed over. It also kind of left me with a very unfinished feeling. I’d be okay with a sequel. I know that it’s referenced things that happened after that point, but only to an extent. I just kind of felt like I was left with more questions than answers when it was all said and done.

Characters: This is one of the books where I just didn’t care for the main character at all. I didn’t dislike him though. I just wanted to shake some sense into him. I mean I get it. He’s young. He was just all over the place though.

Critiques: There are many things that are referenced in this book that I would have liked to see more elaboration on. I don’t want to say too much because some of them are at the end of the book and I don’t want to give spoilers. I do feel like this story begs for either a sequel or an epilogue. Something to tie the loose ends together and explain what happened to certain characters better as well.

Final Thoughts: I really did enjoy this book very much. I can’t say I was in love with it or that it was one of my favorites. I had a wonderful time reading it though. If it weren’t for the parts that I felt like should have been elaborated on more, I would actually love this book and probably make it a reread. As it were, I’d still recommend this book. I love how raw and realistic it is.

The Book of Uriel Blog Tour

The Book of Uriel

A Novel of WWII

by Elyse Hoffman


September 27-30

YA, 303 pages.

Link for the book on Amazon

In the fires of World War II, a child must save his people from darkness…

Ten-year-old Uriel has always been an outcast. Born mute in a Jewish village known for its choir, he escapes into old stories of his people, stories of angels and monsters. But when the fires of the Holocaust consume his village, he learns that the stories he writes in his golden notebook are terrifyingly real.

In the aftermath of the attack, Uriel is taken in by Uwe, a kind-hearted linguist forced to work for the commander of the local Nazi Police, the affably brutal Major Brandt. Uwe wants to keep Uriel safe, but Uriel can’t stay hidden. The angels of his tales have come to him with a dire message: Michael, guardian angel of the Jewish people, is missing. Without their angel, the Jewish people are doomed, and Michael’s angelic brethren cannot search for him in the lands corrupted by Nazi evil.

With the lives of millions at stake, Uriel must find Michael and free him from the clutches of the Angel of Death…even if that means putting Uwe in mortal danger.

The Book of Uriel is a heartbreaking blend of historical fiction and Jewish folklore that will enthrall fans of The Book Thief and The World That We Knew.

An otherworldly tale with indelible characters in a realistic wartime setting. Hoffman’s novel sublimely fuses world history and Jewish folklore.

Kirkus Reviews

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

2021 International Book AwardsAward-Winning Finalist in the Historical Fiction Category.

About the author

Elyse Hoffman is an award-winning author who strives to tell historical tales with new twists. She loves to meld WWII and Jewish history with fantasy, folklore, and the paranormal. She has written six works of Holocaust historical fiction: the five books of The Barracks of the Holocaust and The Book of Uriel.

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