April TBR Jar Readathon Reading Plans

I host a readathon in my group (The Introverted Readathoner) every month. Normally, I let a tbr pick my reading. This weekend, I’m a bit behind on some deadlines. So I’m just treating it like a normal readathon instead. I’m a bit intense with 24 hour and weekend readathons. Here’s my game plan:

I know it seems intense, but I constantly alter the schedule through the weekend to work for me. It works for me honestly. Especially when my goal is 20 pages an hour.

And now for my TBR for the weekend. I don’t plan to finish all of them, but I do plan on making progress in them at least!

If you’d like to join the group, just click here. You can also click the schedule graphic to get to the group as well.

My TBR Jar Readathon Results

Last weekend, I hosted my monthly TBR jar readathon. It went better than I expected! It also left me drained and needing a few days to recover. I should be back to normal tomorrow! I also got my equipment today for my new job that I start next Tuesday. I’m excited! Anyways, my point of this blog was to share my progress with you all! I will share my Tiktok videos and a photo of my notes through the event!


#Inverted My TBR Jar Readathon first picks! Sorry for the blunders! I get nervous!

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March TBR Jar Readathon

I’m so excited! I’ll be hosting our monthly readathon. I haven’t fully participated in this one in a while and I’m so excited to get back. I’d really like to see the group grow and more people join this. We don’t just do these readathons. We also post our reading progress and post about other readathons going on as well. If this is something that interests you, please consider joining by clicking here. If I get more members, I may consider making a discord server for those who don’t really care to get on Facebook. It has to be something wanted first though. Come give us a try! We start at midnight tonight your time and it’s over midnight Sunday (technically Monday) your time! If you join, please enjoy!!!!

About the TBR Jar readathon:

You put books in the jar (or hat or whatever you want). You pick from the jar. Whatever it is you pick is what you read. That’s your book until you either put it down or finish it. Then you pick again and repeat the process until the readathon is over. If you run out, you can add others! It’s a fun way to relax and read on a whim.

All are welcome! Please please please join!!!!