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Inhuman Acts

Brooke French

Black Rose Writing
September 29, 2022

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A deadly, incurable disease creeps silent through Chattanooga. And its victims aren’t random. When inexplicable human rabies cases appear in Tennessee, disease ecologist Letty Duquesne jumps at the chance to trace the virus back to its source. But the closer Letty gets to finding the outbreak’s origin, the further someone will go to stop her. With an unwanted promotion threatening to take Letty far from the fieldwork she loves, this outbreak feels like her last chance to make a difference. It’s not something she can ignore, especially now. The spillover of zoonotic diseases to the human population is on the rise and violent animal attacks—like the one that killed her sister—are becoming all too common. Something in nature has gone very wrong. Local authorities would rather she go home, but Letty can track a source animal like no one else. With the help of disgraced detective Andrew Marsh, Letty follows the virus’s epidemiological trail. But her every move is watched. And the source animal is closer than she thinks. Inhuman Acts is a pulse-pounding thriller. Gripping and intricately paced, Brooke L. French’s debut novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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My Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was so amazing! I really wasn’t expecting half of the things that popped up! I also really LOVE that my hometown (Marietta) was referenced in the book! That is so rare! I won’t say too much because I don’t want to give too many spoilers. But I really wasn’t expecting the ending at all. I was expecting something else entirely! I’ll have a more detailed review of this in a separate post! I need somebody to read this and contact me so we can talk about it! And oh my! The cover!!!!

Inhuman Acts

TikTok Deleted

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I did it. I deleted TikTok from my phone. Full disclosure, I did keep it on my iPad and I have access to it on my computer. I’m not completely quitting. I’ll watch videos here and there. I’m just not going to post any videos. I’m also not going to be on a daily basis. It’s just too dark for me. I posted a video about it and will share it here.

I’m not trying to tell anybody that they should quit too. I’m also not bashing anybody or TikTok itself. I just realize now that it’s not for me. And that’s okay.

Have you ever had to set something aside because it just wasn’t healthy for you to be around?

Deleting TikTok

I’m really considering deleting TikTok from my phone. It’s just become so toxic. There’s too much of an us vs them mentality. A one extreme or the other and no in between. I fully agree people should be held accountable for their actions. I also fully believe that if they acknowledge and understand where they went wrong and improve from it, they should be forgiven. I will never say I understand people’s struggles and triumphs. I only live my life. I only know what I’ve been through. I do think that we should all start remembering the golden rule though. Treat others how you want to be treated.

That’s as much of my feedback as I’m going to speak on the TikTok matter. I have a limited time in my day after work. I’m going to use it to get caught up on my reading and blog work. I’m not going to waste it anymore on things that are toxic and draining. I haven’t fully decided about TikTok yet, but I am leaning on deleting it though. It’s just too much.

A New Routine

I thought I would attempt freestyle. I was falling into a rut and wanted to do something that would help drag me out if it. It really did help. But quite frankly, I love my routine. I think that has a lot to do with my ADHD. But anyways. This is an announcement! I’m bringing back the daily themes! I’m not going to schedule anything but promo blogs. I’ll most likely make and post them after work as I’ll be working night shift. Also, until I’ve caught up on all reviews, I’m going to be attempting to post one book review a day starting tomorrow. After I’m caught up, I’ll be posting reviews once I’m finished with book.

Okay I’ve rambled enough. Here’s the weekly schedule!

Manic Monday– This will be a free for all. Anything I want to post about. Book or not book related. I find that I’m pretty creative on Mondays, so I thought this might be a good thing to do.

Top Ten Tuesday– This is actually not mine. It’s a meme that a lot of bloggers do. I haven’t done one in a long time. I plan to start doing it again.

WWW Wednesday– This is another blog meme. This one I’ve really missed and am really excited to start up again!

Book Thoughts– This will be any random book thought. Most likely it will be from a topic I picked up on TikTok if I’m being honest. There’s a chance that I will probably also talk about topics more than once.

Social Media Posts– I’ll share four of my favorite Instagram or TikTok posts that I’ve made throughout the week. I’m hoping this holds me accountable for posting more.

What I Wish For– I’ll highlight a book that I really hope to own one day and why I want to own it.

My Reading Stats– I will highlight my reading progress for the week. I’ll also share what I hope to read the next week. I also may highlight some comments I got on my blog that I loved throughout the week as well.

Just writing it out has excited me so much! I will be officially starting this on Monday. I sincerely hope you enjoy! I’d love to start making more connections. More book friends if you will!

My Week

I’ve officially completed the third week of training! I really feel with everything in my being that this is going to be a job I stick with for a long time. I have five more weeks of training and then I move on to production!

It has been an intense week though. I took on too much that was due in a limited time! So I basically had work mode and then deadline mode all week long. I was go go go until I fell asleep!!!! I’m looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow. Well, I do plan to read, but yeah!

Now that I’m finally in the groove of things, my blogs will balance out a bit more. I’ll have a personal post every day. On days I have scheduled promos, you’ll see two blogs from me. This will start on Monday. Until I’m caught up on reviews, you may see that as my personal blog for the foreseeable future. I won’t lie. I am excited though!

I think I’ve talked myself out of things to say! Thank you for following my blog! I appreciate you! I’m going to get better about reading and commenting on blogs again! Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

New Job!!!!!

I have a new job! I’m hoping it will stick. I’ve had a rough period for awhile now. It’s only going to get rougher before it gets better sadly. I will still do a post a day, but I am not going to plan things out as mucn until I adjust to my new schedule. Please bare with me. I will get there. I have plans to drop a lot of reviews that I’m behind on. I also plan to post about future readathons. I’d also like to do a weekly goals thing. I’m not sure how successful I will be with that right away. We will see. Thank ou all for your support. I really appreciate it. It motivates me to continue to post.

New Logo and Game Plan

Some of you may have noticed that I really haven’t been posting like I normally was lately. I’ve started feeling like my blogs were a chore. So, I let myself off the hook. I experimented with something, and it was successful. It not only got me out of my rut, it sparked a very big creative spark in me.

That being said, I have decided on a new strategy. I have been following the advice of somebody I trusted and putting out a schedule. I was a bit too neurotic about it and probably overdid it, but I digress. The advice was sound. I’m sure that it works for many people. The problem is, I’m discovering it doesn’t work for me, and that’s okay.

I also made a new logo. I actually made it! It’s not something I’m skilled at, but I’m proud with what I came up with! I love editing things even if I’m not the most skilled. It’s a passion of mine! It’s just so relaxaing. Especially while listening to audiobooks!

From here on, I will make a point to post one blog a day. Sometimes more. I will still be running promotional blogs when I have them to post. I believe I will still schedule those for 10 am when I have them. Those are different in my opinion. I will also post whatever it is I’m in the mood to post. Some days I will post book reviews. Some days I’ll post movie/tv reviews.

I will be posting book reviews more often. I need to catch up on the reviews I haven’t posted yet. I’ll be posting reviews individually. Until they are all caught up, I will be posting them as I write them. So there may be multiple ones in a day. I wanted to start doing video reviews, but I’m still on the fence about that.

Thank you all for supporting me. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. It keeps me motivated to keep being creative and moving forward. I hope you enjoy the blogs that come from here. Blessed be!

April Readathons

It’s the last day of March. How is this even possible? What happened to February? January?

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring up readathons I’m attending in April. It’s definitely going to be action packed. I’m very excited!

April Readathons:

Seasons of Reading Readathon- April 1st-30th (Spring into Horror)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- April 8th-10th
AYearathon- April 11th-17th (Go Green- Ebooks/Audiobooks)
TBR Jar Readathon- April 22-24
Dewey’s Readathon- April 30th

Let me know if you’re attending any of these!

Readathons On My Radar

Did you know that part of ADHD is hyperfixating on something? That’s what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been fixated on trying to build a readathon schedule for myself. I’d like to share with you what I have so far.


Owlcrate Read-A-Thon- March 21st-27th
TBR Jar Readathon- March 25th-27th
Queer Lit Readathon- March 26th-27th


Seasons of Reading Readathon- April 1st-30th (Spring into Horror)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- April 8th-10th
AYearathon- April 11th-17th (Go Green- Ebooks/Audiobooks)
TBR Jar Readathon- April 22-24
Dewey’s Readathon- April 30th


Minecraft Readathon- May 1st-31st
AYearathon- May 9th-15th (Nonfiction, Autobiographies, True Crime)
Bout of Books Readathon- May 9th-15th
Shadow Lounge Readathon- May 13th-15th
TBR Jar Readathon- May 27th-29th


Seasons of Reading Readathon- June 1st-30th (SciFi June)
Queer Lit Readathon- June 5th-11th
AYearathon- June 6th-12th (Adaptations)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- June 10th-12th
TBR Jar Readathon- June 24th-30th


Shadow Lounge Readathon- July 8th-10th
AYearathon- July 11th-17th (Set in another country)
TBR Jar Readathon- July 29th-31st


AYearathon- August 8th-14th (Series Catch Up/Sequels)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- August 12th-14th
Bout of Books Readathon- August 15th-21st
TBR Jar Readathon- August 26th-28th


AYearathon- September 5th-11th (Intimidating Reads)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- September 9th-11th
TBR Jar Readathon- September 23rd-25th
Queer Lit Readathon- September 24th-25th


Hocus Pocus Readathon- October 1st-31st
Seasons of Reading Readathon- October 1st-31st
AYearathon- October 10th-16th (LGBTQIA/Own Voices)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- October 14th-16th
TBR Jar Readathon- October 28th-30th


AYearathon- November 7th-13th (Recommended to you)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- November 11th-13th
TBR Jar Readathon- November 18th-20th


Queer Lit Readathon- December 4th-10th
AYearathon- December 5th-11th (Rereads)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- December 9th-11th
TBR Jar Readathon- December 16th-18th

If you know of any not listed here, please comment so I can get them added to my list and calendar. If you are participating in any of these, let me know as well! Please let me know if you want info for any of the ones listed.

Mental Health Journal Update

I’ve been thinking over my schedule. I didn’t feel right removing Mental Health Journal. I just couldn’t make a choice for the Wednesday blogs. After much thought, I’ve decided to remove the Weekly Featured Book blog and replace it with Mental Health Journal. I feel like it’s an important blog that will be very missed if I let it go. Thank you all for understanding.

I am also taking the day off blogs. I’m very under the weather. My normal Tuesday blogs will take place again next week. Thank you for understanding and have a blessed day!