Release Blitz: Iron and Brimstone

Iron and Brimstone

Hidden Truth Book 2

I’m a halfling… a secret my mother attempted to take to her grave. 

But once that secret was revealed,  I was thrust into the human world to search for my father. 

And now… I’ve found him. 

I thought it would help to put the pieces to this ever growing puzzle together, but instead they scattered to the wind, revealing more secrets and lies. 

The seals of the apocalypse keep breaking without effort and I need to find a way to stop it. With my mates by my side I have a chance. But what if someone or something takes them away from me? Will I be strong enough for the seven of us?

I’ll do what I have to do and fight like a girl.


Ash and Stone 

Hidden Truth book 1

Free in KU

Secrets and lies. Passion and pain…

Life is simple as a demon, spending my days torturing the souls of the damned. But things get a hell of a lot more complicated when Lilith appears and dumps me in the mortal realm to face a different type of demon: my history.

Come to find out, my mother has been harboring a deadly secret about what I really am.

With her final breaths, she reveals that I’m only part demon — a halfling, an abomination.

It’s just a matter of time before all the denizens of Heaven, Hell, and those in-between begin hunting me. But thats only the beginning of my problems. Prophecies whisper of the end of the world and I’m at the center of them.

I think my luck can’t get any worse when I  move into the same apartment building as three irresistible gargoyles. Instead of trying to kill me like they should, they agree to help. Throw in an over protective Cerberus who shifts into three sexy triplets and things get even more interesting. Will the sparks flying between us grow into something more or burn us all? Are we gonna live long enough to find out?

The clock is ticking — things prophesied are being fulfilled.


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A Mercenary To Love Release Blitz

A Mercenary To Love


There’s only one thing she wants to steal—his heart.
When computer genius Sampson Morales’ latest security measures fail to prevent the kidnapping of an Allied Planetary Union Ambassador’s child, he has no choice but to track and save the kid himself…especially if he wants to be paid.
Zasha Gustaf believed fighting with the Humans First movement could redeem her mercenary past, but when they use her intel to kidnap an innocent, she starts to have her doubts. Running into the only man she’s ever loved and who’s on the same trail is a sign. She commits to helping Sampson stop this group from sacrificing another blameless person, but she has another motive.
Sampson and Zasha have been down this road before, except last time it led to betrayal and heartache. He can’t trust her, and her attempts at redemption are met with constant rebuke, but when everyone, even the universe, is in danger, relying on each other is the only way forward.
Is a second chance possible for either of them…or will the past repeat itself?

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“It’s not about wanting to break the crew up. I’m looking for a chance to break out on my own. To make decisions for me, like a grown-up.”

Lee lifted one eyebrow and pulled one of her knives out from her vest. “Grown-up? Seems to me taking a job while Toni and Emilio are finishing up a separate one is pretty grown-up. Besides, you don’t need Gina to act on your own.”

Yes, I do.

Gina might have been a ship, but the AI within had evolved beyond a simple computer processor in space. She’d become his best friend. He told her everything and vice versa. They’d spent the last eight years together. During those endless hours spent in space, he’d become closer to her than almost anyone else. Besides, who would help her grow if he left? She had feelings too and she needed him.

“Lee, we’re a pair. We go together.”

“Pfft. Yeah,” Lee’s drink showed up, and the lady who dropped it off winked at her. The simple flirtation was enough to get Lee’s attention. “You say that because you don’t bother to get close to anyone flesh and blood. You can’t let—”

“Don’t say her name, please.” Sampson downed the imitation vodka with the poor weak burn, which only made him crave the real stuff.

She was there today.

“You can’t run from the past.” Lee’s words were half-hearted, her focus drawn to the roaming waitress.

“Says the woman who never talks about hers.” His accusation got the assassin’s gaze on him.

“There’s a difference between running and talking. I’ve faced all my demons and won. I don’t need to re-hash something with no hold or sway over me. You, on the other hand, get all clammed up at the mere mention of someone who hurt you. You confront those things, or they eat you up inside. This I can speak of with authority.”

Lee pushed her seat back and stood. Sampson sat in awe of this woman’s confident nature, in full possession of every part of herself. He wanted to be the same. To know himself as well as Lee did. To be settled in his skin.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me. The woman who brought our drinks is fatching me with her eyes, and I intend to do something about it. Don’t wait around for me. Head back to Al’s whenever.”

Every port we stop in. Sampson grinned. “Have a good time.”

“Oh, I will.”

Lee winked. With her half-empty vest of knives and swaying ponytail, she moved away without a sound.

Sampson glanced at his glass. It sat empty, like the deepest parts of him. Not an unfamiliar experience as Sampson found himself included by the other members of the crew, but still treated as a kid. Sure, they cared about him, but eager for him to tag along or spend time outside of missions with him not so much. He found himself lonely more often than not, and wishing he had a closer friend, someone more his age.

“Hello, Sampson. Long time.”

His gaze traveled from his glass to the woman who’d propped one knee on the chair Lee had abandoned. Red-brown-blonde hair was down and flowing freely instead of wrapped up in the woman’s usual twin buns, and an odd-colored tunic of the Saturn style hung past her waist but accented her creamy tan skin and gold eyes. This new look, paired with her stance, made her seem more innocent.

But I know better.

Between his blood pounding, the remembrance of her cries of pleasure and the explosive concussion and her betrayal, sounds flooded his ears. She’d stolen from him, his crew. He’d fallen so hard, young, dumb…thinking with his swinging pipe.

Zasha. She was there today.

She’d betrayed them when they’d helped her. Lied to him, his family…for flash.

Sampson fisted the empty glass so tightly it cracked. “Not long enough.”

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Author Bio:

Landra Graf consumes at least one book a day and has always been a sucker for stories where true love conquers all. She believes in the power of the written word, and the joy such words can bring. In between spending time with her family and having book adventures, she writes romance with the goal of giving everyone, fictional or not, their own happily ever after.

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Destined Desires Release Blitz

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🔮 Destined Desires: A Talaenian Fae Novel 🔮

Series: Forbidden Heart Book 2

By Kira Nyte

Cover: JMN Art-Covers by Julie

Available on #KindleUnlimited


🔮 Blurb:

Since the loss of her soul mate, Rihanna has spent a century merely surviving. She never expected to see the spirit of her beloved Mikhail reborn as a man with his penetrating green eyes and masculine allure—and a fiancée. Not wanting to be the cause of another woman’s heartbreak, the Talaenian Fae beauty vows to stay away.

Since childhood, Bryce Hampton has been haunted by dreams of a life with a mysterious female with amethyst eyes and magic in her touch. He is certain the woman is pure fantasy—until he meets her in the flesh at his own engagement celebration. Though she runs from him, he can’t get her out of his thoughts. Nor can he go through with what is essentially an arranged marriage.

Though she tries, Rihanna can’t resist the pull to renew her connection with her Goddess-given anam cara, her soul mate, her Bryce. But just as his love begins to heal her heart, and make whole the half-life she’d been living without him, an old enemy enlists an unexpected ally to destroy them, Rihanna’s family and everything they hold dear.

🔮 Check out the other book in the Forbidden Heart Series 🔮

Forbidden Heart –

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Bless Me Father Release Blitz


☪† 𝔅𝔩𝔢𝔰𝔰 𝔐𝔢, 𝔉𝔞𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯 †☪

Author: Crimson Syn

Model: Alfie Gordillo

Photographer: Randy Perillo






“The soul who sins shall die…and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself.” ~Ezekiel 18:20

A murderer.

A crazed obsession.

The ultimate lie.

And an innocent girl who is about to become the devil’s pawn, in an evil game constructed to send her to her knees.


Bless me father for I want to sin, so very very badly.

That’s exactly how this all began.

A dark confessional box.

A late night revelation.

And an irreversible sin committed.

There are not enough Hail Mary’s for what ensued in the dark recesses of St. Margaret’s Cathedral.

And if anyone were to find out, we’d both be dammed. Then again, we are well on our way to the depths of hell, because my worship begins with him. And my penitence has his name all over it.


I am a bad man.

I am not ordained.

I’m not even supposed to be here. It was a mistake, one that’s cost me my entire existence.

Blood is what I’m after.

But what I am is at her mercy.

And I’ll do anything to protect her. Even if it means giving my life for hers.

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Storm Queen Release Blitz

The Storm Queen by Rose Alexander and Grace Nicholas is now LIVE!

Download your copy of THE STORM QUEEN today!

Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

About The Storm Queen

Murder and magic… a battle to reclaim the throne…

Being a water bearer for my community was easy: just my trusty mule, Lily, and me against the world. But when a bard arrived in town weaving tales about the True Queens of Nephalia, everything changed.

Those stories were supposed to be myths—tales told to children around a campfire. Yet, this man sung truths that had been buried long ago of the Dawnings that brought the queens to power and the magical patterns on their skin marking them as qualified for such a status.

Marks… described exactly like the one that appeared on my arm the very same day.

According to the legend, these women were hunted and killed by others—imposters—who claimed to have earned the throne.

The warning was loud and clear. But instead of living in fear, I intend to compose a story of my own: with the help of three amazing men, I must save myself and the other marked women from such a fate.

If we succeed, Nephalia will prosper.

If we fail, the rekindled magic of myth will remain as such: nothing more than a tale told around a dying campfire.

About Rose Alexander and Grace Nicholas

Grace Nicholas About Me

I live in Arkansas with my husband, 2 kids, and the family pug, Buddy. I’m a southern girl, born and raised, though I’ve lived all over the US. I love reading almost as much as I do writing. If I’m not taking care of the family, or working at my day job (ugh), or writing, then you’ll find me curled up on the couch, Buddy in my lap and Kindle in hand.

Rose Alexander About Me

Just a small-town girl from Kansas living her dream of writing books. When not writing, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son.

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The Audacity of Sara Grayson Release Blitz


By Joani Elliott 

Joani Elliott’s humorous contemporary fiction debut, THE AUDACITY OF SARA GRAYSON (Post Hill Press, May 25, 2021), brilliantly follows an insecure writer’s journey of self-discovery as she struggles to fill the void left behind by her mother—a best-selling literary icon.

What happens when the world’s greatest literary icon dies before she finishes the final book in her best-selling series?

And what happens when she leaves that book in the hands of her unstable, neurotic daughter, who swears she’s not a writer?

Sara Grayson is a 32-year-old, part-time greeting card writer about to land the toughest writing assignment of her life. Three weeks after the death of her mother, a world-famous suspense novelist, Sara learns that her mother’s dying wish is for her to write the final book in her wildly popular Ellery Dawson series.

Sara has lived alone with her dog, Gatsby, ever since her husband walked out with their Pro Double Waffle Maker and her last shred of confidence. She can’t fathom writing a book for 30 million fans—not when last week’s big win was resetting the microwave clock.

But in a bold move that surprises even herself, Sara takes it on. Against an impossible deadline and a publisher intent on sabotaging her every move, Sara discovers that stepping into her mother’s shoes means stumbling on family secrets she was never meant to find—secrets that threaten her mother’s legacy—and the very book she’s trying to create.


A funny and engaging page-turner, THE AUDACITY OF SARA GRAYSON is the perfect book club read. From the novel’s easily digestible nuggets of wisdom to its exploration of mother/daughter dynamics and adult sister relationships, book clubbers will find much to discuss.

JOANI ELLIOTT believes in the magic of stories, a good cup of tea, and the power of living a creative life. She has taught writing at the University of Maryland and Brigham Young University. For book club resources, virtual author chats, and more, visit

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Lover’s Masquerade Release Blitz

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𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙨’ 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙦𝙪𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙚

 𝘼 𝙎𝙚𝙭𝙮 𝙑𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙚’𝙨 𝘿𝙖𝙮 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣

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Is there a heart out there like mine within the Lovers’ Masquerade?

Ten of the world’s most elite will surrender their hearts to the Lovers’ Masquerade hosted by tech-savvy and multibillionaire Madeleine Kane. Some will come to play and get laid, while others will play it safe to find love. No matter their reason for attending the hottest charity event of the year, they will give into temptation, follow their heart’s desire in experiencing a love so sweet and endearing to an affair that will have your kindles sizzling.

With compelling stories a part of a shared world, there’s something for every reader. You’ll have no choice but to fall in love as your favorite authors take you on a romantic journey you’ll never forget.

Participating Authors:

USA Today Bestselling Author H. M. Shander

International Bestselling Author J. P. Uvalle

Justine Kitay

Lizzie James

Stacy McWilliams

Sienna Grant

Elvira Bathory

Lily Alexander

Danielle Keil

USA Today Bestselling Caia Daniels.

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Riot Hearts Release Blast

❥❥ Release Blast ❥❥

Riot Hearts; An Enemies to Lovers Romance by @authorlivynorth 

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They might’ve been descendants of a saint, but they all sinned.

It took the death of her family to make Emory understand St. Crow is a city filled with monsters disguised in expensive suits and black ties. As the only heiress to the fortune her parents left behind, she is the most crucial pawn to power and one that everyone in the social elite is out to get. That includes River Sinclair— her annoyingly attractive childhood rival, who happens to be the son of the most ruthless businessman in town. While their lives may always intertwine, River isn’t interested in pretending to be her friend—even when his father commands him to. Behind the cold mask, things are falling apart, and he blames her.

River makes sure she knows he hates her.

Emory makes it clear she isn’t scared of him.

He says he wants to take her down.

So why is he the one falling?

Note: This book is the first in a duet and ends with a cliffhanger

Where to find Livy 

Readers group

Facebook page



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Spark of Fury Release Blitz


Spark of Fury by Kira Nyte

Series: The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 4

Genre: Fantasy Romance/Shifter Romance

Available on Kindle Unlimited 

Amazon link:

Caryssa Parker’s life since her father was sent to prison for murdering her mother has been one of pain and degradation. Her uncle’s thugs monitor her every waking moment, while her sadistic cousin takes pleasure in keeping her in line. Somehow, she finds the courage to seek out a hidden legacy her estranged father insists will protect her from their machinations.

Vengeance and duty have kept Tajan Rosklov going since his Keeper cut him from his life. While his Firestorm dragon brethren have found happiness with their lifemates, Taj sinks deeper into a pit of rage, guilt and self-loathing. After three decades of silence, he is shocked to find a clue to his Keeper’s whereabouts—and even more shocked when the trail leads him to the beautiful, damaged woman destined to be his.

Caryssa has learned not to trust anyone, least of all a man. She should be terrified of the fierce, hulking man who breaks into her apartment. She isn’t. She’d be a fool to believe his vow to keep her safe. She wants to. But she won’t trade one jailor for another, no matter how tempting he is.

Taj will do anything to become the kind of man who deserves a lifemate like Caryssa. He just needs to convince the damsel that he is a dragon worth saving.

*This story contains adult content, language, steamy love scenes, and darker elements.

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A Cowboy Under The Mistletoe Release Blitz

🎀A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe🎀

Series: A Royal Bastards MC Holiday Story #2

Author: Crimson Syn

Photographer: Golden Czermak

Model: Jeremy Mooney

Cover Designer: Lou Gray


Available on #KindleUnlimited

Meet SADDLE, one of the original members of the Royal Bastards National Chapter! Make sure to pay attention, there are a few easter eggs in this one-this wicked biker is family to the Eagle Ridge Cowboys!🤠

Meet the original members of the RBMC New Orleans National Chapter!

Troy ‘SADDLE’ Maverick

Falling in love is the last thing on my mind.

It’s a far-fetched notion that doesn’t exist in my world of death and mayhem.

That is, until Crystal Tanenbaum walks into my life.

More like drops…onto my lap.

All curves and sweetness wrapped into a beautiful package.

She is not the type of woman that could handle my world.

Completely innocent.

Completely out of my league.

I know I’ll destroy her, but I can’t keep myself away.

She’s captured my heart and now she’ll have to deal with the consequences.

Cowboys and bikers in one Holiday Read-you can’t go wrong with this one!

🎄A Biker for Christmas Now Available:

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