Weekly Reading Goals: January 16th

Want to Finish:

  1. And Finally
  2. Dragonborn (Blog Tour: January 19th)
  3. Reborn Prince (Blog Tour: March 12th)
  4. Mysterious Aisles (Blog Tour: January 23rd)

Want to Make Progress On:

  1. The Great Money Reset
  2. Begin Again
  3. Hex You
  4. Cobalt Red
  5. The Second You’re Single
  6. Intrinsic Motivation

Reading Goals Overall:

  1. Read two hours a day
  2. Read daily chapters
  3. Keep on top of reviews

I’m hoping to have time to make some progress on the Orphan X series this week as well. We will see. The next book in the series comes out on Valentine’s Day. I want to have the rest read before it does. What are your reading plans for this week?

Happy New Year!

It’s 2023!!! Can you believe 2022 passed by so quickly? Heck. I feel like it was just last week when I felt like 2020 would never get here. That was 2016 for me haha! It always seems like a few years down the road are a long way off. They never are!

I hope you all have an amazing year! I hope you find yourself and your happiness. I hope that you are content and happy.

Most that know me know that I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t have anything against them. They just aren’t for me. What I do instead, is yearly goals. Here are mine for the year:

2023 Goals:

Reading Goals

Read 1 PERSONAL book a week

Read one a month for: LGBTQIA, Nonfiction, Book of the Month, Classic

Maintain schedules and reading guidelines

Read 200 books

Stay on top of written and video reviews

Personal Goals

Start and keep a routine

Close all three rings every day.

Maintain self care every day

Branch out in self employment/freelance work and start looking into passive income

Reach out to friends and family more

Weekly Reading Updates: December 3rd

I’ve actually had a pretty great reading week! I kind of fell behind on some of my goals and have been scrambling to keep up. I’m getting there slowly though. I’ve managed to finish quite a few books that I’ve been working on the past few weeks. There’s that. My goals are to try to get all my reading list for the past two weeks done by the end of tomorrow. I think I’m on a good track so far! Routine is important to me, and I’m hoping that I will continue with the one I’m creating. How’s your reading been?

My Reading Stats: June 5th

Lately, I haven’t read as much as I’d like. I’m reading every day still, but just barely on some days. I have still been keeping track. I am hoping that sharing my progress on here will be helpful. We shall see. I will make it from Sunday to Saturday.

Note: Some ebooks I have don’t have page numbers so I measure it by % instead. It gets a little tricky with daily page counting, but it works in the end.


Rise of Riverstone: 401-404
War Storm: 322-391


War Storm: 392-430
Rise of Riverstone: 405-590


Royal Spy: 1%-9%


Royal Spy: 10%-18%


War Storm: 431-538


War Storm: 539-662
Royal Spy: 19%-31%


Royal Spy: 32%-35%

What I hope to read this week:

  1. Royal Spy by Heather Frost
  2. Into the Violet Gardens by Isaac Nasri
  3. Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber
  4. Home Field Advantage by Dahlia Adler
  5. Nightcrawling by Lelie Mottley
  6. The Gate Keeper by James Byrne
  7. Scorpion’s Dance by Jefferson Morley
  8. Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

I’d like to try to read at least a hundred pages a day, but I know that there will be days I won’t do that. I am going to at least make it a point to read at least a chapter a day. I love my job, but sometimes the back-to-back calls for the entire shift is mentally draining. It makes wanting to read really hard. I’ve found myself watching more television than I have reading when I’m not working. I’m just thankful that I’m not having major anxiety over that anymore!

Tell me about your reading these days!

2022 Reading Goals Recharged

So, earlier this year, I announced some of my goals for this year. Including my reading goals. I’ve been in a weird reading phase. I don’t want to say funk. I’ve had bouts where I devour books and then bouts where I barely read at all. Today, I want to add one that I added recently and revamp my goal so to speak for the year.

My reading goals are:

  1. One BOTM book every month
  2. One nonfiction book every month
  3. One LGBTQIA book every month
  4. One graphic novel every month
  5. One classic novel every month

With the way the first three months went, I’m going to alter this slightly. I’m still going to aim for one a month for each of the above. However, if I have 12 for each category by the end of the year, that’s good enough for me. I re-added graphic novels to my goal and added classic novels.

What are some of your goals for the year?