Picking a New Thursday Segment

Thursdays were supposed to be my Thursday Quotes blog day. The thing is, I haven’t really marked quotes in a long time. I was hoping that this would give me the encouragement to do so. I was mistaken. So, I am on the thinking block on what I can do in the place of that for my blog. I have a few ideas. I’d REALLY LOVE feedback from you all. You reading my blog is so important and matters so much to me. I want to make sure you have content you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

My ideas so far:

  1. Thankful Thursday- I did this awhile back. I listed four things I was thankful for.
  2. Mental Health Journal- I also did this awhile back. I talked about things I struggled with because of my mental health. I’ve since started taking medicine to regulate things, so this would also discuss how I am doing on the meds.
  3. Thoughts With Nikkie- This would be new. I’d talk about a topic of any sort for the week. It could be silly. It could be a series. It could be book related. It could be real-world related. There would even be chances that I could talk about the same topic more than once.
  4. Blogger of the Week- This one might be tough for me. I need to start reading other blogs more often. Don’t get me wrong. I do read blogs. I just don’t have the time to do it as often as I would like. I would eventually like to help support fellow bloggers in some kind of way. The talent and thought behind every single blog is just so remarkable. Note: I think I’ll be open to taking nominations for bloggers for this one if I do it.

That’s all I have so far. Please comment on which you’d rather have. It’s okay if it’s more than one. Also if you would like to request something not listed above, I’m open to feedback! Thank you again for reading this!