Book Clubs I’m Participating In This Year

I’ve been enamored with some book clubs I see online. This year I’m actively participating. I’d love to see who all is also participating in them. I also need to find more info on where to talk about the books as I read them.

  1. I will be participating in my library’s book club. This month’s book was The Red Lotus by Chris Bohjalian. Which is a book that an old book club that I haven’t attended in a while did at the end of the last year. I’m almost done with the book. Our meeting is on Monday.
  2. The Reece Witherspoon book club. I’ve been following this one for a while. I have a list of the books previous books that I plan to read eventually.
  3. Read With Jenna. My mom introduced me to this one last year. I’ve been curious about it. I also have the list of previous books for this one too.
  4. Belletrist. This is another book club I discovered last year. I’m really excited to start participating in it this year.
  5. Good Morning America Book Club. I’m going to be transparent here. I just heard about this one. I’m probably only going to participate this month. I’m not fully sure about that yet. The book they are doing this month is one I chose for my Book of the Month box. So I figured I could kill two birds in one stone!

I’m really excited to participate in these! I got the first four books in audiobook just so I can make absolutely sure that I have them read in time! I’m branching out and trying to balance between reading books for review and books for pleasure. Don’t get me wrong. I find joy in reading both, but yeah. Sometimes it’s hard to pick up a book just because. If you participate in any of these, please let me know!

August Wrap Up

I was convinced that I wouldn’t do too great this year. I was surprised when I wound up doing really amazing. Way better than I thought I would do. I finished 22 books this month!

Books I Finished:

  1. Royal Captive by Heather Frost
  2. Illicit Intent by Debbie Baldwin
  3. Buried Beneath by Debbie Baldwin
  4. Embrace the Shadows by Jenn D Young
  5. Past Purgatory by Debbie Baldwin
  6. Fortune and Glory by Janet Evanovich
  7. Fire & Ash by Heather Frost
  8. Heartstopper Vol 1 by Alice Oseman
  9. The Keeper of Night by Kylie Lee Baker
  10. The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison
  11. Shield & Blade by Heather Frost
  12. Obsession by Karen Robards
  13. R.A.T. by Robin Jeffrey
  14. The Roses of May by Dot Hutchison
  15. Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen
  16. Hair of the Dog by MK Mancos and Cara North
  17. Stranded on Castaway Island by Amy C. Laundrie
  18. Game On by Janet Evanovich
  19. Between the Moons by P.L. Porter
  20. Dracos Anthology by Various Authors
  21. Earning It by E.F. Dold
  22. Cupcakes and Catastrophe

I’d love to see what you read in August! If you made a blog, post the link in the comments so I can interact with it! If you don’t have a blog, that’s cool! Just comment the books on the comments and I’ll interact! Happy reading!

April Book Projections

  • Spells Trouble by P.C. and Kristin Cast (April 5th)
  • Omens Bite by P.C. and Kristin Cast (April 5th)
  • The Younger Wife by Sally Hepsworth (April 5th)
  • Learn to Love Yourself by Leah Gail (April 10th)
  • Car With a Soul by Ruchira Khanna (April 10th)
  • Last Dance on the Starlight Pier by Sarah Bird (April 12th)
  • This May End Badly by Samantha Markum (April 12th)
  • Myracles in the Void by Wes Dyson (April 12th)
  • Wolfe Trap by Matt Cost (April 13th)
  • Mind Trap by Matt Cost (April 13th)
  • Mouse Trap by Matt Cost (April 13th)
  • Damn Lucky by Kevin Maurer (April 19th)
  • Move Connect Play by Jason Nemer (April 19th)
  • Hooker Avenue by Jode Milman (April 19th)
  • Black Ghost of an Empire Kris Manjapra (April 19th)
  • Hush by Dylan Farrow (April 26th)
  • Veil by Dylan Farrow (April 26th)
  • Rise of Riverstone by Mandy Schimelpfenig (April 30th)

The reason for the dates is when the book is being released or when I’m doing a blog for that book. I may not get to all of these by the end of the month, but I’m going to try hard! Anybody up for a buddy read of any of these?