I started out not knowing what to blog about. I really haven’t created a schedule because I feel like it really hinders me. I mean I had a theme for each day, but I wasn’t planning on using it unless I got stuck like today. I digress. Then I noticed I had a notification. I have 402 followers! I’m just so in shock! It may not seem like a lot to some, but to me it’s amazing. I’ve never got on here expecting to get thousands of followers. My main goal was to talk about my passions and find people who share those passions with me. It’s not about numbers for me. It’s the people. It’s the interactions. I’m still so thankful. I hope to see it grow more and to meet more people that share my love of reading and gaming. This is a great milestone to hit. And the perfect year to hit it as I’m approaching my 10 year blogging anniversary!

Happy New Year!

It’s 2023!!! Can you believe 2022 passed by so quickly? Heck. I feel like it was just last week when I felt like 2020 would never get here. That was 2016 for me haha! It always seems like a few years down the road are a long way off. They never are!

I hope you all have an amazing year! I hope you find yourself and your happiness. I hope that you are content and happy.

Most that know me know that I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t have anything against them. They just aren’t for me. What I do instead, is yearly goals. Here are mine for the year:

2023 Goals:

Reading Goals

Read 1 PERSONAL book a week

Read one a month for: LGBTQIA, Nonfiction, Book of the Month, Classic

Maintain schedules and reading guidelines

Read 200 books

Stay on top of written and video reviews

Personal Goals

Start and keep a routine

Close all three rings every day.

Maintain self care every day

Branch out in self employment/freelance work and start looking into passive income

Reach out to friends and family more

Goals For December

I’d like to start setting some goals for the following month. I’m not sure I’ll settle on a specific day. Maybe sometime in the last week of the month. I’m not going to overdo it like I have in the past. Maybe just a few simple ones. We shall see. Hopefully, this is a thing that sticks.


  1. Get meaningful gifts for loved ones.
  2. Conquer challenges before the year is over.
  3. Keep up with routine
  4. Be more active.
  5. Create a permanent steady income.

I tried to make all of these vague so that if I make any progress I will consider it a win. Baby steps!

A Long Game Project

This was my favorite series in high school. I loved finding them in the library. I always wanted to own all of them. I had attempted a few times in the past and due to circumstances, I have not succeeded and lost what I did have. I have been working on getting them all in ebook. They are $2.99 each. Lately, I have been using all of my gift card and promo credits on getting them. I now own more than half of them. I’m going to be so excited when I finally own them all. I actually also own the first six in the University series, but I own physical copies. I own the diary specials too. I really do want to read them all one day and in order! I’ll probably do that once I own them all. I may even try to find some more university ones as well.