Friday Book Beginnings: Damaged

The weight of the muscled body on top of hers overwhelmed all of her senses.

My initial thoughts: (Being as this is a book two) Please please tell me this is a dream and not something that’s about to happen!!!!!

There is no way to repair a shattered heart, not without risking your own.

Hope springs eternal for everyone except Bella Kynaston. She survived the rape, but the aftermath is a whole other story. She struggles to figure out who she really is as more truths are revealed about her heritage. With no real anchor, sometimes ending it all seems like the only way out.

David has loved Bella for three years. Too bad he feels as if he no longer deserves a chance with her. Much to his surprise that’s exactly what he gets, but she’s far more damaged than he ever imagined. Still, he’ll do anything to help her even if it means losing himself in the process. Any transgression can be forgiven. Or so he thinks.

Will Bella find the peace she so desperately seeks if the pain permanently ended? Is there someone who can get to her in time? Or will the damage she’s suffered prove too much to bear?

**Cliffhanger Alert**