Featured Book: What We Never Say by Paulette Stout

What We Never Say


After a lifetime of lacking confidence at work and in life, Rebecca has finally found her voice. Her blog for women is gaining traction, even getting noticed by the world’s top fashion magazine. When they request an article, Rebecca is beyond thrilled. So why is her boyfriend Kyle so concerned?

Kyle has a blank spot in his past he won’t share—not even with Rebecca. But his secret is blown when a powerful woman from Kyle’s fashion past, becomes desperate to get his attention. It’s attention he never wanted and has been trying to forget for eleven years.

As Kyle takes steps to heal, Rebecca’s article becomes a global sensation. Events force Kyle’s past and present to converge, putting Rebecca’s future at serious risk.

Kyle and Rebecca must now act to reclaim their lives before it’s too late.

With this bold novel, Paulette Stout delivers a deeply personal story that proves the power we hold to reclaim our own lives. What We Never Say is yet another bingeable read from a rising Women’s Fiction author.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. I thought there would be parts that I enjoyed more than others. I also thought I’d find parts annoying. I was NOT expecting to be emotionally invested. I wasn’t expecting to want to see these characters thrive as much as I did. I wasn’t expecting the realism of the book. What I loved best was the subject that really doesn’t get acknowledged enough. That men can be assaulted too. That they can go through the same mental trauma that women victims do. I was pulled through an emotional roller coaster with this one.