Featured Children’s Book: Second-Chance Sam, King of the Junkyard by JoAnn Sky

Sam is a full grown and trained dog who wishes for nothing more than to go home with a wonderful family. Day after day, he watches as puppies get adopted instead. One day, he finally gets his wish.

It’s known that I have no children. I do have three dogs who are my children in my eyes. I do love children’s books. They promote reading. And I’m very passionate about reading. I especially love books that have a strong moral like the one in this story. It makes me very emotional to think about it.

The illustrations on this book are so great. They are as great as the writing!

I will constantly promote children’s books as much as adult books because I feel that we need more readers in this world. If this is something you’d like to see on my blog, let me know. I’ll make it my thing for Saturday.

My Rating:

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