Dragonborn Blog Tour And Review


by Donna Sundblad

Blackberry Book Tours

January 16-19

YA, 343 pages.

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Dragons. Magic. Rents in time. Dragonborn follows the journey of the young prison guard, Ervig Greenfields, as he seeks out dragons to remove a curse. The dragons offer him access to the Labyrinth of Times, which purges dark magic. But there’s a catch. To enter, he must take the Dragon Oath—an oath to secrecy that requires allegiance to the dragons and a promise to fight alongside dragonkind for centuries, never to return to his own time.

Dragonborn conjures up a winning recipe with prophecies of destiny, humans, and dragons working together to navigate through time to put the pieces in place. Dragons of the Thornose and Goldenhorn clans must learn to work together and to trust the humans. Not all humans, but the handful of people chosen to be Dragonborn. Together, they must overcome the spirits of evil living within the magically protected Book Darkmore. The Dragonborn, and their dragons, become seeds of change in this epic tale, of sacrifice for the greater good. Ride along with them as they slip through a tear in time to the past to change the future.

About the author

Originally from the Chicago area, Author Donna Sundblad now makes her home in the foothills of NW Georgia with her husband, cat and birds. As a child she entertained friends and family with tales from her overactive imagination. By the time she was a young teen, she started to put pen to paper and her love for writing blossomed.

The original inspiration for The Inheritance stemmed from her own journey to find Truth. Even though she grew up in a religious home, it was at age 29 she finally met Jesus Christ in a real way. That relationship changed her life for eternity. While The Inheritance doesn’t tell people what to think, it is Donna’s hope that it will cause people to think about what they believe and why, because their eternal destination depends on whether or not is based on the Truth.

Donna’s upcoming epic fantasy, Dragonborn, is available for pre-order for the Kindle, due out Oct. 4. This clean, cuss-free fantasy adventure carries readers across time as generations of humans and dragons learn to work together to rid the world of the evil living in the Book of Darkmore. The problem is, the book can’t be destroyed. How can humans and dragons win this race to stop the evil? Only time will tell.




My Review:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Story: I didn’t really care for the beginning at all. If it wasn’t for that, this book would get a full five stars. It’s a really adorable story other than that. I really enjoyed it. I especially loved the dragons’ way of speaking. It was very unique and yet familiar at the same time. I’m really hoping that this is a series so that I can continue reading. I believe I remember it being referenced at the end. I could be wrong though.

Characters: I’m horrible with names. If the book had been told completely from the first person’s point of view, I would have put this book down. He wasn’t relatable at all. The rest of them were really wonderful Especially the dragons.

Critiques: There were parts I felt were a bit too jumpy. This may be a me thing. I do have ADHD.

Final Thoughts: I’m very thankful that I listened to my gut and kept reading. I didn’t like the beginning of the book at all. He really bothered me and made me feel very uncomfortable. I felt like I connected with the daughter more than anybody. I won’t get to much into that. I don’t want to spoil too much of this book for potential readers. I definitely recommend pushing through the beginning. It seems really frustrating, but it’s worth the wait. I promise.

Book Tour Review: Malibu Burns by Mark Richardson

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: Malibu Burns

Author: Mark Richardson

Release Date: September 25th, 2022

Page Count: 288

Start Date: November 21st, 2022

Finish Date: December 2nd, 2022


Story: For those who read my reviews, it’s very obvious that I choose to go into most books I read blindly. The ones I go into known are because somebody talked about them or I saw posts on social media. I don’t really address the fact that I do like to go into books with theories. This is one of the books where my theory was so off base it blew my mind. I wasn’t even in the right genre. My guess by the cover and the title was that this was a mystery or detective type. Probably set in a tropical era. This book gave me Girl Interrupted vibes. I read after the fact that this is a dystopian type book. I can totally see that. I really did enjoy the book very much. It’s quirky and fun. It’s hard not to get immersed in the book. Even if it’s just to find out what more chaos will unfold through it all. I do want to note that this book covers mental illness and other potentially sensitive topics.

Characters: Malibu is our main character. The whole story is told from her point of view. She comes off as mentally unstable. Possibly has a touch of schizophrenia. She’s definitely a pyro. There were a few other characters that had some pretty important parts. I feel like talking too much about them would spoil parts of the book.

Critiques: There were things that were glossed over that I really feel shouldn’t have been. There were also parts that I feel really didn’t need to be included.

Final Thoughts: I may have been completely off base about my theory. It’s something that I will remember for a long time. I really did enjoy the book though. There were some very graphic and gory parts of the book. I can’t say I was in love with the book, and I probably won’t ever read it again. I don’t regret reading it though, and I do strongly recommend it. I would advise you to read what the book is about before getting into it. There are parts that might not be okay for more sensitive readers.

Book Tour Review: The Whispering Women by Trish MacEnulty

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: The Whispering Women

Author: Trish MacEnulty

Release Date: September 6th, 2022

Page Count: 387

Start Date: November 18th, 2022

Finish Date: December 1st, 2022


Story: I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this book going into it. I went into it like I go most books. Blindly. It’s a historical fiction. It’s also filled with mystery and intrigue. It’s told in two different points of view. Both points of view are very important to the story. It is very important to understand that this story takes place in 1913 and is very realistic to the time period as well. I’ll leave it at that. I did really enjoy the book. I did not expect the ending at all. Any of it.

Characters: Louisa is your average wealthy society girl. Until she isn’t. Her father winds up in a scandal, and everything she knows gets turned upside down. I empathized with her a lot. I also related and connected with her in quite a few ways as well. We also have Ellen. She finds herself in a situation that puts her in danger. She manages to flee, but she won’t be safe until things come to a close. I also related to her as well.

Critiques: None.

Final Thoughts: I have loved everything about this book. Then I found out it was the first book in a series! You have no idea how happy that made me. I will definitely be continuing this series. I’m really looking forward to seeing the adventures of these two ladies from here forward! I want more people to read this book so I have somebody to talk about it with!

Book Tour Review: Floating Underwater by Tracy Shawn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Floating Underwater

Author: Tracy Shawn

Release Date: September 10th, 2021

Page Count: 275

Start Date: November 15th, 2022

Finish Date: December 1st, 2022


Story: When I first saw this book, I had some theories. I thought the whole story may take place in a sea or ocean. I also thought it could be about mermaids. I’m not going to give it away, but I will say that I may have been partially right. It’s a big stretch though. There is some references to a child disappearing many years ago. That part plays an important role later. I can’t say this book completely went the way I thought it would. I’m okay with that though. It was still an enjoyable read. It does cover mental health issues, kidnapping, and psychic abilities.

Characters: Paloma has been going through so much. When she was younger, her sister was kidnapped and the case was never solved. Her sister was never found. Once she became a woman, she found that she couldn’t carry a child to term. After a few miscarriages, she’s ready to quit trying and look into adoption. I really felt for her. She’s this amazing woman who is willing to do whatever for her loved ones. Nobody seems to understand her pain fully. On top of all that, she also has visions. Her husband doesn’t believe they are real. It’s intense.

Critiques: None.

Narration: Really enjoyable. I felt like it added to the story.

Final Thoughts: I came in with some guesses on what this book was about. I was right and wrong. More on the wrong side than I was the right one. I really enjoyed this story! I’d have liked to see some after the story kind of events. I won’t get into the details with what I was looking for. I would definitely read other books by this author. They definitely know how to hold your attention and keep you wanting more!

Esperance Blog Tour

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Twelve strangers. Six marriages. One year in Esperance.

Amryn has many reasons to hate the empire. Her latest is her forced marriage to General Carver Vincetti, better known as the Butcher. If he learns even one of her secrets, he will kill her. And Amryn has many secrets. Not only is she an empath with forbidden magic, she’s also a newly recruited rebel intent on destroying the empire—starting at Esperance.

Carver knows the rebels have infiltrated the remote temple of Esperance. His job is to hunt them down before they can wreck the emperor’s new peace. Despite the demons that haunt him, Carver is intent on his mission—but he’s not prepared for Amryn. From her fiery red hair to her surprising wit, his new wife has captured his attention. The attraction that flares between them is undeniable. Now he just has to determine if she’s the enemy.

When the newly married couples become targets in a violent game, Esperance becomes more dangerous than anyone anticipated. Carver and Amryn are about to discover that no one is exactly who they appear to be—especially each other.

Esperance is book one in a New Adult fantasy romance series by Amazon bestselling author Heather Frost. If you love enemies-to-lovers romance, surprising twists, and an action-packed story you can’t put down, you’ll love Esperance!

Heather Frost is a #1 Amazon bestselling YA author who loves epic stories with breath-stealing romance. She is the author of the Seers trilogy and the Fate of Eyrinthia series. Her books have been Whitney Award Finalists and Swoony Award Finalists. She has a BS in Creative Writing and a minor in Folklore, which means she got to read fairy tales and call it homework. When she’s not writing, Heather likes to read, travel, and re-watch Lord of the Rings. She lives in a beautiful valley surrounded by towering mountains in northern Utah. To learn more about Heather and her books, visit her website: http://www.HeatherFrost.com

Interview With Carter

Hello Carver, thanks for stopping by! Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?

Hello, I’m Carver Vincetti. I’m a general in the Craethen Empire’s military, and I’ve recently returned from the front in our war with Harvari. You may have heard that I was wounded, but I’m fine now. Completely. I’m ready to serve the emperor in this new capacity at Esperance.

That’s right—you’re about to get married to a stranger. Can you tell us a little about that?

Of course. The emperor decided that peace in the empire could be strengthened by arranging marriages between the eligible elite in all the kingdoms. Each kingdom offered a candidate, and the emperor paired everyone up. Now we’ve all come to the remote temple of Esperance to get married and live for a year, without distractions or outside biases.

And you really don’t know who you will be marrying? Even though you are a favorite of the emperor’s?

Well . . . can you keep a secret? The emperor learned that some rebels may have infiltrated the temple—they might even be some of the candidates that were sent here to be married. So, the emperor asked me to investigate everyone at Esperance, and make sure this venture succeeds. As part of that, I asked the emperor if I could marry Amryn Lukis. I’ve never met her, and I don’t know anything about her, but she’s from Ferradin, and that was one of the last kingdoms to be brought into the empire. There are some lingering anti-empire sentiments there, which means Amryn might very well be an enemy to watch.

“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”, then?

Yeah, something like that.

How did you feel when you learned about your impending arranged marriage?

Honestly? I was a little wary. Hesitant, even. I always wanted to get married and have a family, but I’ve been fighting a war for years, and marriage has been the last thing on my mind. But I’m happy to serve the emperor however I can, so I will marry Amryn Lukis.

Where did you grow up?

In Westmont, near the coast. I may be biased, but I think it’s the most beautiful place in the empire.

You’re from a large family. Do you enjoy having so many siblings?

Saints, yes. I was lucky enough to grow up in a home filled with family, laughter, and love. I’m the oldest brother, though I do have an older sister. And I’m by far the favorite uncle to my niece and nephew, though some of my brothers might disagree.

Did you always want to be a general?

Going into the military was always my dream; it’s a family tradition that I’m very proud of. My father is High General of Craethen, and I’ve always admired him and wanted to be like him.

Who is your best friend?

Argent Vayne. He’s the future emperor, but he’ll always be the boy who told me it would be a great idea to jump off the royal stables roof when we were little. All jokes aside, I think he’ll make an incredible emperor one day, and I’m honored to have him as my friend.

What is most important to you?

My family. I would do anything for them.

What quality do you most value?


If your mother had to describe you in three words, what would they be?

Oh no. *Chuckles* Well, as a child, she probably would have labeled me as reckless, irreverent, and vexing. Today . . . well, she might actually say the same. But I’d like to think I’ve grown over the years. I calculate risks before I take them. I joke, but I can be serious. As for being vexing . . . I’m definitely still that.

My Review:

I will have a more detailed review later, but I can’t help but to tell you how much I loved this book. I knew going into it that I would love it though. This author is so talented. She has a way with words that just draw you in and keep you hooked. If you haven’t already read them, I’d also recommend her Fate of Eyrinthi series. It’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to read more of it. I’ve read all three and the two novellas. I’m not going to lie. This book is different than that series. That’s not a bad thing though. I loved it and can’t wait to read it again. I can’t wait to read more books in this series. I’ll be buying a physical copy when I can.

When I Say Jump Book Tour

 ★✩★ BOOK TOUR ★✩★

When I Say Jump

Brothers of Extinction


By PS Sutton

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


His family came from the old world in Italy. Grapes were in their blood. They moved to California, bought a vineyard and winery, and made it a success.

Their son was hot blooded who went after everything he desired with a fever. When anyone told him no or stood in his way, his blood boiled and his teeth ground.

Angelo was a shifter. When he would shift, people took notice. When he said jump, they not only jumped but they ran.

About PS Sutton

I love to read! Paranormal romance, murder/mystery, sci-fi and really, any book with romance and a happy ending are my favorite. I am particularly fond of vampire and shifter stories.

Currently, I live in the Midwest with my husband and my seven-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. I am a 69-year-old grandmother of six, a mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, and a wife to the same man for 46 years.



Instagram: pamsutton16


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Dark Creations Book Tour

Book Tour!  Dark Creation (A Dark Reflections Short Story


By Kelsey Ketch
Release Date: April 30th, 2021
New Adult Dark Fantasy Short Story

Summary from Goodreads:

Long before Charissa began her murderous rampage through history, she was a young woman living in ancient Alexandria.

Oppressed by society and cursed by the color of her hair, Charissa had hardly seen the world beyond the four walls of her home. So, when her husband leaves for extended military duty, she takes the opportunity to tour the city her brother once loved. Little does she know the Fates have other plans in store for her when she runs into an exotic woman in the Rhakotis District. The encounter will change her life forever.

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About the Author:

Kelsey Ketch is a young-adult/new-adult author, who works as a Wildlife Biologist in the state of North Carolina. During her free time, she can often be found working on her latest work in progress. She also enjoys history, mythology, traveling, and reading.

For more information, please visit her site at kelseyketch.com.

Author Links:

Goodreads | BookBub | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

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Runaway Train Book Tour

Book Tour! 

Runaway Train
(Runaway Train #1)
by: Lee Matthew Goldberg
Release Date: April 29, 2021
Genre: YA

Summary: They told me I was an out-of-control train about to crash…

Everything changed when the police officer knocked on the door to tell me – a 16-year-old – that my older sister Kristen had died of a brain aneurysm. Cue the start of my parents neglecting me and my whole life spiraling out of control.

I decided now was the perfect time to skip town. It’s the early 90’s, Kurt Cobain runs the grunge music scene and I just experienced some serious trauma. What’s a girl supposed to do? I didn’t want to end up like Kristen, so I grabbed my bucket list, turned up my mixtape of the greatest 90’s hits and fled L.A.. The goal was to end up at Kurt Cobain’s house in Seattle, but I never could have guessed what would happen along the way.

At turns heartbreaking, inspiring, and laugh out loud funny, Runaway Train is a wild journey of a bygone era and a portrait of a one-of-a-kind teenage girl trying to find herself again the only way she knows how.

Buy Links:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XMYYRF3/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_9S63FTC1MZ9ZGW93YHB0

B & N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/runaway-train-lee-matthew-goldberg/1138950895

Book Depository: https://www.bookdepository.com/Runaway-Train-Lee-Matthew-Goldberg/9781953944047

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Indie Bound: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781953944047


Grand Prize: Signed paperback copy of Runaway Train! (US only)
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About the Author:

Lee Matthew Goldberg is the author of the novels THE ANCESTOR, THE MENTOR, THE DESIRE CARD and SLOW DOWN. He has been published in multiple languages and nominated for the Prix du Polar. His first YA series RUNAWAY TRAIN is forthcoming in 2021 along with a sci-fi novel ORANGE CITY. After graduating with an MFA from the New School, his writing has also appeared in The Millions, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, LitReactor, Monkeybicycle, Fiction Writers Review, Cagibi, Necessary Fiction, the anthology Dirty Boulevard, The Montreal Review, The Adirondack Review, The New Plains Review, Underwood Press and others. He is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Fringe, dedicated to publishing fiction that’s outside-of-the-box. His pilots and screenplays have been finalists in Script Pipeline, Book Pipeline, Stage 32, We Screenplay, the New York Screenplay, Screencraft, and the Hollywood Screenplay contests. He is the co-curator of The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series and lives in New York City. Follow him at LeeMatthewGoldberg.com

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Finding Fate Book Tour

Book Tour! Finding Fate
by Keelan Storm! 

February 15-19, 2021 Her whole world fell apart. When she tries to piece it back together, will she stumble or soar?

Summary: Isabel Dearly is tired of feeling depressed. Still grieving over the death of her father from cancer seven months ago, the seventeen-year-old has immersed herself in dance. But just as she’s starting to emerge from the darkness, she’s brutally betrayed by the handsome boy she’d only recently begun to date.
Rescued by her best friend, Isabel falls into his arms… and his bed. And when the consequences threaten her career options, she fears she may never be happy again.
Can Isabel figure out her future when the complications of the present refuse to let her go?

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Fate-Coming-Age-Romance-ebook/dp/B08T8JZX4B/

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a Rafflecopter giveaway About the Author: 

An author of young adult and coming-of-age romance, Keelan Storm brings readers pages packed with drama, heat, and emotionally heartfelt moments you won’t want to put down. With her soap opera style Tied by Fate series, you’ll find unwavering friendship, unpredictable twists and turns, swoon-worthy romance, and a fun cast of characters you can’t help but adore.

Keelan lives in Texas with her husband and two children, and when she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, taking midnight drives, pretty much anything teal, and inhaling unhealthy amounts of iced coffee.

Author Links:

Facebook: https://bit.ly/keelanstormfacebook
Twitter: https://bit.ly/keelanstormtwitterpage
Instagram: https://bit.ly/keelanstorminstagram
Pinterest: https://bit.ly/keelanstormpinterest
Author Website: www.keelanstorm.com
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