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Yours and Mine
A.E Bennett
134 Pages
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She told a lie. He confirmed it. Now they’re secretly betrothed against their families’ wishes…

Lady Octavia Dorchester is the most desired young lady in the Realm. Now that she has twenty years behind her, society has deemed her ready to marry. Although she’s not enthusiastic, she promises to act like a proper lady and look for a good husband—just like her powerful father Lord Roman Dorchester wants.

Lord Gerald Verte has been painfully shy his entire life. He’s never been comfortable in society and lives in the shadow of his older brother, the imposing Lord Tristian Verte. Despite his desires to remain indoors and away from people, he promises his older brother that he won’t shame the family name, no matter how much his anxiety threatens to overwhelm him.

After sharing a dance at a ball held in Octavia’s honor, both she and Gerald know what no one else believes—it’s love at first sight.

When their respective family members object to the match, Octavia lies about their betrothal and Gerald corroborates her story. Raising the ire of both Lords Dorchester and Verte, Octavia and Gerald are torn apart and kept from one another until tragedy strikes.

This high-heat romance with a guaranteed HEA is a prequel to Gathering of the Four: Book One of the Serrulata Saga but can be read as a standalone.

Author Bio:
A.E. Bennett (she/her) lives in Washington, D.C.
She is originally from North Carolina.

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Title: Yours And Mine

Author: A.E. Bennett

Release Date: December 1st, 2021

Page Count: 136

Start Date: September 17th, 2022

Finish Date: September 22nd, 2022


Story: This is a prequel for Gathering of the Four. The story in this book is referenced in Gathering multiple times. I was really curious about the story and was hoping to read about it, so this book made me really happy. There is a bit of steam in this book. It accents the story very well in my opinion. In some ways, I wish I’d read this book before I read Gathering. There were just so many things that I knew because of reading Gathering that I felt kind of like I knew something I really shouldn’t know about the story. Either way, I still enjoyed both books. I’m really looking forward to the sequel of Gathering!

Characters: I really loved getting to know Octavia and Gerald more. Especially Gerald. I feel like he’s really misrepresented in Gathering. At least I feel that way now after reading this book. He kind of comes off as a coward who can’t be counted on or trusted. I don’t think it’s that he can’t be trusted or counted on. I think he just knows when to make waves and when not to. Octavia is so amazing. I could see her running an entire kingdom in all honesty.

Critiques: In jest: It’s too short! I need more!!! In seriousness: Nothing.

Final Thoughts: I really loved getting to see the story of Octavia and Gerald. When I read Gathering, it was referenced so many times I started wishing I could see it in book form. I will definitely be reading this book again. I’ll also be reading Gathering again as well. Probably near the time that the second time comes out. Gotta make sure I’m refreshed on the story before diving into the sequel, of course. I definitely recommend this book. I also recommend Gathering.


What was the inspiration behind Gathering of the Four and Yours And Mine?

Hello! Thanks so much for having me.

I think, to start, I’m going to have to answer this question backward. I never set out to write a romance, but once I got inspired, I kind of couldn’t help myself.

As I was getting Gathering of the Four ready for publication in late 2020, one of my critique partners made a comment about how they couldn’t get enough of Octavia and Gerald and it would be fun to learn how they got together.

(I think every writer dreams about hearing comments like this—“I love your characters; I want more!”)

I had recently started reading more romance and was immersing myself in the genre and so I thought, why not?

Thus, Octavia and Gerald’s “origin story” was born.

As folks may or may not know, Octavia and Gerald are side characters in Gathering of the Four, which is far from a romance. It’s the first book in my speculative fiction series, The Serrulata Saga, which combines elements of scifi and fantasy.

I’ve been working The Serrulata Saga for over twenty years now. Gathering of the Four—or GotF as I’ve nicknamed it—started off as a short story about a teenaged girl who had magical powers. (I was in high school; yes, the main character was a version of me.)

As I matured, so did the story, and now there are four main characters—Leora, Roland, Aurora, and Leopold—who have been sent out on an epic quest through treacherous lands. Lands that used to be the United States, that is.

I don’t know yet how many books there will be total in this series, but I can tell you that Test of the Four: Book Two of the Serrulata Saga will be out in November.

How long did it take you to write each book? 

As I said, I’ve been working on versions of The Serrulata Saga for decades, but I started polishing GotF and researching what it would take to self-publish back around 2018 or so.

After I launched GotF in early 2021, I began work on Yours and Mine. Shockingly, I had a workable first draft/manuscript by the end of that summer and published in December, 2021.

What can we expect from the rest of the series?

I’m very excited to share that I have another Serrulata Saga romance in the works. This one was just sent off to my editor for initial edits recently and, if all goes according to plan, it will be available sometime early next year.

As I said earlier, the second book in the main Serrulata Saga story is due out this November.

I also have two other stories in various stages: yet another romance and a horror novella.

And, after all of this, I’ll need to get started on the third book in the main series.

So, long story short—a lot more Serrulata Saga is coming!

Were there any parts of the book that were harder to write than others?

Honestly? The steamy scenes were a bit of a challenge for me at first. Turns out reading smoking hot scenes and writing them are two completely different things! While writing Yours and Mine I learned that sex scenes need just as much, if not more, choreography than fight scenes!

I think I did ok, though. No one’s complained yet!

What characters were easier for you to write and what characters were the hardest?

Most of the characters in Yours and Mine were already very familiar to me since they are all side characters, or at least mentioned, in GotF. I guess if I had to pick, it was kinda hard to write Tristian Verte, but only because, well, things don’t go so well for him in GotF…

Have you written any other books under different names?

No. I’m sticking to A.E. Bennett for now.

Do you have any other plans outside of The Serrulata Saga?

Not at this time. I might eventually want to branch out but, for now, I’m all Serrulata Saga, all the time!

As an author, do you feel it’s easier to go with the flow or map your books out?

I’ve spoken about this in other forums but I initially didn’t plan much of anything with regards to GotF and it was a mess. As I got my first book ready for launch, I realized there was no way I could keep moving forward without a plan. Now, I have a rough outline for the entire series and I always outline every book before I start writing. I don’t always stick to what I originally plan with each book, but I do need a starting point. I find it saves time… and my sanity!

How much influence do your characters have over the stories you write?

Well, there are certain characters who need to be in certain places at certain times in order for the overall story to keep moving, but they don’t always get to where they need to be exactly how I planned. So, let’s just say it’s a give-and-take relationship between me and my MCs. Haha.

What advice would you give other authors who are looking to get into publishing?

I say this every time I’m asked this question, but I want to spare others the embarrassment I went through.

Please, please get your work proofread by someone other than yourself—and professionally, if you can.

The first version of GotF was full of spelling and grammatical mistakes because I thought I could do it all on my own. The version that’s out there now is corrected and all neat and tidy, but I only got it there because I paid someone to take another look at it.

You cannot proofread your own work! Don’t do it! 😀

I would also invite folks who have more questions to reach out to me via the info on my Contact page. I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but I do like sharing what I do know with others.

Yours and Mine

Audiobook Review: Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Luckiest Girl Alive

Author: Jessica Knoll

Release Date: May 12th, 2015

Page Count: 353

Start Date: September 15th, 2022

Finish Date: September 19th, 2022


Story: So, I actually won this book years ago in a Goodreads giveaway. I was so happy about it because I just knew that it was a book I’d want to read. I didn’t know a thing about the book. I went purely on the cover of the book and the title. They were both so attention grabbing. I lost many of my books due to a tragic event. Including this book. I never got a chance to read it. So, when I started seeing advertisements of the movie adaptations, I felt like it was a sign. I bought myself and my mother a copy of the book and we read it together in less than a week. It was so good! Way better than I thought it would be. There came to be a certain point in the book that I started seeing signs of what was about to be a big part of the story. Especially the big event.

Characters: Anni is our main character. It takes place in present day and during her high school years when she was just fourteen years old. She’s a new girl to a private school and she finds herself unsure where she fits in. I’m not going to get into more due to the fact that I either share too much or not enough.

Critiques: Nothing

Narration: The narrator was really great. She has a lot of talent. I personally think there should have been two narrators for this piece though. Just to help with the aesthetics of the whole thing. One to narrate the adult point of view and the other to narrate the teenager point of view.

Final Thoughts: There were things that I didn’t expect to happen in this book. It’s one of the small down sides of going into books blindly. I had a completely different idea what it was going to be about. I judged the potential main character before I even read the book. I was completely wrong with my judgement. I’m so glad that I finally got around to reading this book. I can’t wait to watch the Netflix adaptation of this!

ARC Review: Orphans of War by Michael Reit

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Orphans of War

Author: Michael Reit

Release Date: September 8th, 2022

Page Count: 311

Start Date: September 1st, 2022

Finish Date: September 17th, 2022


Story: I want to give some warnings about this story so that people can go in with the knowledge they will have to read them. Besides the obvious horrors of the things that happened during WW2. This also includes domestic violence and public violence and bullying. I really enjoyed this story very much. I felt like I was actually there and viewing everything from all points of view. I felt horrified by certain people in the story. I also found myself rooting on the people who were just so amazing.

Characters: This book is told in three different points of view. We have Christiaan who joins the resistance because he wants to do something to stand for the wrongs that are happening around him. We have Floris, Christiaan’s brother, who is an officer helping bring in the Jewish families for the Nazis to send away to “work camp”. Finally, we have Nora, Floris’ wife. She’s tired of everybody looking at her with disgust because of what it is that her husband does. Eventually she decides to stop being ashamed and start taking action. She joins Christiaan in the resistance.

Critiques: None

Final Thoughts: This book was very emotionally gripping. I can’t explain how much it made me think. I went through so many emotions. I was so horrified by things. My heart broke for people. I also find it interesting that no matter what “side” you’re on, you think you’re right. The beliefs that you’re standing strong for is right in your eyes and your heart. At least for people who actually feel compassion and empathy anyway. I definitely recommend this book fully. I can’t think of what else to say. I think I may have to go back and reread this again one day to see if it still hits me as hard.

ARC Review: Resurrection by Paul Selig

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: Resurrection

Author: Paul Selig

Release Date: September 20th, 2022

Page Count: 326

Start Date: September 1st, 2022

Finish Date: September 16th, 2022


This is a dictational string of sermons and texts. It’s really meant to be read day by day for the span of thirty days or so. I read it for research purposes. I’ve been trying to find more reading material for my uncle. He’s paralyzed, so I try my best to find anything I can to entertain him. I enjoyed this so much that I wound up preordering a copy for him for when it’s officially released. I’m thankful that Netgalley gave me a galley to read so that I could figure out if it would be something that he would enjoy. I definitely recommend this for anybody who loves devotional type books. Especially ones that seem to be more open to more than one religion.

Audiobook Review: His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: His Majesty’s Dragon

Author: Naomi Novik

Release Date: March 28th, 2006

Page Count: 384

Start Date: September 12th, 2022

Finish Date: September 17th, 2022


Story: I really enjoyed this book very much. I can’t say that I was in love with it in all honesty. I also had to restart it a few times because I wasn’t really retaining anything. I’m not sure if that’s because of the narration or the story itself. I’ll have to listen to something else by the narrator and go back and actually read this book. Novik has written another book that I enjoyed very much. That didn’t dawn on me until I was prepping to write the review. I am looking forward to give the rest of the series a chance. Somebody very important to me really loves this book.

Characters: I didn’t retain enough names to fully give a solid review here. I don’t think it would be helpful where I’m like “That one guy was really amazing. He was so humble and kind.” and so on. There were some very trustworthy and humble and kind. I wanted to root for them every step of the way. There were also ones that you just kind of wanted to force to leave the story!

Critiques: None that I can think of.

Narration: I really loved the narrators accent. It was very prim and proper. I think his voice was just a bit too soothing for me. I could see myself using this audiobook to fall asleep if I’m being honest. Please note that is about the soothing sounds of his voice. I am not saying that he’s boring.

Final Thoughts: I really did enjoy this book. Even though I wasn’t in love with it from page one, it was a very intriguing story. I think part of my problem was that I was trying to push myself through in a certain amount of time if I’m being completely honest. Next time I read it, I’ll take my time through it. I do recommend everybody who is into this genre to give this book a chance.

Woman on the Wall Blog Tour

Woman on the Wall by Robin Rivers
Robin Marie Rivers Publishing
Trade Paperback; September 6, 2022
ISBN: Hardcover: 978-1778135705;
Trade Paperback: 978-1778135729;
EPub: 978-1778135712
$18; 6×9; 394 pages

For 500 years, the once powerful order of the Sibylline has kept the identity of its future prophetess hidden in the most famous painting in the world. Amid the chaos of post-World War II France, one woman discovers their ancient secret and its ability to transform a fragmented world. 

Paris & Amboise, 1945.

A brilliant, devoted, and driven paleographer …

After 480 days as a Nazi political prisoner, Dr. Marie Guerrant returns to Paris to repatriate the Mona Lisa and find her daughter. When a British Colonel arrives claiming he needs her French Resistance connections to find the lost painting, which she helped hide seven years earlier, distrust is high. Tipped off about her daughter’s involvement and the Colonel’s obsessive belief that the Mona Lisa contains the identity of a modern-day Sibyl prophetess, Marie must risk her life to save her daughter and the masterpiece from men consumed by controlling destiny.

Amboise & Fontevraud, 1519.

A brave, bold, and potent prophetess …

On the eve of rising as the Sibyl of Amboise, Aesmeh de la Rose must rely on her visions to find Leonardo da Vinci after he and the Mona Lisa disappear from his workshop at Clos Lucé. The precious painting and its creator cannot be lost or the ancient Sibylline Order faces extermination after more than 1000 years of rebuilding their powerful matriarchy. Torn between duty and love, Aesmeh must tap into an ancient alchemy in a race to keep the Order safe. But, an unspeakable betrayal forces her to make an unfathomable choice to secure the future of the Sibylline.

This rich alternate history binds two women beyond time, each fighting to restore sight to a world blinded by the power and control of men. The fate of the world rests on their courage to reclaim the ancient feminine powers of the Sibylline. Woman on the Wall is a sweeping fantastical tale of intrigue and hope for us all.

Excerpted from Woman On The Wall by Robin Rivers. Copyright © 2022 Robin Rivers. Reprinted with permission from Robin Rivers. Vancouver, BC, Canada. All rights reserved.


MAY 2, 1519


Dear One,

How awkward this must be to have a dead woman about to declare the direction of your life. It is unclear to me, even at this crucial moment, how I should address you. Alas, as time can no longer keep us apart, let us dispense with being strangers and begin.

I am the Sibyl of Amboise.

I died here.

You have arrived in this tiny commune because of a five-hundred-year-old pact to find you and bring you home.

As I write these words, I wonder what you know of my kind. Do you know the names Hypatia and Lubna? Does history speak of Shushandukht and Shajar al-Durr? Or, are the Sibyls little more than mythological prophetesses painted upon the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? In truth, we are ancient, once powerful, and nearly vanished.

Born of the Great Mother’s very womb, each Sibyl’s sight gave men a glimpse of what might come. We predicted wars, warned against the rise of tyrants, shed light upon the fates of many. In the great capitals of Badari, Olmec, Xi, Khemet, the Jiroft, even the wilds of Scythia, we served humanity for more than eleven thousand years. And, then . . .

What do you know, Dear One? It pains me. What kind of world did my failures leave you? In the glimmers of your time, I saw only fire and death. Without the Sibyl, men know not the cost of their acts. Power is a seductive demon. Have I left you with the tyrants?

I must assume the world is well enough that Sister Maurine stands at your side in fulfillment of her vow. My regret is not being there beside you as well. 

You are the hope of the Sibylline. I once was that hope, the first to complete training and enter the temple in more than one thousand years. Such care was taken to protect me. However, a malicious enemy lived amongst us. By the time I knew, my throat was nearly slit. It lays upon you now to do what I never fully could—to rise and serve the world.

Yes, Dear One, your coming has been foretold for five centuries. In those fifty decades, such knowledge has hung in the halls of the men who thought us eradicated. They celebrated that sublime smile, all without the fortune of knowing whom they kept safe. You are the oracle they could never burn, lying in state until this very moment.

Listen, Dear One.

Listen without fear.

Your life is an amalgamation of so many others. As you gain the sight, Amboise will return our memories to you. You shall reclaim them as your own. You may feel as if you have gone mad. Know that you are coming alive. This is where your service begins.

In the moments to come, others will attempt to strip your sovereignty. Such war is inevitable. You must prepare for it. Train. Fight as a warrior. Remain devoted to your purpose alone. Do not concede.

Then, call the Sibylline to your side. Step beyond the seven bridges of paradise and into hell in the forest beyond Gaillard. There, in the temple of the Sibylline, you shall rise and take my place at Amboise. That you might watch over humankind in beauty and justice as the Great Mothers before you intended.

Eternally in your service,

Aesmeh de la Rose

Robin Rivers (she/her) is the author of the historical thriller Woman On The Wall, The Sibylline Chronicles Vol. 1. When she is not skulking around graveyards and castles, she is dreaming up worlds full of fierce magical women. A former international award-winning journalist and media entrepreneur, Robin now runs an academy for aspiring young authors. She lives and writes on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations, in Vancouver, Canada.

My Review:

Title: Woman on the Wall

Author: Robin Rivers

Release Date: September 6th, 2022

Page Count: 376

Start Date: September 5th, 2022

Finish Date: September 15th, 2022


Story: Wow! I’m so impressed with this book! It’s such an intense book! I didn’t want to stop reading. This takes place in two different times in history. I’ve never read anything like it if I’m being honest. I felt like I was immersed in this story through every page. I get lost in books all the time. This is different though. I wish I could explain it better without giving every single detail away. I hope this gets adapted into a television series. I’m also really excited to read the second book when it’s released!

Characters: Let’s talk about the names. There were so many unique names. Take Aesmeh. Maybe it’s not TOTALLY unique, but it’s unique to me and I love it. I also loved the name Serah. So beautiful. The only thing that would have made this book better is to have been able to see more “flashbacks” of Marie. I loved her point of view the best. 

Critiques: None that aren’t really personal.

Final Thoughts: I am a sucker for historical books. History is one of my favorite things. Aside from reading of course. I’m also never going to be the one to judge historical accuracies of a fictional novel. That’s just now how I am. If I want to get weird about accuracies, I’ll do that with nonfiction novels. I’m rambling. I really loved this book very much. I fully recommend it. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series. I also look forward to seeing other works by this author as well.

Audiobook Review: Wake’s Claim by Michelle Dare

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Wake’s Claim

Author: Michelle Dare

Release Date: March 22nd, 2019

Page Count: 233

Start Date: October 7th, 2019 and April 15th, 2022

Finish Date: October 7th, 2019 and April 16th, 2022

Note: I frequently listen to this book when I can’t sleep at night. So even though I’ve only officially read it twice, I’ve probably listened to it dozens of times.


I’m going to be completely honest here. I almost put this book down. The beginning of the book got under my skin so much. I just can’t even begin to explain it. One of my biggest turn offs with books is the angst stuff that tends to hit lovers at random. Well, mainly when it’s been drawn out in the most excruciating and painful way possible. I stuck with the book anyways. I’m glad I did. It really turned around. The only thing I want to critique is that I wish they had drawn out some of the things that happened in the book.

I really adored Paige. In ways, I saw myself in her. She’s sweet and loyal. I loved her friend Ari too. Wake is the problem I had with the story. I mean I get that he’d been burned in the past, but COME ON! It was a bit dramatic. All the characters were pretty amazing. Some had too much time in the background for my liking. My favorite was Solomon. He kind of reminded me of Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Both narrators were pretty great. They made a great duo. I’m not sure if I’ve listened to anything from Sarah L. Colton before. I feel like I have heard at least one book by Troy Duran though. I can’t say for sure. Either way, I’d be willing to hear other books narrated by both of them. They have talent.

The book was really great after I got past the part that was getting under my skin. I’m really glad that I gave it a chance and stuck with it. I fully encourage anybody who struggles with it to stick with it to at least the halfway point. If they still don’t like it after that, then they are more than welcome to put it down. They will be missing out though. This book gets great. I see it’s a book 1. I’ll have to look into the rest of the books.

ARC Review: One Night by Elaine Marie

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: One Night
Author: Elaine Marie
Release Date: August 23rd, 2022
Page Count: 103
Start Date: September 10th, 2022
Finish Date: September 11th, 2022

Story: So, I have to be honest. The good the bad and the ugly. That’s why I started reading these book reviews of mine. Also, because I grew up not having anybody to gush about books with. But I digress. I LOVED the cover immediately. I didn’t think I would be a fan of the book in all honesty. I thought it would be full of steam. I don’t mind steamy reads, but in excess, it makes me a bit uncomfortable. Not this one though. I also found myself really enjoying this book a lot more than I thought I would. I tried to read it all in one sitting, but I kept falling asleep. I still find this cover very gorgeous!
Characters: I related to Danni in so many ways, but there are times when I feel like she can be a bit much. Jacob is a pretty impressive guy. I’d have loved to see more from his point of view in all honesty. I’d have also loved to see more of the two sisters’ points of view as well. And the parents. I think I will in the rest of the trilogy though. From what I gather so far.
Critiques: I just wish it was longer. That’s the only one I can think of.
Final Thoughts: My initial thoughts on this book were that I thought I would like it okay. I didn’t think I’d love it. I didn’t think that I would want to keep reading it. I want to keep reading about Danni and Jacob’s beautiful relationship. It just really gives me hope for a happy story for myself. You never know. This book is as beautiful as its cover!

ARC Review: One Hour by Elaine Marie

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: One Hour

Author: Elaine Marie

Release Date: September 6th, 2022

Page Count: 99

Start Date: September 11th, 2022

Finish Date: September 11th, 2022


Story: This was a very short and sweet read. Of course, there was some spice mixed in as well. I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. The story is as gorgeous as the cover in my opinion. The only problem I had with the entire book was longer. I also got another nugget of hints in this book for the third book. I’m pretty sure my suspicions are right on it and I’m so here for it!

Characters: It was really nice getting to know Nicolette and Diesel better in this book. I think I would have loved a handful of more chapters to get to know them even better. They are definitely perfect for each other.

Critiques: Nothing

Final Thoughts: This story was just so adorable! When I first started it, I was expected a bunch of cheesy romance and ultra spicy scenes. While I was partially correct, I was also wrong. It was so much more. I also wasn’t weirded out by the story at all. I am just so impressed with how much the author packed into such a short story! It’s intense and fun. I fully recommend!

Book Review: The Children’s Dream by Roberta Kagan

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: The Children’s Dream
Author: Roberta Kagan
Release Date: March 1st, 2022
Page Count: 256
Start Date: September 2nd, 2022
Finish Date: September 10th, 2022

Story: I was expecting a build-up with this story. Especially with it being a series. I was NOT expecting to be thrown into the series from the very first page. I wasn’t expecting my emotions to be thrown all over the place with every chapter. This is definitely going to be a series that will stick with me. I will need to get physical copies of every book in this series. Right now, there are only three. I know that I’ve only read one of them, but I just KNOW that I will love the rest of the books in the series. I know that any book that comes from this series will become an auto-buy for me. I am even interested in trying to read other books by this author outside of this series. Her writing style is amazing.
Characters: This story is told from multiple points of view. Some were characters that you can’t help but to just adore. Even with their flaws. Like Naomi. She’s just such an amazing woman. I’d of loved to see more from her three girls. I would have liked to have seen less of the father’s point of view. However, I do understand the need to see his point of view. That’s all I can say without spoilers.
Critiques: None. Unless you count it being an emotional roller coaster!
Final Thoughts: I really do recommend this book. Not only is it a very powerful story, but it helps understand how things were during that time from a Jewish point of view. The writing style is also very incredible. I am so looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I just know that I’m going to be emotionally wrung out by the time it’s over. It’s worth it though.