Author Spotlight: A.L. Davroe

This week’s author: A.L. Davroe.

She’s a very friendly lady that I had the fortune to meet at LLS. She’s very intelligent and full of talent. I’m honored to know her and call her a friend.

Book Spotlight:

Royal Revolution (Tales of Turin) by [A.L. Davroe]

Blithe owes everything to Castia. Her health, her power, her position. These gifts come at a price. As Castia’s magic apprentice, Blithe must fulfill the duties of Right Hand to her Hexen mentor.

Castia’s aspirations are high. High enough to overthrow the other eight women who rule over the Pillars of Hexen and become the one true queen of Turin.

The results leave Blithe questioning her own humanity and the person she has become, but she has a clear goal in mind — one that will change her world forever. She just needs a little more time. And a little more power…

Length: Novelette
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Audience: Mature (violence)

About A.L. Davroe:

A.L. (Amanda) writes both YA and adult cross-genre fiction.
She lives in Connecticut with her two feline hench-creatures and has had such colorful careers as a meta-data specialist, barista, cheese-maker, a food safety specialist, and a government inspector.

Amanda’s work ranges from teen to adult and spans across multiple genres including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, and Romance.  Her work has been published in various outlets including self, traditional, and small press.  Much of her work can be considered cross-genre and sometimes ranges into speculative.  She likes redemption stories, alternative histories, retellings, generally pushing comfort zones, and reexamining perspective.

Her educational background includes vocational schooling as a vet tech; undergraduate degrees in English and Anthropology with minors in Women’s Studies, Religion, and African Studies; Master’s work in Mental Health Counseling; and extensive certifications and FDA training in food safety, codes, and regulations.

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Interview A.L. Davroe:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

I’m kind of all over the place!  I’ve got YA and adult oriented stories ranging from short stories to novels in sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, and horror published across indie, small press, and traditional publishing.  My most recognizable work is the Tricksters series consisting of the duology, NEXIS and REDUX which is a YA futuristic dystopian.  This month I’m putting out the second story in my Tales of Turin series called GOBLIN GEMS and the third, HEXEN HAND, is coming out in November.  Tales of Turin is a dark fantasy collection of smaller novella and novelette length pieces that each follow individual “hexen” (witches).  These individual stories are part of a parallel narrative that culminates in a final storyline.  The first story for it, ROYAL REVOLUTION, came out last year.  That story follows Blithe a hexen apprentice who is helping her mentor to become the most powerful hexen of all.  GOBLIN GEMS follows Soraya who teams up with a goblin lord to help stop a slave trafficking ring.  And HEXEN HAND follows Marimeg who gets dragged into protecting a group of soldiers on a secret mission through a haunted forest.  In the end, these strong heroines are gonna start a war in the final story coming out next year.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?

I’ve been writing since my freshman year of high school when my friend asked me to do a fanfiction with her.  I started writing on my own just a bit after that when I finished reading a book and didn’t want to leave so I made my own world I could always play in when I get bored (I still go back to that world whenever I need a touchstone).  I think the moment I knew I wanted to try publishing something is when I finished my first novel THE WILL OF THE FALLEN which is the first of my Dark Covenant Universe.  Weirdly, it wasn’t about “me” getting published, it was entirely that the story wanted to be told and it wanted to be told to others. That’s when I actually started trying to get an agent.  I didn’t get an agent for that novel, but I did for my second one (SCAR-CROSSED).  My third novel (NEXIS) actually sold to a publishing house.  I still haven’t published THE WILL OF THE FALLEN because I want to be able to do the story justice and, as a more experienced author, I realize the novel needs a little bit more…But, I will one day share it with the world!  SCAR-CROSSED also hasn’t been sold (not for lack of trying), but the market was just too overwhelmed with paranormal romance at the time we were pitching it (right after Twilight flooded the market).  I should probably start trying to pitch it again…

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one.  I think back on interactions I’ve had with people who have expressed a love for or resonance with my work.  One of the things that always drives me is remembering an interaction with a young lady who told me my work got her through a particularly bad patch in her life and another one who said that she’d never felt like she resonated with a character before until she read one of mine.  Thinking about something like that reminds me that it doesn’t matter how many people don’t like my work as long as there is someone out there who does.  If that doesn’t work then sometimes I’ll read good reviews.  Often it just comes down to realizing that as long as I like what I’m writing then at least I’m happy.  In the end I can’t please everyone and I wouldn’t want to – my work would suffer because of it.

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing?

I wish more of my life experiences were part of my writing.  Imagine if paranormal beings were actually real???  I think that one of the big aspects I bring to my writing are the emotions and the gravity of reality.  I don’t always write the sweet, fluffy stuff because that’s not how life actually is.  I write about the hard things and people going through those hard things because they’re more realistic and human that way.  I deal with teen pregnancy, people getting kidnapped and tortured by serial killers, and coping with trying to find humanity after becoming a monster.  Not all my work is like that and it’s not usually front and center, but it’s usually somewhere in there for spice.  I like exploring the depths of the human experience and I don’t gloss over what that experience can be like.  I’m all about the grey areas.

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

Honestly, I’m not sure who the easiest character was.  I think that I have favorite characters and books that came to me easier, but that’s not a reflection on who was easiest.  I think maybe the most organic one that didn’t require too much thought to write was Jeanette Sauderheim from FOR YOUR HEART.  I wanted a slightly chubby, cat loving nerd who wore glasses and would actually be HAPPY about getting sucked into a fantasy situation because, at the time, I felt underrepresented in the YA community and wanted a character who actually looked and acted like me.  So, Jean was easier to write because she’s the most like me out of all my characters.  However, I think all my characters have a little of me in them – though, of course, I try to make them different from me too.

I think the hardest was probably Ellani Drexel from The Tricksters series.  Ella is a very unique person who grew up in the kind of setting that readers sometimes have a difficult time resonating with.  She’s very intelligent in some areas but quite naive in others and she’s also going through a physical and emotional experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  It was hard just writing characters in a setting that is a freakish mix of the past and future where things have been selectively forgotten or reinvented.  It’s harder writing some traumas that you’ve never personally encountered – Ella loses a parent and becomes disabled in a tragic accident then has to deal with being held captive against her will while her death is announced to everyone on the outside.  It’s exceptionally difficult to write a sheltered teenager who is also a genius in a specialized area.  This girl can do crazy mathematical equations and is a genius computer programmer, but she’s a bit socially inept and she’s still only sixteen so some of her reasoning is not mature – she makes teen-girl-in-love decisions despite being able to hack into databases.  She’s flawed and complex and has her rollercoaster moments but my hope is that readers see how strong she becomes as a heroine throughout the series.

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Author Spotlight: Evelyn Lederman

This week’s author is Evelyn Lederman. She’s a phenomenal woman and author. I met her at LLS in 2018. I actually won a prize she donated at the welcome event. It was a purse full of books! I was overjoyed with that! I was overjoyed when I found out that we also shared the same favorite color (purple) and the same birthday (August 15th)!

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

When adopted fifteen-year-old Pepper Samuels receives a surprise scholarship to Blakeway Prep School, she didn’t expect to attend a secret academy for witches. Witches? She wasn’t a witch. Was she?

Bishop Academy is selective of the most magical of the families. Those bloodlines powerful enough to change the world.

With an evil magic syphon threatening Pepper and her new friends, she has a whole lot to learn if she wants to keep them safe. Can she pull it off in time or will her coven of friends end before they get started?

Sixteen-year-old Salyt Edwards comes to Bishop Academy and discovers the truth about her real family and the untapped magical abilities at her fingertips.

With the Council, her biological father, and grandmother trying to control her magic and life, Salyt fights for her right to live and love as she wants. But how can one student battle “the powers that be” and make a difference?

She’s not sure, but with her long-lost sister by her side, they can do anything.

The Enchanted Ones awaited Hana’s arrival to begin their war against the Brethren. When Hana reunites with her sisters, she’s amazed at the powers they now possess. She fears their faith in her is ill placed and will cost lives.

Zach More renounced the Brethren’s teachings as a teenager and now he fights to free his sister-cousins. After a chance meeting with Hana, he realizes the bond that exists between the two of them. Although she rejects him, they both know that only a joining between soul mates will this daughter of Eden’s Dragon fulfill the prophecy her mother foresaw.

About Evelyn Lederman:

Evelyn Lederman

I clearly remember a conversation I had with my sister and a friend about infinite parallel universes. We were outside Sedona, Arizona. All of a sudden 5 young women started talking in my mind. That was the start of ‘The World’s Apart’ series. ‘The Chameleon Soul Mate’ was published in August 2014, followed by ‘The Crystal Telepath’ in December 2014. The floodgates have opened and I have more books in the Worlds Apart series as well as other series coming. I’m loving the ride!

Interview with Evelyn Lederman:

  1. Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?
    I write escapism; taking the reader to places they can’t travel to any other way. My first two series were set in parallel dimensions. The first realm is full of telepathic beings and the second is a world controlled by vampires. My adult-focused books fall in the paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi categories. They fall in the moderately hot category when it comes to sex. Only the Outer Worlds Passion Series has ‘foul’ language. It’s a hot, sexy sci-fi series.
    My latest book, ‘Salyt & Pepper’ is the start of a new series (Bishop Academy) set in a secret witches academy. It’s my second Young Adult (YA) series. The first series was the scifi Zaratan Trilogy which starts with an alien invasion and it’s told third-person through a 14-year-old girl’s eyes who was ‘Selected’.
    In November, I’ll be publishing my 5th (and last) novella in the Eden’s Dragon series set in the Worlds of S.E. Smith’s Magic, New Mexico. It follows the theme I set in the Worlds Apart and Nightshade Saga series where finding one’s soul mate transforms the couple.
  2. What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?
    I attended my first romance novel conference in 2010 as a reader and a number of the authors said their characters talked to them. When I retired, my older sister said I could start writing romance novels. I told my sister that I had no desire to write. On February 23, 2014, I was driving to play tennis and a real conversation that took place outside of Sedona, Arizona, played in my head. The next thing I knew, five young women started talking to me. That was the start of the Worlds Apart Series, with the ‘Chameleon Soul Mate’ being the first novel I published.
  3. What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?
    There is nothing more rewarding than hearing from a reader how much she/he loved my book(s). A sixteen-year-old boy who had his grandmother drive to Ft. Myers to meet me after he read ’Selected’. The author of this blog, Nicole, ordered all my books for a second time because her boyfriend took off with my books.
  4. Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing?
    Since I write paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy, there isn’t a lot in my books that reflect my life experiences. I do put some of myself in some of my characters in reflect to what I’d do. Alexandra Mann in ‘The Chameleon Soul Mate’ and Kara in ‘Selected’ probably closest reflect me at different phases of my life.
  5. Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?
    The easiest were Alex and Kara who I mentioned above. In the Nightshade Saga series, my heroines (particularly in Books 1-3) are extremely broken. They were difficult to write because they start with a negative experience and have difficulty coping. In romance, you have to end the book with a happily ever after  and it’s a gradual slope to be as realistic as possible.

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Author Spotlight: Anna LaVerne

This week’s author is Anna LaVerne. I’m not as familiar with her as I am with the authors I have met in Savannah. She seems like a very sweet woman. I’m honored that I have gotten the chance to become acquainted with her and I see a beautiful friendship in our future. I also see many wonderful things in her future.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

Blood for Atlantis (God Born Book 1) by [Anna LaVerne, Michelle Hoffman]

Wendy has lived in a fog of depression for as long as she can remember. Then one day, a handsome siren named Morgan shows up at her door and whisks her away to the sea, where she’s hit with a barrage of memories.

She remembers . . . growing up on the seventh isle of Atlantis as Meri. Training to learn the art and techniques of war.

She remembers . . . being called to the Ring as a potential Key of Atlantis-Protector of the undersea realm, where she meets her four protectors: Morgan, Aden, Breck, and Laki. She remembers . . . being swept up into the feuds of the Gods, leaving her no choice but to stand with her four handsome mermen and fight her way out, or die trying. . . . and now, the gods will never forget her***Full length reverse harem novel.

Born in the underworld from nothing more than a wish from one god and a gift from Chaos, Lucinda knows she is destined for more. Instead, she spends centuries with her powers dampened and held captive to the underworld. With all things, change inevitably arrives. When the three hounds who guard the gates of Hell arrive in Tartarus, her magic flows free. She must travel into the depths of Chaos to claw her way out, fighting the demons set against her just to face the gods who want to kill her.

Reverse Harem

Interview With Anna LaVerne:

1.     Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

My newest novel, Lucinda’s Gate, is a sister book to Blood for Atlantis. Both are reverse harem stand alone novels that exist in the same universe. It is available for pre-order currently and will be released on October 1st on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Born in the underworld from nothing more than a wish from one god and a gift from Chaos, Lucinda knows she is destined for more. Instead, she spends centuries with her powers dampened and held captive to the underworld. With all things, change inevitably arrives. When the three hounds who guard the gates of Hell arrive in Tartarus, her magic flows free. She must travel into the depths of Chaos to claw her way out, fighting the demons set against her just to face the gods who want to kill her.

I am also currently working on the third book to my Mystic Harem Trilogy. I have plans to release that book in December 2021

2.     What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author? 

As a kid I would make up crazy stories and share them with everyone. My mom always told me that I should be a writer. It stuck. Unfortunately, I am dyslexic, so it wasn’t until I fell in love with reading that being an author really stuck with me. I purchased Pride and Prejudice from a scholastic book fair, because I was determined to learn to read better. I read the book over and over again. I was in the fifth grade and owe my love of literature and ability to read well to Jane Austin.

  1. What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

My editing skills and dyslexia. The first book I ever released, Elmora, was hit bad with reviews. I didn’t have the money or resources to hire an editor properly and had entirely too much faith in my own lacking abilities. Thankfully, I made some amazing connections and was able to get my first work edited and re- released.  Unfortunately, the damage was done. I decided to keep my pen name and my first work available as a reminder of how much harder I have to work. I will always have insecurities about my writing, but I won’t stop because this is what I love to do.

4.     Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

In my first novel, Elmora, I drew some from my own life experiences, however I ultimately try to separate my stories from my real life.

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Author Spotlight: DC Gomez

This week’s author is DC Gomez. She’s an amazing woman who I had the pleasure of meeting at an event I’m very fond of. I’d been curious about her books for awhile. It wasn’t until I attended an reading at the event that I tipped over the edge and bought an entire series from her. She’s very talented.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

Death's Intern (The Intern Diaries Book 1) by [D. C. Gomez]

What would you do if Death knocked at your door? For Isis, it was the day her whole life changed.The day retired Army vet Isis Black accidentally knocks a man off a crowded fire escape at a wild party is the day she can’t seem to forget. But when she answers her door to Death standing on the other side with a job offer, she is convinced she’s stuck in a dream she can’t wake from–or maybe a nightmare.
Given three days to decide if she’ll take the position as Death’s Intern for North America, Isis has no idea what to do. On one hand, her life has no purpose and she spends most of her time alone. But working for Death … well, that is ludicrous and somewhat terrifying.
But when Isis’s only friend Bob goes missing, she finds a new focus unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. On top of that, someone is stealing innocents’ souls and sabotaging Death’s efforts to get them to their afterlife.
Is Isis willing to work with Death, a talking cat, and a boy genius to save Bob and all the hopeless souls that are missing?

*** This is a story of courage and a chase to save humanity. Fans of The Dresden Files and Good Omens will fall in love with the Intern Diaries.

The Origins of Constantine: An Intern Diaries Novella (The Intern Diaries) by [D. C. Gomez]

When the god Anubis needed a friend, the universe sent him the most unlikely companion: a feisty little cat.

Discover how the infamous five-thousand-year-old talking cat, Constantine of the Intern Diaries, became a permanent fixture in the life of Death.

This fast-paced, action-packed Novella will have you turning the page and falling in love with the most unlikely of duos.

The Cat Lady Special (The Cat Lady Series Book 1) by [D. C. Gomez]

What would you do if you had nothing to lose?

Angela has reached the end of her rope. Bills are piling up, money is sparse, and her two-timing ex-husband traded her in for a “Barbie” lookalike. Depression and lack of hope put her in a world filled with never-ending pain, and when she loses the one thing she has left—her will to live—she knows there’s nothing left to go back to. Until an unexpected knock on her door wakes her up.

The lonely, sad cat lady comes face to face with a new and exciting opportunity, if only she grabs the bull by the horns and accepts. When she does, she learns of a crazy family secret, but she also finds a way to save herself, and the people she loves most.

The Cat Lady Special is a story of second chances, discovering your inner savior, and of finding hope in the most unexpected places. It will appeal to fans of “How Stella Got her Groove Back” and “Breaking Bad.”

Another World (Another World Trilogy Book 1) by [D. C. Gomez]

Bullied, unwanted and alone, Madison can’t wait to get out of New York City. In a last ditch effort to save her life, she takes a plunge down a garbage chute to get away from her tormentors. What she never expects is to be dropped in the middle of a whole new world.
The only thing she ever wanted was to escape her depressing life, and now that she did, she will stop at nothing to get back to it. Knights and witches are her constant company, and if that isn’t crazy enough, the horses in the world of Pardisium talk.
But escaping isn’t as easy as she thought, and the way home won’t be available for a while. With no other option, she might as well make the best of her vacation away from home.
In this coming of age young adult novel, follow Madison while she makes all kinds of trouble in Pardisium. Fans of Merlin and Alice and Wonderland will be delighted by this magical journey.

From Eugene With Love: An Intern Diaries Novella (The Intern Diaries) by [D. C. Gomez]

When his merchandise is stolen and his colleague kidnapped, Eugene only has one choice: to call on Death’s team.

Eugene and his colleagues at Pestilence’s lab have lost another dangerous drug, but this time the stakes are higher than ever. A group of highly organized werewolves have the merchandise, and they are distributing it to everyone they can in Texarkana. The overdoses are at an all-time high.

Thankfully, he has friends in high places, and when he calls on Death’s team, they answer. However, Constantine the five-thousand-year-old talking cat, Bartholomew the boy genius, and their massive underground network system have less than twenty-four hours to find the werewolves. Otherwise, people will start dying, and this time, they won’t stop…

About DC Gomez:

D. C. Gomez

D. C. Gomez is a USA Today Bestselling Author, born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. She study film and television at New York University. After college she joined the US Army, and proudly served for four years.

Those experiences shaped her quirky sense of humor. D.C. has a love for those who served and the families that support them. She currently lives in the quaint city of Wake Village, Texas, with her furry roommate, Chincha.

Interview with DC Gomez:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

The first thing I think everyone needs to know about my books is that I write in multiple genres. This is something a lot of writers avoid, but I really enjoy it. It fits with my personality and passion, I’m never bored. My books range from Urban Fantasy, children’s books, middle school, women’s lit and even devotionals. With every book that I write, my goal is always to engage the readers and provide them with the best experience that I can create.

I currently have four different series in the works. The Intern Diaries is my Urban Fantasy series that is fully completed with five novels and 3 novellas. This one is based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse and takes place in Texas. The Cat Lady Special is my fiction work, dealing with a depressed cat lady turns arms dealers. For my middle school readers, I’m working on my Another World trilogy. In this trilogy, we follow the adventures of Madison as she ends in another world while trying to escape her tormentors in NYC.  Charlie’s Fables is my series for elementary students focus on providing inspiration and motivation for young kids.

What can readers expect for me? I’m currently in the process of working on several new series. One is a spin-off of the Intern Diaries. One of my secondary character, Eric, leaves the Reapers’ Team in Texarkana and joins the Order of Witches to hunt a group of rouge witches that betrayed them.

I’m also introducing a brand new series, The Elisha and Elijah Chronicles, set in a post-apocalyptic time. A war between humans and witches brought the world to destruction, now everyone co-exist in a pseudo peaceful manner. At least that’s what Elisha believed. Elisha is one of the most powerful witches alive and lives with her familiar, Elijah (a necromancer kitty).

Did I mentioned I like to write fun quirky characters? If you enjoy adventure, and lots of madness: I’m your girl.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?

Being an author is probably a recent development for me. I knew since high school that I was meant to be a story-teller. My dad jokes about the fact I have been creating insane tales all my life. But I went to college for filmmaking, and spent most of my time writing scripts and short stories. Like many people, one of the item in my bucket list was to write a novel. After many years talking about I finally decided to take the leap four years ago. I’m an avid reader, so the magic of books just captivating. After finishing Death’s Intern (book 1 in the Intern Diaries), I was hooked. I felt in love with the creation process, the freedom and flexibility that comes with writing books.

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

Doubts are very common for all creative individuals. Many of us even suffer from the imposter syndrome. For me, I had to learn to “Do it Afraid.” One of my mentor shared this quote and it truly changed the way I saw things. I didn’t have to try to overcome the doubts, fears or insecurities; instead I acknowledged them and kept on moving. When those thoughts hit me, I focused on the process.

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

My writing incorporates many of my experiences, as well as those around me. I take notes of jokes that I heard, stories people tell me, interesting places I visit, and people I met. My pulling from my life, I’m able to create stories that people can relate and feel like they are part of them. It’s probably one of the reason I love writing urban fantasy (UF). I can take real places and insert magic to create a unique experiences. For most of the locations in my UF stories are places that I have either lived at or visited.

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

This is such a hard question. My stories are so character driven that it’s hard just to pick one character that was the easiest to write. I probably don’t have just one, but I can tell you Constantine is probably my favorite. Constantine happens to be a 5000 year old talking cat from Ancient Egypt who works for Death training the Interns. He is bossy, in your face and he says exactly what he thinks and does what he wants. Constantine is a mixture of my mom’s personality and my cat. Pretty much the two being that can still boss me around at my age, LOL. Do I have a character that was the hardest to write? Not exactly. My two angels, Nakir and Samael, were probably the hardest to find their voice. I decided to set these series of short stories in the Intern Universe, and my poor angels were overtaken by all the other characters, including Constantine. It wasn’t until the adventures took them away from Texarkana and the Reaper’s Crew that their true personalities came alive. Having two angels hunt demons in human form with very little angelic powers has been exciting to write.

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Author Spotlight: EJ Everette

This week’s author is EJ Everette. I will admit that I don’t know her as well as I should. Yet. I have a strong feeling that she and I will become very good friends. I can tell that she has a very kind and compassionate soul. Without further ado, I shall introduce her properly!

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

All Gray Marshall wanted to do was spend her summer surfing and enjoying lazy days with her besties and watch movies with her kid brother, Charlie. Unfortunately, summer school had to ruin her lovely plans and she is forced to spend two months in geometry work hell. There is no way she will survive the monotony!!That is, until a tall, dark, and handsome guy literally bumps into Gray in the halls on day one and her entire world gets flipped upside down. Not only is Reid sexy as sin, he has a twin and three other friends who all qualify for panty-melting status. Despite their attractiveness, Gray is not a social person. Years in abusive homes have made her hesitant, anxious, and all-around antisocial. So why do these five guys make her want to spend every moment with them? Why doesn’t she fear their presence, a presence they basically force upon her within minutes of meeting? And what is with the way her body literally buzzes when they touch her” After decades bouncing between realms, Reid, Rip, Mitch, Chance, and Dean have finally found the prophecy girl they have been searching for. But…she has no idea who she is, what she is capable of, or how important she is to them and their people. Worse yet, the council has forbidden them from telling her anything until she comes into her power. That task, in and of itself, isn’t too hard, except that every single one of them know the truth and they can only resist the pull for so long before they claim what is rightfully theirs. Shit, it’s been prophesized. Waiting to Ignite is book one in a slow burn new adult paranormal reverse harem romance series. Gray has a lot to learn about who she is and where she really comes from, but first she has to survive summer school and the guys who guest star in her dreams at night. Not to mention someone, or some thing, has a special interest in her as well, and they aren’t looking to date her.

This can’t be real. There is no reality where I have… powers? And what do the guys mean when they say I am part of a prophecy? After Gray wakes up following tragedy, she is confused, frightened, and hell, a little bit angry. When the guys tell Gray just how important she is, she loses it. Gray is tired of manipulation. Tired of games. The old Gray let herself be a victim. Allowed herself to be a pawn in the plans of others. Those bones have been broken, scars have been formed, and the new Gray refuses to revisit that pain ever again. But when an enemy comes for her, Gray finds herself alone and once again her life hangs in the balance as someone else calls the shots. After they tell Gray the truth about who they are, where they are from, and the destiny that lies before her, the guys are beyond shocked when Gray demands space, pushing them away from her at every turn. This isn’t right. They are her guardians, hand chosen to protect her and keep her aligned with the path that leads to peace. How are they supposed to do that when she won’t even let them in the same room? Not to mention, now that the igniting has taken place, their bonds are stronger, leaving them all desperate to be with the one their lives are bonded to. When Gray goes missing, the guys have to put aside their own pain and focus on saving the woman they can’t live without, even if she doesn’t accept their love yet. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and the truest strength, comes from pain. Gray is about to find out just how much she can break and, in turn, how much she wants to survive. If she is going to bring about the prophecy she is destined for, she is going to have to ensure she is strong enough to conquer those who oppose her. Sometimes, we have to feel the burn of the flames before we can conquer the fire within.

About EJ Everette:

A little about me — I probably read more than I should since I am supposed to be writing these days, but books give me the perfect excuse to escape my crazy life for a few! This is why I strive to write characters, worlds, and stories that will do the same for my readers. I am a Mom (half an egg carton full of kids) and a military spouse. I have seen some of the world but my goal is to visit so many more places before my hips give out!

I enjoy short walks on sunset beaches (because long walks sound exhausting) and the occasional glass of wine or mug of beer. I sing as often as I can (even in stores where some might think it is frowned upon) and dance even though I likely scare those watching.

Mostly I am happy to be lucky enough by some f@#ked up miracle to live the version of my life I get to live right now and hope you enjoy hanging with me!

Interview With EJ Everette:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

Since the start of my writing career (a whole 6 months ago) I have published two books from my debut series, The Ignited Girl, and have another on the horizon! The Ignited Girl focuses on the life of Gray, a seventeen year old young woman who was dealt a crappy hand and had to fight for the life she finally has with her younger brother and Grams. Things are smoothing out for her, though she is far from pleased with her next hurdle in life- summer school. That is, until she shows up to campus and runs into a goofy sexy guy over and over again. Add in his friends of equal god-squad status, and Gray has her hands full. Not one to usually enjoy the company of people, especially men following a rough past, Gray feels oddly pulled toward this group of guys- safe in their presence and definitely attracted to them… all of them. The guys have a few secrets they aren’t sharing with Gray, though. She may not understand what she is feeling, or why, but they are very aware of the pull, it’s purpose, and know exactly how she is feeling. All five of them are following their path as it aligns with a prophecy shared with their ancestors long ago… a prophecy featuring a very clueless Gray… a prophecy that will change everything about her life, her past, and present her with a future she is not ready for. Books one and two (Waiting to Ignite and Igniting the Flame) are already out on Amazon and KU. Book three, When the Heart Ignites, is due out in the coming months. This series has six books total planned for it and so far each book averages about 118k words- I like them thicc!

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?

When I was eleven, a horrible tragedy struck the United States – the Columbine school shooting. I had never heard anything about school shootings before, but this was everywhere. I watched interviews with parents and teachers. My school changed its policies for visitors, as did so many others, and security tightened. Within a year, there was another shooting all over the news. My heart, though still in pre-teen mode, was deeply saddened by what was happening around us. In the year 2000, I wrote a song in honor of those lost in the shootings and to bring attention to the chaos happening in the world. It was submitted to contests all over the US by my teachers and was even published in a book about a year later, though they chose to represent it as a poem instead of a song. The point is, regardless of publication and attention, I felt some sort of solace in expressing the emotions I had built up within me through words. It would be years before I would write something to publish again, but the writing bug got to me then and never left. I knew, even at that young age, that I wanted to chase that feeling of completion I received when writing. It took me a few decades, and quite a crazy life in between, but today I still write for the same reason- to express the emotions fluttering around inside of me on a daily basis. My hope is that just one person can be positively impacted by the scramble of words I put onto paper- able to feel all the intensity of my own passions woven within the text.

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

Oh what a great question! I wish I had the ultimate answer. I just recently left my corporate job to write full time and start my own business. It is TERRIFYING! It is one thing to work for someone else, but to work for yourself and know every penny you earn is directly related to whether or not your art is appreciated by others… bury me alive with spiders and scorpions and I would be less afraid! Still, the community of authors and readers is EXTENSIVE and so supportive. Between my epically amazing support system at home, my readers and other authors in my genre, and my own determination to finish the things I start no matter what the opposition, I find ways to keep myself moving forward. Also- I think it is incredibly important to take days of rest for my brain and my heart. Sometimes things aren’t as easy, words don’t flow as smoothly, or life is hectic (I have six kids- this is almost always for me!). The best way I have found to overcome the paranoia of failure and slumps in my writing is to take the emotional time I need whenever necessary to refresh, recharge, and allow myself to be human!

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

It is actually pretty much the opposite for me. I was married at 17 years old. I didn’t have a traditional high school experience nor did I live through the dating stage for very long before settling down. My husband and I just celebrated 17 years of marriage, still going strong, but the teen heartthrob moments, butterflies, and back and forth dating games? I never had any of that. I don’t regret meeting Mr. E or the life we have together, but I have found a way to live vicariously through my writing by developing characters that experience all the things I didn’t. It’s actually incredibly cathartic!

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

I have quite a few different, incredible characters in my current series. I absolutely LOVE writing Gray, my FMC. She is strong but not afraid to deal with the emotional turmoil she has lived through. She has so many hardships thrown her way, and she finds a way to rise above them. I am in awe of her determination and the way she looks after her little brother. She has some goofy moments, some very teen-like boy crazy moments, and her sarcasm makes my heart happy, but when the going gets tough, Gray embraces the suck and gets tougher. Her POV comes naturally to me- so natural I often find myself dreaming of her as if I know her in real life, not just in my head. She is, by far, the easiest for me to write! As far as the hardest to write, I’d have to say it is Chance. He is broody, angry about a life he can’t control, and basically an asshole in all ways. While those characters tend to be the ones I am attracted to the most in books and movies, writing everything from his moody perspective is a challenge. I have to remind myself that he is just angry, not evil, and convince myself not to have someone beat him upside the head when he says or does dumb things just to piss Gray off. He is one of my favorite characters, but getting into this mindset takes more time and energy than any of the others.

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Author Spotlight: Rita Sawyer

This week’s author is Rita Sawyer. Her and her daughter are both very talented. They are also a pleasure to spend time with. I’m blessed to have met Rita. I’d say where I met her from, but many people who read my blogs can probably figure it out pretty quickly. I met a lot of people there in the past three years. It’s been amazing.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

Jessie and Victor were both strong willed people always used to being in control. How they fell in love was still a mystery.

Jessie Brazen had made her choice when she decided that taking care of her sisters was more important than following her heart. The problem was she already made the mistake of giving her heart away to Victor. Their whirlwind romance had come to halt even though she’d pledged to love him forever when she sent him away.

Getting married on a whim may not have been the smartest thing Victor Weatherly had ever done. He’d given Jessie the time and space she had asked for. Instead of asking him to come back like he hoped she sent him divorce papers. He never planned on letting her go forever, so now he was back to remind her how good they were together and get her to change her mind.

Will Jessie push him away again? Or will Victor figure out the secret keeping them apart?

Andrew liked living in the quiet small town of Carver Ridge. His peaceful life is thrown upside down the day Angie rolls into town. He shouldn’t want her, but he does. She thinks he’s an overprotective Neanderthal. When it comes to her maybe he is. They can’t seem to stop pushing each other’s buttons. Then she posts a review on a travel site inviting all the single women of the world to visit town. One of the perks worth seeing that she lists is all the hot single men. Now his little town is being swarmed by women looking for a man and Angie says it’s his fault.

Angie knew she was impulsive. While taking a picture for a review of the Brazen sister’s lodge Andrew walked into the shot. She decided not to let the picture go to waste, and used it as a selling point of the town. It wasn’t her fault Andrew had a nice ass, now was it? Andrew is not pleased, but it doesn’t stop him from kissing her whenever he gets the chance.

Can they get past their animosity and admit that they want each other?

Tim met the woman of his dreams, but he let her get away. For six months he searched for her, but though he had some basic information he wasn’t able to find her. Then when he’d almost given up she walked back into his life. He’s determined to get her to give them a second chance.
Trish had believed Tim the first time he’d said he wanted a relationship with her. Then he’d gone home and hadn’t contacted her. So she tried to push him out of her head and heart. Six months later she’s still working on it. When a chance at a mountain vacation lands in her lap she takes it hoping to spend the two weeks purging out of her system for good. The last she expected to find was Timber standing in the lobby of the lodge.
Can Trish trust him this time when he says he wants her? Will she risk getting her heart broken even worse than it already was?

Blake wants Kimmie the minute he sees her. Once he gets to know her he’s sure she’s the one. But she’s coming off a bad breakup and he doesn’t want to push her. He figures if she stays in town long enough when she’s over it he’ll be there waiting. He gets her a job at the local elementary school hoping it will convince her to stay in town. What he really wants is for her to fall in love with him and stay forever.
Kimmie is falling for Blake. They’re growing close, but he seems to be holding back. Frustrated she starts to think it might be best for her to go home when her contract is up. She doesn’t want to leave her friends. She would be miserable with or without them and Blake, but the thought of seeing Blake with someone else would kill her.
Can Blake convince her to stay or will his hesitance be what causes him to lose her?

Justin knew his cousin’s fiancée hadn’t meant to entice dozens of women to come to Carver Ridge to find a man. But that was what had happened. His plan had been to avoid the women as much as possible until things died down. Then he caught sight of CJ at the town’s carnival. Something about her made him want to get to know her.

CJ came to Carver Ridge on a mission and it was not to snag one of the bachelors. She hadn’t even known about the travel review that had women arriving in droves hoping to catch the eye of one of them. She was there to do a job. Meeting Justin Mitchell changes all that. Especially when she makes the mistake of flirting with him.

Justin hadn’t known what he was missing before she came to town. Now that he did he wasn’t letting CJ go without a fight.

About Rita Sawyer:

Rita Sawyer is a Massachusetts native, who did brief stints in Georgia and Maine. Now she lives about an hour from Boston with her husband. She has always been an avid reader, mostly romance novels (though she says she’ll read anything).

She writes contemporary romances and romantic comedies. Her stories vary in heat level from sweet to sizzling, but she hopes they all have at least a hint of humor. What good is romance without a little laughter? If you enjoy family and friend based series then you’ve found the right author. More about Rita and her books can be found at Readers can contact her anytime at


Don’t forget to sign up for Rita’s Newsletter for updates and special announcements.

Interview With Rita Sawyer:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

I write contemporary romances and romantic comedies. So far all the books I’ve published have been romances with lots of family and friend dynamics thrown in. I like writing series because I want to know what happens to the other characters that make appearances in the books.

As for what’s upcoming. I have two books in editing. One will be a new release and the other is a re-release of a title I’ve gotten my rights back on. I’m also working on the remaining books in my Carver Ridge Bachelor series, and romantic comedy trilogy I hope to have out next year (maybe in time for the Literary Love Savannah conference).

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?

I can pinpoint it to when my youngest son was three. I always loved reading, but never thought about wanting to write until then. I made up stories for him when it was nap or bedtime. I still didn’t pursue writing at that point. It took another three years for me to actually take the plunge.

My husband deserves all the credit for it. I was working third shift and reading a lot to stay awake in the downtimes. When I started complaining about scenes or the endings of the books I was reading he told me to write my own story so I could make all the choices. I took his suggestion and put myself to the test. 27 books later I still blame/thank him for giving me the push I needed.

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

There are times or points during writing where doubts creep in. I’m sure all writers have them. But I know that I can’t let them derail things for too long. I think since I write series having past and future characters to focus on during those times it helps to push through the uncertainties.

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

Of course, LOL. I mean everything you see and do impacts your writing whether you know it at the time or not.

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

So far the easiest character to write was Bobbie from book 6 in the Brazen Sister Series. She came to me as a full-fledged character. I just knew her personality and loved it. My most difficult character was Ace from book 4 in my Heiresses In Aprons Series. Ace needed to be a jerk. Honestly he really did. Part of his redemption depended on it. So making him so bad, but too awful was a fine line. In the end I think he turned out okay.

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Author Spotlight: Krys Fenner

This week’s author is Krys Fenner. I met her a few years ago at a convention. I know. There’s a trend here with meeting authors at this convention. This is one of my favorites. I will forever be grateful that I met her and discovered her books. She quickly became one of my favorite authors of all time. Her books can be rather dark, but I love them. Her dark road series has helped me heal many unhealed wounds. I will always recommend them.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

When darkness creeps into Bella’s life, finding an anchor in Jeremiah is her only hope of survival.

Sixteen-year-old Bella Kynaston has been the victim of a brutal rape, by someone she can only describe as ‘the scar-faced man.’ With little recollection of what happened, she must somehow rebuild her life. Being the person she once was, proves more difficult than she imagined.

To complicate matters, Bella has just met Jeremiah Detrone, the new guy in school. He’s attractive, funny, and smart. All things she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend. Too bad she’s conflicted over so many unexpected emotions. Without realizing it, she falls down a rabbit hole and begins walking a dangerous line between addiction and self-preservation.

As Bella works together with the police to bring her attackers to justice, will she be able to see it through to the end? And even if she does, will it only bring her more pain and misery? Or will she find an anchor in Jeremiah and figure out how to move forward?

For Niamh, discovering her powers is only half the battle; saving her family is the other.

Niamh has always known she was a little different. Perhaps not as unique as her brother, but definitely not normal. Before she understands what’s happening, she begins seeing things she has never seen before and speaking with creatures she always assumed were regular house pets. Just as her powers are awakening, her parents find themselves in trouble. With only her catalync as a guide, can she learn how to use her newfound abilities to save her parents from the darkness trying to steal them away? Or is she doomed to fail and lose them forever?

More than one force threatens to pull them each apart.

Life is perfect. Not only has Logan officially mated Ambrosia, but for the first time in eighteen years, he has most of his family back. He couldn’t be happier. Until he discovers Ambrosia has been keeping a secret, putting a new strain on their relationship.

Pierce didn’t think he’d get his happy-ever-after with Jocasta. Just when it seems they’ve gotten over the horizon and their new life together has begun, the last thing either of them expected comes their way.

Although it wasn’t the perfect arrangement, Gavin and Parthenia worked within the confinements of their villages to spend time together. Then everything implodes, and they suddenly find the precautions they’ve taken have proven ineffective.

As if their new emotional struggles weren’t enough, each male is hunted more than ever before. Can they each find tranquility through the chaos?

Love outside their own species, even their own form, has always been outlawed.  One look and each of these three male shape shifters was smitten. They will do whatever it takes to be with the females they’ve met. Even if it means sneaking around in the hopes that their relationships are never discovered.

Falling in love was the furthest thing from their minds, each for their own reason. Never mind the fact that the males who caught their attention are shape shifters, which created a whole other set of complications. But a strong female never backs down from a challenge, even if it is a bit reckless.

In the end, will these couples risk it all for love? Or will the forces against them prove to be too much?

When the trumpets of destiny are blown, two young heroines must summon the strength to turn the tides of fate.

Aurelia, the newly risen Matriarch of the dragon-shifters, struggles to adjust to her role. Lost in a sea of political drivel and centuries-old bickering between the draconic houses, she’d do anything to satiate her thirst for adventure. Even at the risk of her own life.

An oddity amongst sirens, Thalasia has spent most of her life on the run. Following the promise of her latest vision, she finds herself in a new realm. She’ll do whatever it takes to call this place home, even walk beside a dragon-shifter she isn’t certain she can trust. The two soon discover Thalasia’s arrival disrupted the magical barrier between Prisma Isle and Candescent Isle. They must set aside their differences and rely on each other to repair the barrier before the two realms collide and war is waged. In the end, it may prove more than they can handle alone.

About Krys Fenner:

Krys Fenner, also known as Brigit Rosé—like the wine, not the flower, has been infinitely passionate about writing and helping people for as long as she can remember. Having already published fourteen books, she avidly works on multiple series from social issues to paranormal romance. While she loves everything she writes, she’s truly excited for the two series she’ll be co-authoring over the coming year. Krys received an Associate of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and is nearly finished with a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. When she isn’t writing, she’s crafting and making a mess of the dining room table, reading, baking, or spending time with her three fur babies, Bones, Luna and Lola.

Interview With Krys Fenner:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

To date I’ve published 14 books, either under Krys Fenner or Brigit Rosé, in various genres ranging from YA to fantasy romance. The majority of my stories have some kind of romantic undertone regardless of the primary genre. Those that are romance in the forefront, I generally publish under Brigit Rosé. There has recently been one exception to this and that’s Prisma Isle. When I began working on that series with two co-authors, I never intended for my part of the story to be romanticized in any way. The characters had other ideas.

Unfortunately, with all the time I dedicated to Prisma Isle, a lot of my other series got pushed to the side. That’s something I plan to rectify over the coming year. I have about five to six books I’m hoping, crossing my fingers, to get out by next December.

I began by going to back to the series I started my writing career with—Dark Road. As much as I love the other works I’ve written, this will always be my first love. It is labeled as YA, but due to the nature of the content, I don’t generally recommend it for teenagers under age sixteen. If someone younger does pick it up, I forewarn parents I don’t pull punches. I say this because I want them to be prepared for the possibility their child may have questions. I’m picking up with book 5 in the series as I work through some kinks in book 4. When I initially planned things out for this series, what is ‘now’ going to be Book 5, Twisted, was intended to occur later on in the series. Like I said, the characters have other ideas.

Now, Twisted, is actually going to be a story that occurs simultaneously as Burned (book 4). This isn’t something I’ve done in the series before. Typically, the following book either picks up where the last one left off or a set period of time after. However, I didn’t want what happens in Heather’s story to take away from what happens in David’s story. If things work out the way I hope, then I’ll also be able to get book 6, Betrayed, published as well. That part is still up in the air as there are other series, I want to release the next book in too.

For example, I’ll be going back to the Guardhian Series and working on book 3, Inherited. If you recently attended Literary Love Savannah and picked up the Young Adult anthology, the short story I have in there gives you a glimpse into that realm. You’ll meet the main character, a kitsune named Nira. She gets to address some trouble caused by Thalasia, a siren, who travels between realms. Everything in that story occurs four years before Prisma Isle takes place, which is where you learn the most about Thalasia. That short story isn’t the only time Nira and Thalasia cross paths.

Those novels aren’t the only thing I’m intending to get out next year. I’ll also be working on book 2 in my Fairytale Retelling Series, Through the Looking Glass; book 3 in my Love’s Worth Series, ReUnited; the prequel to The Atlis Chronicles, Hunted, which will be an expansion on the aforementioned short story; and the next two books in the Prisma Isle series. I have a lot of writing ahead of me. I guess it’s a good thing I’m practically a hermit.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?

This is a bit of a two-fold answer. I decided in high school I wanted to be a published author. Then sometime during my junior year this changed. Instead, I had planned to become an ASL teacher, but that didn’t happen either. In fact, I barely graduated high school and didn’t attend college until four years later when I got my Associate of Arts with a major in psychology. It was during my two years in community college that I got reminded of my love for the written word. Yet, I didn’t truly find my passion for it again until around 2006. That’s when I started fleshing things out for the Dark Road Series. It became really important to me and it took me over ten years to make it what it is today, but it’s something I’m quite proud of.

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

I have people in my life I consider my soundboard. When doubts arise, these are the people I turn to, either so I can vent or run ideas by them. Sometimes being able to talk to them about whatever problem I’m facing or my concerns helps alleviate them. Other times, I just need to take a step back from the project and work on something else. This way when I come back to it, I’m returning with fresh eyes.

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing?

Yes. It’s one of the reasons my Dark Road Series is so important to me. Some of what occurs in the first three books is based on my own life experiences. In the second book, Damaged, the main character, Bella, gets addicted to painkillers in an attempt to deal with her sexual assault. It really doesn’t help much with her depression, and at some point, she attempts suicide. Not only did I attempt suicide, but I was assaulted as a teenager. It wasn’t something I ever reported because I really didn’t think of it that way. All I knew was how I felt afterward—like I was always dirty. I used these experiences to help get into the emotions that Bella would be feeling, even when she truly started getting help dealing with her depression.

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

I’ve been trying to think of an answer for the first half of this question for days and I got nothing. None of them are easy. They are each complicated and irritating in their own way, though I do love them all… most of the time. Some days I want to chuck them in a volcano until they cooperate. Other days, I can’t get them to shut up and let me sleep. Or drive. Or take a shower in peace.

Every character I create or pops up in my head has some kind of traumatic history. Whether it’s an addiction they had to kick, some form of abuse they had to overcome, or something else entirely, something made them the way they are in their current predicament. Or you’re seeing it unfold, like with Bella in the Dark Road Series. They each have their difficulties.

As for the hardest, before Prisma Isle, it used to be Gervasio. I had a hard time getting in his head. It wasn’t until a friend suggested I interview him that I began to understand his perspective and why he believed his actions were right. After Prisma Isle, hands down, it’s Thalasia. She’s hard because she doesn’t want to give me her secrets! See above in regards to volcano. She’s one of them I wanted to throw.

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Author Spotlight: Lannie Sheridan

This week’s author is Lannie Sheridan. She is an amazing and talented woman. I met her a few years ago at the convention I attend every year. I’ve watched her grow and thrive. It’s been amazing. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

Princess Amirilla VI of Mercury, known as Rilla to her friends and family, is the eldest daughter of the royal family. After losing her brother, Amdis, five years previous, it’s now time for her to take her place as a general in the Intergalactic Court. Everything seems to be going according to plan, that is until Rilla starts having strange dreams of the past and visions that she can’t remember clearly. Like her mother, Rilla has what’s known as oracle blood, which gives her visions or premonitions of the future. Add in family troubles and political issues that come with her new role as a general and Rilla has her hands full. With time growing short, can Rilla remember her visions and discover that they’re trying to warn her of before its too late?

The system is in a shambles. Entire planets have fallen to mysterious, swift, and deadly attacks from an unknown enemy. The Empress must attempt to assemble the remaining generals and call them to arms. Meanwhile, Shadow faces events of his past which may cause him to have to take an unspeakable risk to save the galaxy.

About Lannie Sheridan

I’m just a simple girl with stories to be told. I was born and raised in a small town in Virginia and I currently live in sunny Florida. I’ve always loved to write and its the one thing that I like to think I do well. I’d like to one day be a stay at home writer but for now, I have a day job that pays the bills.

Interview With Lannie Sheridan:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

Well, so far I have 2 books published, both are part of the same series. I call it the Shadow series simply because Shadow is a character in it and its part of all the titles; Shadows of the Past, Dancing with Shadows, and When Shadows Fall (which I’m still working on). The series follows the eldest daughter of the Mercury royal family, Rilla, as she deals with politics, family drama, war, and secrets and mysteries from the past. There’s action, humor, and even a little romance. I tried to make my first series something everyone can enjoy.

As for upcoming novels, well obviously I’m working on the last of the Shadow series, When Shadows Fall, which has been delayed due to a huge change in my life, which also made writing easier, well I hope at least. In February I gave birth to a little boy and I’m now a stay at home mom and writer. Writing is a bit hard when he demands all of my attention and tries to help type when at the computer. We’re starting to get into a daily routine of nap times so hoping more work gets done soon. In the meantime another project is in the works. My part is finished for the moment. H Gorlitz Scott of Dragonmun Studios is currently illustrating my children’s book, When Goblins Puppysit. (Image included is from this) I wrote it a few years ago and couldn’t afford to pay for illustrations so it was set aside. But now that I’m doing better financially and also with the arrival of my little one, I wanted to get this done soon. I’m hoping to have it in time for his first birthday, but I know better than rush great artists, especially one who is also a writer and mother herself.

After I finish the Shadow series I have a few other projects I’m working on. There’s the FAEted Path series which I intend to have at least 10 books for. It follows Tara, a young woman hunting dangerous beasts and magical beings while on her quest to avenge her family. Childhood Wishes is a story about what happens to imaginary friends when children grow up. It actually features my own imaginary friends, Jaye and the Goblins who are seen in my children’s book. Then there’s an untitled story of a young woman who travels back in time after making a deal with a being of extraordinary power. Still working on details for that. And finally I have a mystery series planned that follows a young reporter searching for her brother.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?

Hmmm not exactly sure when the exact moment happened. I’ve always lived creating stories even before I could write. I used to make up storirs and draw pictures for my grandfather when I was very small.

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

I keep writing. Even if I feel my stories aren’t good enough I know I’ll never get better if I don’t practice so I keep writing. I also remind myself to write the story I want, not what anyone else wants. David Bowie, who I admired greatly, once said “It’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other peoples’ expectations. They produce their worst work when they do that.” he also said,  “If you feel safe in the area that you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth, and when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.” I try my best to remember and follow that advice.

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing?

It would be easier to list ones that aren’t influenced by real life. Writing is the best way to deal with the stress of real life, so of course I included conversations and scenarios simular to ones I’ve actually dealt with. There’s a tshirt that I want to get so bad. It says, “Be careful what you say around a writer, it may wind up in her next book.” There’s also one about killing you off in a book, but I haven’t actually done that……yet.

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

Easiest….. well that would be a list actually, Rilla, Tara, Emi, Sam, Lilly, and Sarah. The main female leads in each story. I based them off of me for the most part. Now don’t get me wrong, they are not the same character. Each has a unique personality and backstory, but I put my self in their shoes and ask myself what would I do if it were me. The hard ones are the boys. They do their own things. I plan the story to go one way and then suddenly as I’m writing its as if they say, “nope, let’s go this way”. That’s why I gave up outlining my stories. But if had to pick, Shadow is the hardest to write, mainly because he’s based on my husband but different enough that he follows a certain path. My husband doesn’t read my drafts anymore because, while Shadow is based on him, he says he does the exact opposite of what he would do. But that’s why these stories are fiction. 

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Author Spotlight: Christina Lanier

This week’s author is Christina Lanier. This is yet another author I met at Literary Love of Savannah. She’s so kind and talented. I met her before she published her first book. Now she has three! Watching her grow and be so confident and in her element has really inspired me. I didn’t participate in the event she held last year, but I watched it closely. I was so impressed with her ingenuity. I am so glad and so honored to know her.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

A young girl’s life is turned upside down when a research experiment throws the world into apocalyptic turmoil. Separated from their parents, Hannah, along with her two younger sisters, must brave Earth’s transformed population in an effort to reunite their family. With danger at every turn, survival becomes her sole focus. Struggling to determine whether each person she meets is good or evil, she must also discover how she herself has been slated.

Hannah Marsh has survived the beginning of the apocalypse. She managed to keep her two little sisters alive long enough to reunite their family. Everything should be perfect…but Hannah knows better than anyone that nothing is ever perfect. The government has found a way to contain every infected person, trapping them all together, her dad is acting suspiciously like a Bad-born, her sister is trying to act out, and every day it becomes more painfully obvious that she just doesn’t fit in. When her sister gets herself into a bad predicament, it falls on Hannah’s young shoulders to try to save her. She survived the Bad-born once. What could go wrong?
**This book features a 17-year-old girl fighting for her life during an apocalyptic world. It is book 2 in the series and contains a lot of violence.

Hannah is only seventeen and the apocalypse has torn her world apart. She’s survived so much from watching her neighbors kill each other to saving her sister, Kelsey, from the Bad-born. But, now, her parents are both dead, Kelsey hates her, and she, Maya, and three of her friends have been captured and imprisoned by the same doctor who created the infection! Dr. Lewis did something to her…changed her somehow. They’re all being treated like criminals on death row who are just around to be experimented on and controlled. Everyone around her, right down to Hawk (leader of the Bad-born), seems to have lost their fight already. Hannah can’t blame them. She’s struggling to keep it together; but Maya is counting on her. When will it ever be enough? Will Hannah be able to find a way out of her new prison? Or will she crumble under Dr. Lewis’s plans for her?

*This is book three in the Slated series. It is recommended to read the other books in the series prior to this one. As this book is apocalyptic, it does contain violence.

About Christina Lanier

Christina Lanier lives on the Atlantic coast. She enjoys spending time with her family and homeschooling her kids. Books were a much-needed escape route during her younger years. Being able to offer that same escape to others has been a goal of hers for a long time. When she’s not reading, writing, or homeschooling, she can usually be found on the beach with her four children and her fiancé.

Interview With Christina Lanier:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?
So far, I’ve published three books out of five in my Slated series. This series revolves around a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the apocalypse.
Upcoming, I have a novella that I will be releasing. The book is Discarded, and is book 0.5 in a new series (the Changed series) that I’ve been working on. This series is about children that are being experimented on and “changed” in the not-too-distant future. 

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?
I actually never really decided “I want to be an author”. My situation was more that I’d always enjoyed writing. About six years ago, I started noticing characters in my head, just begging me to write their stories, so I got started, and here I am now with three (soon to be four) published books.

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?
I try not to focus on doubts about my writing. I just write. I concentrate on putting just one scene, then the next, and the next until the book is finished. I have ARC readers that will look it over and if there’s anything that had been bothering me while I was writing, I specifically ask my ARC team about it to see how it came across.

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing?
Absolutely! There hasn’t been much reflected in my Slated series, but there are definitely some life experiences that are present in book 0.5 “Discarded: The Changed Series”. You’ll have to check it out to know what I mean, because otherwise, it’ll ruin the story.

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?
The easiest character for me to write about was probably Love Button. She appears in book 2 of my Slated series and, while completely nuts, she was a fun, memorable character to write.  The hardest was Taryn. She’s 6 in Discarded, and I actually cried through a lot of what I wrote about her because I related to it so much.

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Author Spotlight: MK Mancos

This week’s author is MK Mancos. This is another author I met at Literary Love of Savannah. She’s such a total sweetheart on top of being a fantastic author. My mother absolutely loves her books. She’s a huge fan of her. I am quite the fan myself if I’m being honest.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

The war for the Seelie Court is close at hand…

High school life is hard. Navigating cliques, clubs, and committees can be a full-time job for the uninitiated. Take me for instance, I never fit in and take great pains to keep it that way.

It’s harder to be aloof when the hottest jock in the entire student body asked me to help him figure out an odd energy stream he discovered in the woods.
Now, his girlfriend is bullying me, I’m making weird things happen with my mind, and my parents dropped the bomb that I’m one of the fae.

Learning my new powers isn’t easy when I’m fighting off attacks from the Unseelie, trying to decide if I’m going to prom, and finding out exactly what it all means.

I’m Peony Nash, and I’m one of the Castle Street Fae

A holy war rages in the Sangrah Provinces.

As the premier of the Order of Sopha, it is Kree Janus’ sworn duty to ensure her sect of sexual mystics survives the genocide waged by the Theocratic Council. Having traveled to the city of Kemar, she is trapped in a warehouse by one of the theocratic enforcers, a Druma warrior who hunts by pheromones. Captured and taken to a secret hideout away from the long arm of the guards, Kree’s survival now depends on the plans of her sworn enemy, a man who brings all her sensual desires and pleasures raging to the surface, even in the face of peril.

As a full Druma warrior, Eavan desMort has conditioned himself in all forms of torture. None of it prepared him for being so close to Kree and the sophatic alleles that course through her blood. Contracted as an enforcer for the theocrats, his assignment is to bring in the Sophite premier in for execution. However, the Druma have their own agenda which does not align with the country’s rulers.

Charged by his people to bring Kree to their settlement, he has taken vows to die for her if necessary. Nothing, however, prepares him for the overwhelming call of her flesh. It is a temptation that could mean the very loss of his honor if he gives in. It is a chance he is willing to take, to protect her from those who pursue them.

As the fugitives run for freedom, sinister monoliths are discovered, with technology so advanced Eavan and Kree must risk detection by their pursers to uncover the purpose and save their beloved homeland.

Sometimes the things that go bump in the night are there to protect the innocent.

Four hundred years ago, Tristain St. Blaise worked as an apprentice for alchemist Benito Achilles. An experiment went terribly wrong, fusing an entity to Tristain’s soul, turning him from an enlightened man of reason to one of dark passions. Now, to find some measure of redemption, he wears the mantle of a hired killer, protecting innocents and ridding the world of men like Achilles.

Angelia Lightheart has worked hard to purge her life of unhealthy relationships. One night in a dark Manhattan alley, she is saved from a would be rapist by a man who seems able to look through her very soul into the weary heart she hides from the world.

As Angelia and Tristain fall in love, his work as a contract killer brings him fact to face with the one responsible for his immortal state–endangering not only their love, but Angelia’s life.

When the corpse of an unidentified species is found in the woods near Pine Haven, New Jersey along with a human female, anthropologist Edie Campbell is called in by local law enforcement and the medical examiner to help identify the strange humanoid male. The discovery of a heretofore unknown species is thrilling for Edie, up until she realizes the creature recently mated with the human female.

Questions form with no apparent answers until Aidan LaMont arrives in Pine Haven to identify his cousin’s body. But the secretive Aidan hides as much of the mystery surrounding the strange creature as he explains, and Edie has no doubt that behind the heat in his amber eyes, he knows much more than he’s willing to tell.

About MK Mancos:

MK Mancos lives in Florida with her artist husband, Dave and irrepressible dog, Lily. When she isn’t dreaming of paranormal creatures falling in love, she is visiting the stars or parallel dimensions under her other pseudonym, Kathleen Scott.

Interview With MK Mancos:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?
I’ve published so many different types that I should really break it down by genre. However, I will say that most of my books contain some element of mystery and romance. Mystery because I love the intrigue angle and solving things, and romance because love makes the world go around. – My upcoming novels are a military fantasy/steampunk with dragons. The series is called Dragon Wars and the first novel is titled Brass Dragon. I hope to have that one out by Halloween. Also, coming out in the fall will be the sequel to The Host: Shadows. The second book is The Host: Bloodlust and features Julien St. Blaise and the daughter of Benito Achilles. If you haven’t read Shadows yet, I suggest reading it first before Bloodlust. Not that it’s really needed since both books can stand alone, but the overall experience will be much richer.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?
I’ve known since probably 8th or 9th grade. I used to write really horrible books during my summer vacations to pass the time and keep my mind occupied. I didn’t start getting serious about possibly writing for publication until I was in my mid-late 20s.

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?
From my perspective an author’s craft is constantly evolving, so if I have doubts, I go back to basics and figure out what I might have done wrong and correct it. That being said, even Brandon Sanderson has said he has felt like a hack at times. If he can feel that way, then I’m in pretty good company. Though, in all honesty, the best medicine for doubts is to have someone tell you how much they loved your books.

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing?
Yes. I use my experiences working in healthcare for the past 30 years in a lot of my books. Not that I write medical-centered stories, but because it makes writing body trauma and illnesses so convincing. Even in my space operas, I’ve drawn on my knowledge to make gadgets used in medical bays seem plausible.

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?
My easiest characters were from some of my earlier space operas. They just came to me fully realized. Also, the characters in my Castle Street Fae series. They spoke loud and clear in my mind. I simply took dictation for them. The hardest in terms of characters, I don’t think there have been any. There have been plots and situations I’ve been stuck on, and yes, maybe that does fall back on not having a good enough handle on the character and their motivation or driving force. Simply, not knowing what their next step should be.

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