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Beautifully Wicked

The Complete Series

Voclain Academy Books 1 – 4

A High School Bully Romance 

By Jordan Grant

Narrated by: Lula Larkin

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A tortured antihero bound to a brutal contract. A broken heroine with a sharp tongue. A relationship that could save them both if she’ll allow it.

Ian Beckett, according to Harlow:

1. Voclain Academy’s drop-dead gorgeous, all-star quarterback.

P.S. Dear Ian: See number one and take the drop-dead part literally.

2. Sole heir to a massive family fortune that dates back centuries.

3. Wicked bane of my freakin’ existence with a PhD in dirty talk.

P.P.S. Dear Ian: Think of your mouth like a plane door. I’m gonna need you to keep it shut for the duration of our flight.

Harlow Weathersby, according to Ian:

1. Stunning creature with a smartass mouth I want to devour.

P.S. Harlow: Can we stop this already, sweetness? We both know you want me.

2. Blonde angel delivered from heaven straight onto my lap.

3. Beautiful girl caught in a game she never wanted to be a part of and doesn’t understand.

P.P.S. Harlow: Stick around. I’ll teach you the rules, sweetness.

From Jordan Grant comes an enemies-to-lovers, 334,000-word series that takes the listener on a wild ride of epic clap-backs, Grade-A dirty talk, addiction, and loss.

This series contains bullying, foul language, high heat content, and drug and alcohol use, which some listeners may find triggering. Due to the above, it is intended for a mature audience.

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Beautifully Yours Audio Release


Beautifully Yours

Book 3 in the Voclain Academy Series

A High School Bully Romance 

By Jordan Grant

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Beautifully Wanted: Book 2

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When I broke my arm in fifth grade, the doctor told my parents and me that it would grow a callous, a protective shield, which would make it stronger than ever before. I’m like that bone. I won’t break. I’ve already been broken, and I’m stronger for it. I’ve grieved for my brother. I’ve hated myself. I have healed.

Bring it on, Voclain Academy.


I’ve ruled these grounds for three long years. I should have been expelled on at least six separate occasions, and those are just the ones I remember between the booze and the blackouts. I was a king known for a quick fuse and an even quicker right hook. 

But I promised Harlow I would holster my fists senior year. Some of my classmates bring out the worst in me though and keeping that promise is going to be harder than I thought. She’s the only tether on my wrath. Pull that tether too tight, and it will snap. Then Hell will unleash on all of us. 

Watch your back, Voclain. 

Note to listeners: This book contains bullying, foul language, high heat content, and drug and alcohol use, which some listeners may find triggering. Due to the above, it is intended for a mature audience. 

Endurance Audio Release



By Dakota Willink


Narrated by Wen Ross & Kai Kennicott

Genre | Tropes: Contemporary Romance | Racing Romance | Sports Romance

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It was time to prepare for a new kind of race—the race to Kallie’s heart.


As the son of a Formula One racer, the need for speed was in my blood.

But in the blink of an eye, my life in the fast lane came to a screeching halt.

With my racing career gone, I had no choice but to endure a new way of life.

And that’s when I met her—Kalliope Benton Riley.

She wasn’t my usual type at all. She was a total hippie, packaged to perfection with flowy dresses and rainbow-colored hair wraps. She had outlandish ideas about the stars, the moon, and predetermined destiny. Ridiculous.

Yet, I couldn’t turn away from her mesmerizing green eyes. She was more than a pit stop. She was my addiction—my checkered flag.


Six years ago, a psychic gypsy gave me a warning. She said I was cursed when it came to romance and destined for a life of disappointment and heartache.

She was right.

So when the opportunity to move across the country presented itself, I was more than ready for a change—but that change was not supposed to include someone like Sloan Atwood.

He was arrogant and cocky.

Avoiding him should have been easy, but every time I looked at him, the attraction grew stronger.

I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe—just maybe—Sloan could be the one to break the curse.

Then I saw a California sunset.

The gypsy had warned me about those too.

As the sun dropped lower in the sky, my heart knew I couldn’t box this lap.

There would be no winners in this race. Total shut down was the only way to prevent permanent damage.

From International Bestselling Author, Dakota Willink, comes the third book in the Fade Into You series, an emotionally-charged sports romance will leave your heart racing!

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