Review Request Guidelines

  1. I do have a pretty tight review schedule between multiple requests and platforms. If the book is unreleased, I will do my best to read the book by the release day. I will also try my best to pick up a copy when it’s a released. For already released books, please allow a 1-2 month turn around. I will place it in my calendar for a month out once it’s given.
  2. I do not post to Amazon at all. I post to multiple other platforms: my blog, Instagram, Goodreads, TikToks, and others. Some platforms post to other platforms as well. Especially my blog and Instagram.
  3. I will post honest reviews. HONEST. I will NOT place that I got the book as a gift in exchange for review. I’m appreciative of the gift, but I want to focus on the review itself and my thoughts on the book. If you require this to be placed in my review, I’m not the right fit for you. I will also not give a star rating just because you asked for it. That would take away from it being an HONEST review.
  4. Sending me emails to remind and check in is fine. However, if you do it multiple times a week, it will make me feel pressured and uncomfortable. Please understand that I do have a very busy schedule. I’m reading as quickly as I can. Contacting me multiple times in a short time is just taking away from the little reading time I actually have.
  5. Be respectful. Please keep in mind that I am not being paid to read reviews. I’m using my free time to read and I’ve gotten and requested a lot of books over the years. Please understand that. I understand that it took you hours to get this book written and edited. I know how much time and effort you put into the book. I appreciate you. I will get your book read and promoted. Have faith.

If you are comfortable with these and would still like to send out an invitation for review request, you can reach me at Thank you so much for your time.