Review Request Guidelines

  1. I have been reviewing since 2013. Sadly, I went overboard and accepted too many over the years. I have many books to read. I am now taking my requests a lot more seriously. I’ve also taken a zen approach to this. I’ll focus on the present and future requests. This is not saying I won’t be reviewing previous books. I’m just not going to stress myself over them. I’ll prioritize the current ones and read the previous ones as I go.
  2. Please don’t give me a timeline in which to read the book. I understand and appreciate that you are giving me a free copy of your book. However, I’ve never been good with timelines of any kind. I rebel against them unconsciously. I don’t want to upset you or myself by not meeting deadline. So if you have a time sensitive review, I’ll go ahead and pass. That being said, I’m not opposed to buying a copy to read and review in my own time. I’m also not opposed to helping you promote the book.
  3. I will absolutely not give a book a 5-Star rating just because you asked for it. If I really enjoyed the book, I’ll give the book the rating it deserves. If you make a request expecting me to do 5-Stars just because you’re requesting, you will be turned down.
  4. I DO NOT write reviews for a book I can’t or won’t finish. I will contact the author specifically on why I couldn’t read it so we can move forward from there. However, more often than not, I go back and read the book I put down in the future anyways.
  5. I absolutely refuse to put that I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for a review. The fact of whether or not reviews or pulled due to that being in the review doesn’t matter. I simply don’t feel it should be in the review. How I got the book is unimportant in the long run. My opinion of the book is what matters.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll add more if anything comes to mind. As I’m turning over a new leaf, some of my previous rules just dont apply. Please feel free to contact me with any requests at