My Birth Month!

So, tomorrow starts the month of August. I’m convinced I slept through June and July, but I digress. August is my birth month! My birthday is August 15th! I’m trying to get better on being excited for my birthday. Enjoy the moment if you will. So here we are!

I thought of trying something fun. I don’t know how this is going to pan out. I’m excited for it though. I’m going to make a list of ten reading challenges. They can be completed anytime in the month of August. Anybody is welcome to participate. Please include #BirthdayBookChallenge2022 on your posts so that I have a chance to see them all!


  1. Read a book with a friend.
  2. Read a book recommended to you.
  3. Blindfold yourself and pick a book from your TBR.
  4. Read a graphic novel.
  5. Read a book with a purple cover.
  6. Read a book gifted to you.
  7. Read a book with your pet.
  8. Read a book with cake on the cover.
  9. Read an anthology story. (Or the whole thing!)
  10. Read a book from your favorite genre.

This is just completely for fun. Sadly I don’t have the funding to offer a giveaway or anything. I really would love if you joined in anyway. Challenges and readathons are two of my favorite things! It will be like you’re celebrating with me! Don’t forget #BirthdayBookChallenge2022

Hi! I’m Nikkie And An Explanation/Apology

Hello! My name is Nikkie! I’m an avid reader! I’m also a gamer!

For quite a while, I’ve been feeling like blogging was a chore. I thought if I revamped it that it would help. Then I took a health hit. My mental health took a hit too. I took the time to really reflect upon myself. There are things that I want to start doing, and there are things that I want to stop doing.

One of the biggest mistakes I feel like I made was trying to turn the blog into a full-time income. I know that there are people that have made it. I just realize now that I’m not cut out for it. Would it be amazing if I could? Yes. Do I have the experience and drive to push it to that point? I don’t really think so. I would like to think of something that I can do to earn an income that puts me more in charge of my work. I just don’t know what to look into. I’m willing to put in the training to make it happen. I just need a starting point and I’m good to go. I’ll get there.

The other biggest mistake I made is posting what I felt others wanted to see. Some of the posts I’ve made I’ve really enjoyed, but there are some that I only posted because I thought I had to. I even posted three blogs a day at one point. It was a lot. I started to realize while I was down that if I’m not enjoying making the blogs, it’s going to fall flat.

So enough about the negatives. Let’s focus on the positive. What will be changed from here? How will I find my love for blogging again? To start with, I’m focusing on what’s important to me. Reading and connecting with people. The number of views are great. Don’t get me wrong. My priority is to make friends here that I have things in common with. Another thing I did was a makeover to my blog. I tried to use something that fit my personality a bit more. I probably would have chosen something Avril Lavinge related. I’m so obsessed with her. LOL!

My Goals:

  1. I will still post every day. It will just be things I’m in the mood to talk about rather than something scheduled. And it won’t all be book related. For instance, next week, I’ll be in Savannah for the yearly convention I go to. I’ll probably do a post every day about how the day before was. Maybe share my goodies I got as well. Just whatever topic is on my mind that day.
  2. I plan to get better at posting my book reviews right away. I am strongly considering giving myself a day or so to reflect on the book before I review it though. I still have reviews I need to get written and posted. That will happen!
  3. I’m going to start getting better at visiting and interacting with other blogs. I also plan to follow anybody who follows me back. As long as I can tell it’s a real account and not a bot or suspicious blog.
  4. Enjoy the books I read. One of the things I’ve really done that I wish I could take back is that I said yes to every single request and signed up for every blog tour with a review. I didn’t respect my lack of time to read. Working a full-time job makes reading time precious. I was expecting to read 3-5 books a week. When in reality, I was lucky to get 1-3 in. I felt like I’ve let so many people down when I’m constantly falling behind. That’s weighed heavily on me. I do plan on getting the books I promised read and reviewed, but I’m going to do it on my terms so reading doesn’t become a chore again.

I’m not going to share my reading progress anymore. It started making me feel certain ways. I’m not trying to compete with other readers. I’m trying to share my love of reading and connect with people who read books similar to what I read. I think that the reviews I post will be good enough on sharing my progress.

That’s all I can think of to include in this blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. You are amazing to me. You take time out of your busy day to read my blog. I am grateful to you and want to interact with you! If you have a blog, I want to follow it if I’m not already. I’ll do my best to start reading blogs and interacting with them soon. I’m turning over a new leaf and looking forward to seeing how things go!

A New Routine

I thought I would attempt freestyle. I was falling into a rut and wanted to do something that would help drag me out if it. It really did help. But quite frankly, I love my routine. I think that has a lot to do with my ADHD. But anyways. This is an announcement! I’m bringing back the daily themes! I’m not going to schedule anything but promo blogs. I’ll most likely make and post them after work as I’ll be working night shift. Also, until I’ve caught up on all reviews, I’m going to be attempting to post one book review a day starting tomorrow. After I’m caught up, I’ll be posting reviews once I’m finished with book.

Okay I’ve rambled enough. Here’s the weekly schedule!

Manic Monday– This will be a free for all. Anything I want to post about. Book or not book related. I find that I’m pretty creative on Mondays, so I thought this might be a good thing to do.

Top Ten Tuesday– This is actually not mine. It’s a meme that a lot of bloggers do. I haven’t done one in a long time. I plan to start doing it again.

WWW Wednesday– This is another blog meme. This one I’ve really missed and am really excited to start up again!

Book Thoughts– This will be any random book thought. Most likely it will be from a topic I picked up on TikTok if I’m being honest. There’s a chance that I will probably also talk about topics more than once.

Social Media Posts– I’ll share four of my favorite Instagram or TikTok posts that I’ve made throughout the week. I’m hoping this holds me accountable for posting more.

What I Wish For– I’ll highlight a book that I really hope to own one day and why I want to own it.

My Reading Stats– I will highlight my reading progress for the week. I’ll also share what I hope to read the next week. I also may highlight some comments I got on my blog that I loved throughout the week as well.

Just writing it out has excited me so much! I will be officially starting this on Monday. I sincerely hope you enjoy! I’d love to start making more connections. More book friends if you will!

Book Recommendation Requests

I made a video requesting book recommendations for a certain kind. I didn’t really get any response. I’m going to try again. I’m hoping that I will have better luck with it in writing. I’ll make a list of recommendations I’d like here. Please comment or message here with any recommendations you have. Links would be preferred, but if you give title and author that would be fine too.

  1. Nonbinary/Gender Neutral rep. This can be fiction or nonfiction. I’d like to learn more about them. What better way to do it than reading about it.
  2. Polyamory rep. Spice level doesn’t matter. I’d prefer the plot to hold firm with or without the spice.
  3. LitRPG. I’m finding I’m really liking these. I’d really love to start reading more.

That’s all I can think of right now. I’d appreciate any recommendation. I’ll add them to my wishlist until I’m able to get a copy of them. Thank you in advance!

My Week

I’ve officially completed the third week of training! I really feel with everything in my being that this is going to be a job I stick with for a long time. I have five more weeks of training and then I move on to production!

It has been an intense week though. I took on too much that was due in a limited time! So I basically had work mode and then deadline mode all week long. I was go go go until I fell asleep!!!! I’m looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow. Well, I do plan to read, but yeah!

Now that I’m finally in the groove of things, my blogs will balance out a bit more. I’ll have a personal post every day. On days I have scheduled promos, you’ll see two blogs from me. This will start on Monday. Until I’m caught up on reviews, you may see that as my personal blog for the foreseeable future. I won’t lie. I am excited though!

I think I’ve talked myself out of things to say! Thank you for following my blog! I appreciate you! I’m going to get better about reading and commenting on blogs again! Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

New Job!!!!!

I have a new job! I’m hoping it will stick. I’ve had a rough period for awhile now. It’s only going to get rougher before it gets better sadly. I will still do a post a day, but I am not going to plan things out as mucn until I adjust to my new schedule. Please bare with me. I will get there. I have plans to drop a lot of reviews that I’m behind on. I also plan to post about future readathons. I’d also like to do a weekly goals thing. I’m not sure how successful I will be with that right away. We will see. Thank ou all for your support. I really appreciate it. It motivates me to continue to post.

New Logo and Game Plan

Some of you may have noticed that I really haven’t been posting like I normally was lately. I’ve started feeling like my blogs were a chore. So, I let myself off the hook. I experimented with something, and it was successful. It not only got me out of my rut, it sparked a very big creative spark in me.

That being said, I have decided on a new strategy. I have been following the advice of somebody I trusted and putting out a schedule. I was a bit too neurotic about it and probably overdid it, but I digress. The advice was sound. I’m sure that it works for many people. The problem is, I’m discovering it doesn’t work for me, and that’s okay.

I also made a new logo. I actually made it! It’s not something I’m skilled at, but I’m proud with what I came up with! I love editing things even if I’m not the most skilled. It’s a passion of mine! It’s just so relaxaing. Especially while listening to audiobooks!

From here on, I will make a point to post one blog a day. Sometimes more. I will still be running promotional blogs when I have them to post. I believe I will still schedule those for 10 am when I have them. Those are different in my opinion. I will also post whatever it is I’m in the mood to post. Some days I will post book reviews. Some days I’ll post movie/tv reviews.

I will be posting book reviews more often. I need to catch up on the reviews I haven’t posted yet. I’ll be posting reviews individually. Until they are all caught up, I will be posting them as I write them. So there may be multiple ones in a day. I wanted to start doing video reviews, but I’m still on the fence about that.

Thank you all for supporting me. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. It keeps me motivated to keep being creative and moving forward. I hope you enjoy the blogs that come from here. Blessed be!

April Readathons

It’s the last day of March. How is this even possible? What happened to February? January?

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring up readathons I’m attending in April. It’s definitely going to be action packed. I’m very excited!

April Readathons:

Seasons of Reading Readathon- April 1st-30th (Spring into Horror)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- April 8th-10th
AYearathon- April 11th-17th (Go Green- Ebooks/Audiobooks)
TBR Jar Readathon- April 22-24
Dewey’s Readathon- April 30th

Let me know if you’re attending any of these!

My TBR Jar Readathon Results

Last weekend, I hosted my monthly TBR jar readathon. It went better than I expected! It also left me drained and needing a few days to recover. I should be back to normal tomorrow! I also got my equipment today for my new job that I start next Tuesday. I’m excited! Anyways, my point of this blog was to share my progress with you all! I will share my Tiktok videos and a photo of my notes through the event!


#Inverted My TBR Jar Readathon first picks! Sorry for the blunders! I get nervous!

♬ original sound – Star’s Books & Tea

March TBR Jar Readathon

I’m so excited! I’ll be hosting our monthly readathon. I haven’t fully participated in this one in a while and I’m so excited to get back. I’d really like to see the group grow and more people join this. We don’t just do these readathons. We also post our reading progress and post about other readathons going on as well. If this is something that interests you, please consider joining by clicking here. If I get more members, I may consider making a discord server for those who don’t really care to get on Facebook. It has to be something wanted first though. Come give us a try! We start at midnight tonight your time and it’s over midnight Sunday (technically Monday) your time! If you join, please enjoy!!!!

About the TBR Jar readathon:

You put books in the jar (or hat or whatever you want). You pick from the jar. Whatever it is you pick is what you read. That’s your book until you either put it down or finish it. Then you pick again and repeat the process until the readathon is over. If you run out, you can add others! It’s a fun way to relax and read on a whim.

All are welcome! Please please please join!!!!