Writing Prompts: Hell and Spider

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Hell and Spider

Jade was unsurprised to wake up and find that she had managed to be sent to Hell. It’s not like she lived the best life in the world. She was hired to do many unspeakable things in her life. She had no regret on anything she did. She sat up and stretched. If she was going to be here, she may as well make the most of it. The first thing on her agenda was getting a feel for the place.

As she was walking around, she noticed that Hell wasn’t really much different than Earth itself. It was just a bit hotter than she was used to. Not that that really bothered her much anyway. She was used to living in hot climates. She also noticed that there were a lot more spiders in Hell than there were on Earth. At least she could say she knew where they came from with conviction now. 

After an hour of walking around, she grew bored. She made her way back to her quarters and was surprised to find a note on her bed. She picked it up and read it. Lord Lucifer requests your presence. Please wear the dress I have left with the note. She looked down to notice that there was a box that had been left with the note. Opening the box she found a deep blood red dress sitting neatly in the box. Smiling, she put the dress on and made her way to Lord Lucifer himself.

It didn’t take her long to get to him at all. He was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Just how he liked it to be. He wanted to be close to all of the chaos he could possibly manage to cause on any unsuspecting person. It was his favorite pastime. When he saw her approaching, he stood up. 

“We meet again.”


“I thought I made it clear that you weren’t welcome here.”

“You break my heart, Luce.”

“The last time you were here you caused so much chaos that it took me a decade to get everything back in order. Francine is still recovering from your torment.”

“Oh she’s a spider. She’ll get over it. Besides, I thought you enjoyed chaos and destruction.”

“Even I have my limits, Jade. You are just too much. Until you can learn to tame your ways, I do not want you here.”

“It’s not like I asked to be killed.”

“I’m sure you didn’t. I’m sure that our beloved creator was bored and wanted to give me a reason to stress again. I send you back to Earth. You live there for a while and then he gets bored and sends you back to me. What did I do to deserve this?”

“Do you really want the answer to that?”

“Jade! I don’t need your attitude. Can’t you see the situation I’m in?”

“You’re threatening to send me back to Earth! That’s cruel! Even for you!”

“Fine. I’ll give you a choice then. You can choose to go back to Earth and continue your terror there or you can choose to live here as my wife.”

“Your…. What??”

“You heard me. Don’t play stupid.”

“What I heard was insane. How do you expect me to be your wife to solve anything?”

“It doesn’t, but at least when you cause chaos I can explain that you’re my wife and it’s just in your nature…”

“Low blow.”

“Did you expect anything less from me?”

“Neither of these choices are appealing. You know that, right?”

“Did you expect me to make a pleasant option for you? Do you know who I am?”

“I know exactly who you are. Perhaps better than you think I do.”

“Enough! What’s the decision?”

Writing Prompt: Comfort and Dog

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of my writing may be more appropriate for mature audiences than for younger audiences or children. Please read with caution.**

Writing Prompt: Comfort and Dog

Jade opened the door to her apartment. She had had a rough day. It started when the day shift forgot to stock the bar. She was annoyed, but she could make it work, but she hated going into the cellar to retrieve more stuff. She knew Ford must not have worked that day. He would have had everything looking great for her. 

Sadly, when she went into the cellar, she found more than she bargained for. She found her boss bent over the table with her boyfriend, Luke, right behind him. They looked like they had been at it for a while based on the look of pure pleasure on their faces. The look of horror that replaced the bliss was almost worth having to see it. 

She wasn’t even going to confront the two. It’s not like her and Luke have ever really even had sex. She guessed he needed it from somewhere. The only thing that upset her was that he didn’t feel the need to tell her that he was interested in men. It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker, but she would have stepped aside and let him pursue his passions if he needed to. They had been together for five years, but they had known each other since they were in diapers. 

She decided to let it go and begin working. Business was starting to pick up. She had her usual regulars and some very obvious tourists stop in. Most of them tipped well. That cheered her up a bit. She knew she was going to need all the comfort she could get when her shift was over. She knew that her and Luke weren’t really getting along well lately. It seemed as more time went by that their time was over. It didn’t take the pain of it all away though.

As the hours went on, she noticed that Luke had decided to linger. She knew he was waiting on business to slow down so they could talk. That’s just how he was. Sadly, the business slowed down and she watched as he moved toward her. 


“Really? You’re going to start with babe?”

“I’ve been calling you babe since we were five. Cut me some slack.”

“I’m not mad for the reasons you think I am.”

“You… what?”

“Luke. We haven’t been okay for awhile. It’s obvious to us and everybody in town. I’m upset that you couldn’t bother telling me that you were into men. I would have supported you. You know that.”

“I know. It’s just hard. It’s really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I am into men. That the thought of a muscled man makes me shiver. People are going to look down on me for my decision.”

“They don’t matter, Luke. Those of us who love you will still be by your side when they leave. That’s where your focus needs to be.”

“You still love me?”

“Luke Allen Cains. Don’t you pull that on me. I’ve loved you since I was two years old. That’s not going to change just because we aren’t together anymore.”

“Shucks, Jade. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I get it. So are you and Tom….”

“Not yet. I don’t know. It’s so complicated.”

“You’ll figure it out.”

“Thank you.”

They hugged and said their goodbyes. The rest of the night went by uneventfully. It was pretty slow and she was able to get her usual prep work for her shift done before closing. She was even able to get a good chunk of reading in. The only other disruption was a fight that broke out. But Tom managed to break it up. Tom tried to talk to her, but she assured him that they were okay. He surprised her by crying and hugging her and telling her he wanted to talk to her about it from the beginning. She admitted that she wished he had. 

Jade shook herself from the thoughts of the night and the conversation that hadn’t gone as terribly as she thought it would. She was still wounded. She thought Luke would feel comfortable telling her anything. She was wrong. She stopped in her tracks when she noticed an odd smell. Then she heard a shuffle followed by a thumping. The thumping turned out to be a tail wagging.  

She inched closer to the dog she was sure hadn’t been here when she left. Not that she didn’t love dogs, but she just didn’t have one. She once had a cat, but he kept going next door to see the neighbor and eventually just quit coming back. It was fine with her. At the time she was working too much for a pet anyways. The dog seemed friendly and let her pet it. It was then she realized it had a note on it. 

Luke was a very bad boy. Nobody should ever hurt my Jade. At least I am comforted knowing that Shadow here never will. Take care, my love.

Writing Prompt: Chaos and Fox

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

Writing Prompt: Chaos and Fox

Anderson came home to find absolute chaos. His wife had left him for their neighbor. The entire house was in disarray. He didn’t know how he was going to move forward. He was beginning to regret joining the military and serving so many years overseas. Had he known what he would be coming home to, he would have thought twice. Then again, maybe him being gone so long was for the best. 

He sat on the front porch musing on the irony that his life was slowly becoming a country song. He never really cared for country music. He didn’t hate it. It just wasn’t really a genre of music that appealed to him. He was beginning to get lost in thoughts of creating words for the song of his life when he caught a movement in the corner of his eye,. He looked up to see a fox standing at the end of the yard looking at him.

“Sorry little one. I don’t have any food for myself. Much less a beautiful creature as yourself.”

I am not here for food. I am here to find someone.

“What in the bloody hell? DId you just talk to me?”

You can hear me?

They both sat there staring at each other in complete shock. Anderson hadn’t slept in several days. He was sure that he was just hallucinating. He would find himself awake in a few hours in his bed realizing that this was all just a dream. 

I suppose it is you that I have come for, then.

Writing Prompt: Forest and Warrior

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

Writing Prompt: Forest and Warrior

Shane woke up with a start. He was convinced that he had overslept. In a panic, he dove out the door to check the clock in the kitchen. He sighed with relief when he found that he was actually up thirty minutes earlier than he should have been. Taking one last look at the clock to be sure he read it right, he decided to take a morning stroll before he got ready for the day.

It still baffled him the trinkets his sister brought over from the human world when she came home. He did adore them though. He even let her decorate his home when he finished building it with as many of the trinkets as she liked. His favorite had been the clock. Most days, he didn’t really need it. It came in handy for the days he did. Not that he would ever admit that to dear Analese. 

After putting his shoes on, he made his way into the forest. It didn’t take him long to get to his favorite trail. He tried to walk on it for an hour several times a week. Sadly, he had so many demands on him that he couldn’t make it an everyday thing. Maybe one day things will be calm enough to where he could. Until then, he would enjoy his time. 

He felt at peace by the time he made it back to his home. That peace was quickly shattered when he saw his father standing at his doorway. The look on his father’s face could scare the most cold hearted villain. He wasn’t looking forward to this conversation at all. He knew he couldn’t avoid it forever. It was bound to come some day.

“Son. Why are you not out in the field training?”

“I’m not due at the training grounds for another two hours. You know this, Father. You made the schedule.” 

“You will not presume to back talk to me, warrior. You know your place. You should take your training seriously. We are at war. We will not send idiots blindly into battle unskilled.”

“Warrior? I was under the impression I was talking to my father on my own land. I wasn’t aware that I was speaking to my drill sergeant. My deepest apologies. I train twice as hard as any other warrior we have. They train three days a week. I train six. Let it go.”

“There are seven days in a week.”

“I can’t imagine why mother decided to leave you and put shame on the family. It couldn’t at all be your winning personality.”

“Enough! If you give me an attitude one more time, you will start your day with running ten miles. I will not be spoken down to again.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Much better. Do not forget that the formal meeting and banquet is being held tonight. All the important elves will be there. I expect you to be there, and I expect you to be properly dressed.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And have that troublesome sister of yours put on a dress and come too. It wouldn’t kill her.”

Writing Prompt: Deceit and Fruit

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you. Words may be reused, but the writing/story will always be different.

Writing Prompt: Deceit and Fruit

With a smirk, Summer took a huge bite of the apple that she picked up from the house. She always found herself ravenous after she had completed the tasks she set out to do. Her preference was always fruit, but in a pinch, any food would really do. She took one last look to make sure that all evidence of her was erased and headed out the door. 

If she did the job right, the family would never even know that she had ever been there. Nothing was missing. Nothing was even out of place as far as she knew. They would know. In the months that followed. They would watch as their world crashed down around them. They made it so easy for her. It was almost boring.

Was it really deceit if she was executing revenge for people? Could payback really be considered a form of betrayal? Yes, she got into these people’s lives and got into their heads so she could figure out everything she needed to cause the maximum pain. The thing is, she knew she was going to do it before she even made contact with them. That was her job. It had been for years. It wouldn’t stop now.

This latest one gave her the most satisfaction. A father had pleaded that she take on his case. Her piano teacher had been very inappropriate with his daughter. It turned out it had been going on for years. Her daughter had finally had enough and told her parents what had been happening. Sadly, because they had no proof, the police refused to even press charges. The piano teacher was very well known and respected in the community. They didn’t want to tarnish his reputation.

Summer had enjoyed accidentally running into Rachel at a grocery store. Not that it was actually accidental. She had been researching Chad’s life for weeks. Rachel was the easiest target. She had such a routine that Summer could practically walk it in her sleep. Naturally, Summer and Rachel hit it off and wound up becoming great friends. 

In the weeks that followed their friendship, Summer learned that Rachel pretty much knew about the allegations. She just turned a blind eye to it. It didn’t hurt her or her children any. That’s all that mattered to her. It also turned out that Chad had many victims. Including Rachel’s nieces. They made sure everything was kept quiet by paying the right people off. People with money could do that.

After Summer had all the information she needed and access to the house, she went in one day when everybody was out and about. She hacked into the main computer and routed all of the automatic payments that were going to the people in charge to local charities. Especially ones for battered women and children. 

Once the payments stopped, the investigation would begin. Chad would be going down for a long time. She wasn’t sure if anything would happen to Rachel, but she hoped there would be. The thought of Rachel knowing about all of the horrible things her husband was capable of and doing nothing to stop it made Summer’s stomach turn. What was the benefit? Keeping her lifestyle? Was the money really worth the pain?

Writing Prompt: Heaven and Mouse

Write as much as you can in fifteen minutes using two words given to you.

Writing Prompt: Heaven and Mouse

Beatrice shuffled slightly and then opened her eyes. She was confused. She didn’t feel any pain in her body at all. The stiffness she felt in her bones for years weren’t there either. She didn’t even feel the ache of her bladder begging to be released. She sat up and looked around. Nothing looked familiar at all. In fact, it looked like she was in a waiting room of sorts. She was just pondering what was going on when somebody approached her. 

“Mrs. Smith?”

“That’s me. Please, call me Beatrice. Where am I?”

“Okay, Beatrice. I’m more than happy to tell you where you are. You just have to promise not to be alarmed. Can you do that for me?”

“I can try.”

“That’s all we ask. You are in Heaven. You passed away in your sleep. Welcome. We are so glad you are here. There are many people just beyond the door that are so happy to see you again.”

“This explains so much. I woke up for the first time in years with no pain. I thought it was a miracle. I guess, in a way, it is. My poor Vivian. She will be so heartbroken. I was all she had left.”

“Don’t worry about that, dear. She will find love very soon. A woman will come into her life and sweep her off her feet. Her name will be Evan.”

“Oh dear. I always knew that she liked boys and girls. I was so worried that that would keep her from getting into Heaven. I never told her that. I loved her for who she was.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. We accept anybody who has accepted their savior into their heart and practices being good all of their lives. Vivan has done more than we could ever hope. Her heart is pure. Enough worry. Leave that here. Are you ready to cross over to the other side?”

“I am. Thank you. Please look after my Vivian.

“I will.” Evan told her as she guided her to the other side with a smile on her face. “Blessed be. May you finally find peace.”


Vivian woke with a start. She had had a strange dream. It wasn’t a good dream, but it wasn’t exactly bad either. She sat up and tried to recall the dream. 

It took thirty minutes. By the time she hashed it out, she bolted up off the bed. She frantically got dressed almost knocking her pet mouse off the dresser as she did. She frantically apologized to the mouse and left the room bolting down the hall and to the door. She barely took the time to lock the door before she bolted toward her car and started the engine.

She drove as fast as she could to her mother’s house. She knew in her heart it was too late. Her mother was gone. It had been coming for years, but the pain of it was just too much to bear. She pulled into her mother’s driveway and quickly got out of the car. 

She let herself into her mother’s house and made her way straight to her mother’s bedroom. She found her mother’s lifeless body and fell to the floor in shock. She couldn’t believe her dream was accurate. Did she actually see her mother in Heaven? Did she actually hear her mother’s last words. She couldn’t comprehend any of it. 


Vivan looked up in shock. She was surprised to see the woman that her mother had been talking to. She just kept staring at her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. This woman had been visiting her dreams for many weeks.

“I know you.”

“Yes. You do. I am Evan. I’ve been trying to prepare you for a while before your gift manifested.”

“My… gift?”

“Yes. You have the gift to communicate with the dead.”

Writing Prompt: Clown and Locket

Writing Prompt: Clown and Locket

Rose woke up before the sun. She didn’t care. She was excited. The fair was in town and her father had gotten tickets from his work to go the very first day. She couldn’t wait to go see everything there was to see and then come home and tell about it to her very jealous best friends. 

She wanted to feel bad they couldn’t come, but she wasn’t all that sad. This was the first thing that she had that they didn’t. They were always holding things they did without her over her head. For once, she had something they didn’t. While it made her feel bad, it also gave her a sense of pride. 

After sitting in bed for a little while longer, she finally decided to get up and shower and dress for the day. Her mother wouldn’t let her make up until she turned fifteen. That wasn’t for another six months. She made up for it by dressing as flashy as she could without crossing the boundaries. It irked her mother, but as she never broke any rules, her mother kept it to herself. She only made subtle suggestions on other things she could wear instead.

She decided to make breakfast for the family hoping it would earn her brownie points for a little bit extra spending money while she was at the fair. Her mother would appreciate it as she would most likely have to fight the twins tooth and nail to get ready to go. Even though they were as excited as her about going. She had just finished the last of the breakfast when her family started to wake.

After eating, the family quickly went to get ready for the day. Her parents were extremely happy that she cooked for them and they let her know it. They even told her how wonderful it all was. She was surprised to find that the twins ate all of their food with little complaint. The twins didn’t give any problems at all getting dressed and the family was out the door in less than an hour. Which was very unusual for them. 

The drive seemed to take hours, but it only took about fifteen minutes. It was still early, so they didn’t have to deal with a line to get in. The first place they went to was the ferris wheel. The twins were anxious to get on one. Once they got there and were waiting to get in line, Rose was surprised to be pulled aside by her parents.

“Your father and I talked very thoroughly about this. While we are still nervous, we both feel you’d be happier exploring the fair on your own.”


“Yes, baby. Please be responsible. Keep your phone on you at all times. Also, please text us to check in at least once an hour. Here’s some spending money. We’d like to have lunch as a family. We’ll text you where to go when it’s time.”

“Thank you, Mom! Thank you Dad! I love you!”

Rose hugged her mom and dad and watched as they walked back to the line with the twins who were impatiently waiting for the current ride to be over. She held off a squeal of delight and made her way to the place she really wanted to go. The maze. She had hardly made it ten steps forward when she was accosted by a clown. 

“Little girl. Should you be away from your Mommy and Daddy?”

“Excuse you! I’m fourteen years old. I’m practically grown.”

“Oh, child. You have a long way to go before you’re grown. Enjoy your youth while you have it.”

With that he promptly walked away. She shook her head. All adults were always telling her to enjoy her youth while she had it. They had no idea how annoying it was. She promptly went on her way. After looking for the maze for fifteen minutes, she finally found a map to consult. She was disappointed to discover that the maze didn’t seem to be a thing that year. 

She consoled herself by making a quick plan of the places that were there she wanted to go, including some new places that looked fun. She was just closing up the map and heading in the direction of the first place when she ran smack into somebody. She looked up to apologize and lost all words when she found herself eye to eye with Cody. Her biggest crush.

“Rose! I was hoping to find you here.”

“I-I-I What?”

“Oh Rose, you’re so adorable. I’ve always thought so. I’ve wanted to ask you out for a long time. I heard you talking about coming to the fair. I’ve been looking all over for you! Here!”

Cody reached out his hand to her. He held it out for a few seconds prompting her to open her hand. She did reluctantly. He promptly dropped a small beautiful necklace in her hands while beaming at her. She was shocked to find it was a beautiful locket with roses on it. 

“So, what do you say, Rose? Will you be my girl?”


Writing Prompt: Calm and Cottage

Writing Prompt: Calm and Cottage

Sarah woke up with a start. It took her a moment to orient herself and adjust to her surroundings. It all came back to her in an instant. The accident. The screaming. The crying. Everything. She knew she was safe now. The terror was over for her. She never had to live through the nightmare that was her life again. She felt a sense of calm wash over her. 

Getting out of the bed, she decided to explore all of her safe house. She was going to have to get used to not checking her phone or social media first thing in the morning. That would just lead him to her. It would lead them to her. She didn’t want that. She went through too much trouble to get herself put in safety to do that. 

Making herself a cup of coffee, she stepped out of the cottage onto her back porch. She always loved enjoying a cup of coffee while enjoying the scenery. It was one of her past times that she sorely missed once she’d chosen the life she found herself trapped in. 

She wouldn’t think about that. Not now. Not ever again. It was time to put it behind her. Everybody made mistakes. Even herself. She switched her thoughts to her family. It had been years since she was able to talk to them. Once it was safe, she was going to try to reach out to them again. She hoped they would forgive her for all that she put them through. She never meant to cause them pain.

Once she had finished her coffee, she went back into her cottage and straight to her bookshelf. One of the things she planned to take advantage of while she was laying low was catching up on her reading. She didn’t know that the friend who had been planning to help her escape had also been smuggling her books out of the house for her and putting them here. She could cry with relief. She was so thankful to him. She did miss their friendship dearly. She sincerely hoped he was safe. 

She wound up spending the rest of her day reading. She managed to finish the book she was working on and start another. She would have kept on reading had her stomach not reminded her that she had forgotten to eat anything and it was already dinner time. She was shocked how many hours had passed her by. It didn’t feel like any time had passed at all. 

She cooked herself a steak and a potato and took them to the living room to enjoy the book some more while she ate. She was just finishing her meal when she heard a noise outside. It was just getting dark outside. She was spooked. She had just written it off as her imagination playing tricks on her when she heard the sound again. 

She crept to the windows to the backyard and was shocked to find a wolf laying on her back porch. Her breath caught in her throat when the wolf turned and looked at her. It was alarming the way the wolf seemed to have a knowing look on its face. It was like the wolf knew who she was. It unnerved her.

Writing Prompt: Castle and Cake

Writing Prompt: Castle and Cake

The castle was decorated to the max. There were streamers and ribbons in every nook and cranny. Lights had been set out on every single walkway to the castle. This was an extraordinary night. Everybody was excited. The twins were turning sixteen. 

Everybody had watched these two grow up into the sweet girls they were today. They had turned into compassionate young women who cared about everybody and everyone around them. They didn’t let their social status cloud their judgment. They were humble and kind. Everybody loved to back in their presence. 

The only snag keeping everything from being absolutely perfect was the cake. Nobody could decide on the exact cake to make for the twins. While the twins were both kind and pure of heart, they were different in almost everything else. What one twin liked, the other twin generally didn’t care for all that much. Gwynn loved strawberries and vanilla, and Tabitha loved blueberries and chocolate. Gwynn loved painting and horseback riding, and Tabitha loved reading and writing. It goes on and on. 

“What about making two cakes? This is a special day. Why not make the cakes special as well.”

Everybody stared at Tom as if he’d grown a second head. He didn’t even flinch. He stared back at everybody keeping his stance. He knew he had a good idea and everybody else did as well. After conceding the point, they all got to work on making both of the beautiful cakes for the two beautiful girls. 

Just as they stored the cakes in their secret place until the big event, Gwynn walked in. She looked distraught and her clothes were disheveled. Everybody ran to her to help console her. Nobody knew exactly what had happened, but they all assumed the worst. Tabitha came in a few minutes later looking just as distraught. After several moments, Tabitha finally spoke up.

“It’s Shini. Somebody ran over our Shini.”


“I’m afraid she’s right. We found her just outside the castle gates.”

“Oh that’s so horrible! I can’t believe this. That cat never leaves these walls!”

“That’s what we thought, too. I guess today she braved it.Gwynn and I went to give her her food today and we couldn’t find her. We searched for an hour before finally finding her there.”

Everybody was too devastated to say much else. The cat had been around for as long as anybody can remember and was just as beloved as the twins were. Addie went and got some cupcakes for the girls to cheer them up a bit, but that’s all the action anybody made during that time. 

Writing Prompt: Talent and Flute

Writing Prompt: Talent and Flute

Mia pressed her head against the window and watched the world pass her by. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was defying her family and risking everything. Even her relationship with her supposed supportive boyfriend. She just knew in her heart that it was the right thing to do. This was her future. This would lead her to great things. Couldn’t they be happy about that? Why were they so intent on keeping her in the small town where she had no room to grow and thrive. 

She thought about the email that she got the week before. They raved about her audition video. They told her that her talent was just what their school needed. They were prepared to pay for her tuition and her room and board. All she had to do was meet with them and discuss everything. They also wanted to get to know her. They wanted to know what other talents and passions she hid from the world.

At first she was floored. She wouldn’t have sent an audition video to anybody. Yes, she wanted to. Especially this specific school. She’d dreamed of going there ever since the school came to her school recruiting and offering full scholarships to the most talented. Only one person knew she was considering going. Faith.

She had immediately called Faith and demanded an explanation for doing what she did. Faith couldn’t be more smug about her deed. She told Mia that her talent with the flute would get her far in life. It shouldn’t be wasted away just because Mia’s family wanted a live-in maid to take care of them for the rest of their lives. 

Mia wanted to be mad at her friend for going behind her back. She couldn’t though. She was just so happy that she would have the opportunity to live the life she wanted to live. She pretended to admonish her friend a little more before finally giving it up and thanking her friend sincerely. She had tears in her eyes at the end of that call. 

Pulling herself out of her reverie, she realized she was there at last. The bus was coming to a stop. She got up and grabbed all of her belongings. This was it. This was the moment that would change her life forever. She thought she would be more nervous than she was. All she felt was excitement. She felt a hope that she had never felt in her life. This was it. She was here.