Manic Monday: Healing

This Week’s Topic: Healing

I’ve been going through many things lately. I won’t go into many details. I’m not trying to get pity. I also know that there are many people who have it way worse than me. I really do get that. It doesn’t change the fact that my mental and physical health has recently taken a plunge. I’ve fallen out of a lot of the positive habits that I’ve worked so hard to build. Luckily, it was only temporary. I’m working on getting back into my groove now. I’m also working on realizing that I’m not perfect and that people aren’t going to judge me as badly as I judge myself for falling out of routine. Hopefully, my luck will remain good and some good things will come my way! Also, please know that I’m here for anybody who needs somebody. Nobody should ever feel like they are struggling alone.

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Manic Monday: An Important Change

This Week’s Topic: An Important Change

For those of you who don’t know, I post promotional blogs when they come across me. I’m always looking to promote for this blog segment. I used to have something posted every day. When there are blog tours that offer reviews, I jump on the review.

The problem is, I fall behind a lot. I’m a mood reader and a procrastinator. I always think I have more time than I do. I underestimate how long it’s going to take me to read a book. I mean I get them read and reviewed eventually. I still feel like I’m letting the author and promo company I’m working with down.

That being said, I’ve decided to not sign up to review for the tour. I’ll still read and review the book. Especially if it’s a genre I’m interested in reading.

I’m also going to be more conscientious about my book buying. I know most people would term this a book-buying ban. I’m not going to. If I say that, I will be tempted to buy books the entire time I’m on it. The way I do it, I will still buy books. I’ll just be mindful of the purchases instead of being impulsive about it.

I’m also going to stop accepting review requests and requesting books on Netgalley. Not permanently. Just for a little bit. I’m hoping that doing these three things, I’ll catch up on my reading. I also hope that I won’t feel like reading is a chore.

I’m really hoping these changes will work well for me. If anybody wants updates on this progress, please let me know.

Times are hard. If you would consider helping me out by the links below, I’d really appreciate it.

Manic Monday: Losing My Job

This Week’s Topic: Losing My Job

I made an important decision. While I don’t regret the choice itself, I do regret not thinking it fully through first. I’m in for some challenging times. It will get better. I know it. I just need to make it through the next month or so.

In a few weeks, I’ll be going to Savannah for my yearly convention. I’m very excited about it. Due to this change, I’m also a little nervous. I’ll make it work somehow. I always do. It’s not about thinking positive in this case. I’m just really determined when I set my mind to something.

My biggest issue with this job was that it was back-to-back calls for the entire shift. I mentioned in the hiring process that one thing I didn’t want was to be back to back the entire shift. I was assured confidently that that wouldn’t be a thing. I was also assured that there would be no problem with me going to Savannah in July. I was made to feel like this was a business that treated you like family and always made sure you were okay from day one of training. Most of these were a lie. I can’t prove they weren’t going to honor Savannah, but there was a conversation I had that made me feel like it wouldn’t be taken care of.

I don’t have anything against the company, and I’m not going to disclose the company name on here. It just wasn’t a good fit for me. Do I wish I had gotten another job before I bailed? Yes. Absolutely. Do I regret my decision to leave the company? No. Not at all. If they were willing to work with me, it would be different. They weren’t. It’s okay. I’ll be okay.

I’ve already been looking for another job. I’m looking for something that’s in the data entry or chat/email support. I don’t mind working a call center job. I just don’t want it to be a back-to-back all-shift long kind. Busy times happen. That’s a given. It just wears on you doing it 8 hours a day for 5 days a week.

This post isn’t meant to make anybody feel sorry for me. I just want to try to start being a little more personal on my blogs. I felt like my blogs were starting to turn a bit robotic. I’m hoping the change I made will change that. We shall see. Wish me the best with finding a new job!!!!

Times are hard. If you would consider helping me out by the links below, I’d really appreciate it.

Meet Piper!

Note: I did not post my reading stats yesterday because I actually didn’t read much yesterday. I read a couple of pages each day, but I just didn’t have the energy to read much at all. With luck, I’ll be back to normal and have a wonderful reading stats blog for you on Sunday!

With the mental and physical health issues I have had, I realized that I didn’t properly introduce my new puppy! Her name is Piper. She just turned 10 weeks old yesterday. At least I think. I was told she was 8 weeks old when I got her, and I’ve had her for 2 weeks. She’s the sweetest! Apparently, she’s the same breed as my other two dogs and will be just as big as they are, but I have my doubts. We will see! I’m going to enjoy her being little for now!

Manic Monday: Recommendation Requests

Book Recommendation Requests (In honor of pride):

  1. Demisexual Rep
  2. Bisexual Rep
  3. Asexual Rep
  4. Gender Fluid Rep
  5. Nonbinary Rep
  6. Polyamorous Rep
  7. LGBTQIA+ Horror Novels
  8. LGBTQIA+ Thriller Novels
  9. LGBTQIA+ Nonfiction
  10. LGBTQIA+ History

I know these are a bit vague. That’s because I’m completely open to any of these. I want to expand my reading with these topics. I’d like to educate myself better too. Feel free to leave recommendations in the comments! Hope everybody is having a wonderful Pride month so far!!!!!

June Goals

June Goals:

Work Goals:

  1. Perfect Attendance
  2. Maintain top performance status
  3. Connect with new team
  4. Do the best I can possibly do
  5. Work overtime when possible

Reading Goals:

  1. Maintain blog schedule (including reading books on time for the tours)
  2. Read at least one LGBTQIA book a week
  3. Get caught up on reading challenges
  4. Make at least two TikToks a week
  5. Connect with more readers and chat with them often

Personal Goals:

  1. Express myself better
  2. Keep on top of to-do lists
  3. Get prepared for LLS
  4. Zoom with people more
  5. Organize room and office better.

I’m seriously so overwhelmed that May is almost over. I feel like it just started a day or two ago! I can’t be the only one to experience this!!!!! Hope everybody has a great week!