Weekly Game Chat: 9/17/21

Okay so I did take some screenshots this week. I sadly didn’t take as many as I should. I really do need to get in a better habit. Anything that looks like it is a memorable moment in the game will get a screenshot from here on. I’m glad that people do enjoy this part of my blog. I just want to start highlighting my gaming better.

Guns of Glory:

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I’ve been playing at Guns of Glory a lot lately. I’ve almost gotten to where I do all my daily quests every day. They’ve added something new the other day. I’m still trying to get used to it. I do like some of the features of it though.

Yahtzee With Buddies:

I haven’t played this as much as I probably should. I have let quite a bit of tasks I should be doing go. I also won quite a few dice from dice claws. I just forgot to take screenshots of them. I need to put some work in it soon so I can get my family to top ten in Family Feast.

Word Craze:

Word Craze Answers

I found this game because of an ad that I watched while collecting rewards for another game. I planned to play it for a little bit and grow bored with it, but I haven’t. I’m actually really enjoying it very much. I’ve been playing it for about a half hour to an hour a day. I actually think I’d enjoy it more if I had friends to play it with.

What games are you playing these days?

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Weekly Game Chat: 9/3/21

I haven’t really taken any screenshots lately. I really will try to get better about that. In all honesty, I haven’t really played games as much as I have been. I’ve gotten on and gotten daily things done for the most part. I have fallen so far behind in Yahtzee that I lost practically all of my games. I almost quit playing because of it. I worked really hard to get all the games I had. I’ve decided to make time for it from here on.

On a positive note, I have found a good system for gaming. I also have all of my games sorted properly. I also want to start playing the computer games I keep collecting. I’m getting there. That’s something. Be prepared for great things on this blog segment. I’d also love to see what you’re playing as well!

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Weekly Game Chat: 8/20/21

I played more passively the pass few weeks than I did actively. So I have a lot of screenshots but they are way unorganized. I’ll get better at the screenshots from here on. I will also start screenshotting for all games. This is all rather new to me in all honesty. I am enjoying it though. Hope you enjoy the random glimpses of my game play and feats!

Yahtzee With Buddies!

Project Makeover

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Weekly Game Chat: 7/30/21

I am really starting to get into the habit of taking screenshots while playing games. So hopefully my game chat blogs will be more entertaining. This week, I only played two games. One of them which is new to me that I’m enjoying very much. I won’t be posting a game chat blog for next week. I’ll do my best to have two weeks worth of material for you next week. I just don’t know how often I’ll be playing games next week. If I’m honest, I might be lucky just to get daily logins done every day! We shall see!

Yahtzee With Buddies:

I’ve been working really hard this week at getting further up on the prize climb. Not for the dice at the top, but to get as many prizes as possible. I wound up opening up the adventure board completely and won the dice. I’m now working on getting the sticker packs open. I may go for the frame after. I’m not sure yet. The biggest goal I’ve had is to get my family as far ahead in the Games and Feast as I possibly can. We aren’t a big family, but we are growing. Another thing I’m working on is getting all the stickers for the glitter pack so that I can earn the grand prize.

Project Makeover:

Part of doing dailies is watching advertisements to get more rewards that I can use when I finally get time to play. I’ve seen advertisements for this game so many times that I finally gave in and downloaded it so I could see what it was about. It’s a match three game. I’m still really enjoying it. I get to choose the looks of the person and their environment. I haven’t been playing it long, but it’s interesting so far. I’m working on my third client.

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Weekly Game Chat: 7/23/21

So this one won’t be a very big update. I have really only just played Yahtzee this week. I’ve been really busy with getting things prepared for the event I’m going to in less than two weeks. I have started to log the games I play now. I’m also going to start taking screenshots over the week with the games I play when I’m able to as well. So this blog will have a bit more substance from now on rather than just my rambling. I hope everybody enjoys! And please feel free to comment on what you’ve been playing lately!

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Weekly Game Chat: 7/9/21

I kind of got really into events happening in Gardenscapes and was kind of obsessed with it. It is the only game I really played. I did buy a few games on my Switch. I also considered getting a bigger memory card for my SD card.

There were two major events going on at once. I actually managed to complete them both! I usually never finish events on games. So it was a very big moment for me. I created my own team on there. Turns out the name I used was a team name already used. I may need to see if I can get it renamed. We shall see. I’ve already completed over five hundred levels! It blows me away!!!!!

What are you playing these days?

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Weekly Game Chat: 7/2/21

Now that the chaos of being in a different atmosphere is past me. I have actually gotten some down time to play some games. I didn’t branch out too much. I played a little Mario Kart, but not enough to really write too much about. I did wound up getting first place in all the rounds I played. That was pretty exciting. I’ve been playing Yahtzee as well. Not as much as I should be playing. Our family got into the top ten for family feast. So there’s that.

I started playing this game recently. I got myself a gaming tablet because I missed having an android device on my person. Anyways, I always see ads for this game when I do my daily logins. I played this game a long time ago and just got tired of all the chaos in the later levels. The ads are nothing like the game I remembered. I recently saw an ad that said something about them being mini games. So my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to download it on my new tablet and give it a shot. I added it to my new Facebook profile and have played 212 ish levels since I started. There are many games. They are like the ad. I actually enjoy them. I didn’t realize I missed the game until I started playing it again.

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Weekly Game Chat: 6/18/21

This week has been really interesting for me. I’ve been playing a lot of games and listening to a lot of audiobooks. It’s been really relaxing. I can’t even begin to explain. I was so happy to find there was a huge game sale! I love sales. Especially games and book sales.

This is a new game for me. I’ve only played one game so far. I’ve always been a huge Mario Party fan for a very long time. I wish I could get all versions on my switch. It’s a very fun game!

Another game I wish I had all versions of on my Switch. I would be in heaven. It’s one of the first games on my Switch that I played and loved. This is a really stress relieving game for me.

I’ve been really intense with this game lately. I’ve almost gotten the max daily points every day. I did miss a day. Sadly. Either way, I think I’m very close to some very big rewards. We shall see. I’m kind of nervous about it.

One of my new games. I love Monopoly of all kinds. I’m sure that almost everybody really loves this game. I find that I like playing this game better on game systems. It’s just better to keep up with everything that way! The only downfall is you can’t make up your own rules to give the game a fun twist. It is what it is though!

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Weekly Game Chat 6/11/21

I’ve recently lost my job. I am at fault and I will fix it. I just can’t focus right now really. But anyways. I digress. I have been obsessed with Yahtzee all week. I’ve been listening to audio while playing away. I’m still doing the daily logins. I’m doing pretty great with that routine. Once things settle down a bit, I’m sure I’ll be able to start getting back into playing games at random. I’m starting to build quite the collection of games! I also have a computer dedicated specifically to gaming and blogging now too which is nice. How has everybody else been this week? Played any amazing games?

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Weekly Game Chat: 6/4/21

Welcome to the weekly game chat! This is where I ramble on about the games I’ve played for the week. Sometimes the games will have been talked about before. Sometimes I’ll have played something different during the week. I sincerely hope you enjoy the blog! I figured you should see something not book related now and then.

I played this game for hours one night with Dustyn this week. We wound up unlocking all the games and progressing to being able to play against medium players. It was really fun. I find this game very relaxing and enjoyable.

I’ve developed my taste back for this game. I’ve been playing it for hours every day most of this week. I’m very passionate about getting our family advanced further. I’m still looking to get us some more family, but we have gotten an influx in members. There’s that. I also barely made it to end of event and getting the dice I wanted.

What games have you played this week? Do you have a switch? I’d love to add if you do! Message me and we can connect!

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