Weekly Television Show: Kids Baking Championship

So, full disclosure, I’ve only watched like three episodes of this. I really am enjoying it though. These kids are so talented. And the season we are watching is full of kids who already have their own businesses!!!! So it’s a little intimidating that these kids are like half my age and already more mature than I am. And more put together. I’m a huge Duff fan. I love watching anything that has him in it. I might have to watch some older seasons. Anybody watch this?

Weekly Television Show: Mythbusters

I’ve been fluctuating a lot of shows lately. Battlebots, CSI, and Mythbusters. Lately, I’ve been watching Mythbusters a lot more than the others. I’m not sure exactly what season I’m on. I tend to watch an episode or two a day. Every now and then, I’ll watch a few. But yeah. This show is funny and educational. I know that it no longer airs. According to Google, it quit airing in 2018. I also know that somebody in the show passed away. Which is so sad. From what I understand, Adam actually posts YouTube videos. I might watch them one day. Anybody else watch this?

Weekly Featured Show: Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown

I’ve now watched four episodes of this! I absolutely love it. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, normally two people compete in the first round and the winner faces Bobby. They then cook the winner’s signature dish. The Holiday Throwdown is different. All the contestants are Food Network’s very own chefs. There is also three rounds. The winner of the first round competes with the third chef. The winner of the second round goes against Bobby in the third round. They get to pick from the other two chefs to work with them and the other one works with Bobby. The episodes are about an hour long. I really can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes!!! There have been some great chefs in the first four. I’m really excited to see the rest of them!

Upcoming Changes

I have loved the schedule. There have been changes made over time to work best for me. It’s been going really well for me. Thursdays have been Featured TV Show/Movie. The problem with that is that there are some weeks I really don’t watch much television or movies at all.

This week, I caught up on two weeks of His Dark Materials. I’ve already posted about the television show. I can tell you this, I am still enjoying it very much. They’ve taken some liberties to the show, but in ways that enhanced the story rather than hinder. I don’t mind it at all.

So I’ll be looking for something else to replace this particular weekly blog. I had a few ideas, but I haven’t made a final decision yet. I also considered opening the comments to this post to suggestions as well. Either way, I’ll make sure to have the decision made next Thursday. I’ll have it updated in the blog schedule when I make it official.

One of the ideas I’ve had that’s stuck with me is to do a weekly segment on Mysteries and Theories. I plan to leave it open so that my topics on the series can be broad. Any kind of mysteries and theories. I’d even be open to taking suggestions. I am not sure how this topic series would be welcomed. I’d love to hear thoughts on this.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. I’ll take a few days to take everything into consideration. At the very latest, I’ll have my decision made by Tuesday. I’m hoping that I have it made before then. I’d love one that sticks. That’s why I’m taking my time on it.

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Featured TV Show: Poldark

Our library has started a new tea and talk event. Today I’ll be attending the third monthly tea and talk event. The first one was in honor of Downtown Abbey. This one will be in honor of Poldark. I’d never heard of the show or the book series until then. I was intrigued though. Mother and I checked out the first two seasons so we would know what was being talked about.

I’ll admit that we never got around the second season. It took me a few episodes to fully get into it, but I never hated it. I just thought it would be very boring. I’ll have to ground myself for not reading the book first. To be fair, I had time constraint issues. I do plan to read the series. I also plan to go back and re-watch the first season and watch the rest of the show as well.

Basically, the show follows a very old family (Poldark). Ross was sent to the war as punishment for his deeds. He comes home to find that his father has passed away and that his love is marrying his cousin.

I have really enjoyed this show. I think once I read the series and watch the rest of show, I’ll probably fall more in love with it. I love it, but it’s not a show I’d be on edge waiting for the next episode.

I do recommend everybody give it a chance. It’s free to watch for Prime users. I have added the link for it on the image above. It’s a very wholesome and amusing show.

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Featured TV Show: His Dark Materials

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to watch this. It’s taken a lot of restraint not to talk about it every second of every day. His Dark Materials aired for the first time this Monday. I’ve been hearing about it for at least a year. I was so excited when they finally announced the release date!

For those who don’t know, His Dark Materials is a television adaptation based on the trilogy written by Phillip Pullman. I originally read it for the first time ever in high school. My best friend (at the time) insisted I do so. I’m glad she did. I fell in love with it. I’m reading it now for the second time and loving it even more!

I can’t lie and say that I was fully excited about the television show. The trilogy was originally adapted into movie (The Golden Compass) years ago. I wasn’t fond of the movie at all. I was afraid the television show might have the same result. My opinion changed when I saw the very first trailer. I am not ashamed to admit that I obsessively watched every trailer that has been released since then.

I’ve only seen the first episode. It’s the only one released so far. I loved it. Most, if not all, of the characters practically walked out of the book. They did take some liberties with the plot and twisted scenes around, but it wasn’t horrible. I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to seeing where things progress in the show. See what they added in and what they took out.

My mother and boyfriend are watching the show with me as well, but I’m curious to know who else is watching this show. I’m curious to know other people’s thoughts. I’m so excited. You know they have book clubs, but do they have tv clubs? I guess that would be just something where everybody watches it together, huh? LOL! I really enjoyed the pilot episode and I hope my adoration for the show maintains.

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Featured TV Show: Evil

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I have watched this since the first episode. I’ve only seen three episodes. There are currently four out. I have about a week’s worth of shows to catch up on, this show included.

It’s a pretty good show. I’m not going to lie. I have really enjoyed it. I haven’t fully learned the characters names yet, but they are all amazing and fierce in their own ways. I even like the antagonist. The actor puts a touch on his evil ways that can give you the chills. The previews are a bit misleading and they don’t really give the show justice.

Basically, a forensic psychologist teams up with a priest in training and a church to work on cases that are deemed paranormal or evil. The church assigns the cases to the priest. He works with our forensic psychologist and another gentlemen (in addition to not being good with names, I forgot what he does). The gentlemen has my sarcasm and he’s very skeptical.

I was expecting more from this show, but I have enjoyed it very much. It has been a surprisingly good show and I can’t wait to see how the show unfolds. I just hope it sticks. It seems shows I really enjoy get canceled all the time!

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Featured TV Show: Stumptown

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I saw previews for this show and I knew deep down that I would love this show. So I put it on my recording list. I’m three episodes into it so far and I’m not wrong yet. I love it. It’s kind of like Stephanie Plum if she was a bit bolder and edgier. I guess I should say she’s the Stephanie Plum I want Stephanie Plum to be. Her name is Dex and she’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I’m still learning the show and the names, so I won’t say names in case I get it wrong. But she has an awesome bartender type best friend. An adorable brother. And the cop that she occasionally teams up with is pretty hot. He’s also very compassionate.

I am aware that this show is based on a graphic novel series. I’m also aware that I have not read the series. Thank to this show though, I plan to. I just need to find a way to get access to them all. Graphic Novels are hard for me because I can’t tell if I’m getting the right copies. If I could buy them properly, I’d probably have a bookshelf or two dedicated to them.

I have really been enjoying this show. I hope that I can find somebody else that enjoys it as well so I can talk to them about it. I put the link on the picture. The first two episodes are available to watch. Which is pretty awesome! It’s actually how I watched the first episode. I didn’t find out about the show until the day after the first one aired. So glad I saw the advertisement!!!