Weekly Colorist Project: 7/22/20

All my photos this week are digital. They are current though! Every time I go to actually color, my heart just isn’t in it. I can’t seem to find the right page to color. When I do find the right picture, I can’t find the right medium to use. I’ll get back into it. I’m sure. But until then, I have digital! 🙂

Weekly Colorist Project: 7/15/20

One more week of some older ones. Starting next week, I’ll hopefully have some new ones up! 🙂

Introducing Weekly Coloring Projects

Originally, I was going to make my personal Wednesday post showcasing my TikTok videos. I’ve drastically cut my time on TikTok videos down. I haven’t colored in awhile either, but I’ve been looking for a healthy motivation to do so. I thought that replacing the TikTok post with this would be the best way to do so!

To give this post a proper introduction, I’m going to include four of my older coloring projects! I hope you enjoy!

Note: I’m including two natural coloring projects and two digital. I like to dab in both forms. Both are relaxing. Especially with a nice audiobook while I color! I am going to include the audiobook I was listening to while coloring starting next week.

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This is a pretty picture. Coulsnt resist coloring it.

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