Cinema Sunday: Supermarket Stakeout and Cutthroat Kitchen

Wound up watching the rest of this show. There are three seasons. I’m hoping to see a season four. It’s a very quirky and fun show. It’s very fast-paced and hilarious. I’m hoping to find somebody else that watches this show.

Watch Cutthroat Kitchen Season 2 | Prime Video

Decided to go back to this show once I’d taken care of all the Supermarket Stakeout episodes. Ironically enough I got to watch Alex compete in this show shortly after we started watching it again. It was really great. I recently found out that this show only ran for four years. It produced fifteen beautiful seasons though. Unless I’m mistaken, I’m on season five right now. I’m seriously loving it!

What shows or movies have you been watching recently?

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Cinema Sunday: Criminal Minds and Supermarket Stakeout

I’ve decided that I want to watch all of these episodes one and for all. It’s one of the shows that I’m the only one really enjoys this show in my circle. Since I’m not sure what episodes I’ve watched and what ones I haven’t, so I decided to just watch them all. It’s a show I don’t mind watching multiple times. I’ve watched the first eight episodes of the first season so far.

I discovered this show while trying to find something that I could watch alone. I have a few shows that I have to wait for others to watch so it helps me watch something without breaking promises. I told Dustyn about it and he wanted to watch it too. So we’ve been watching it this week. We watched the first season and most of the second season. We are really enjoying it very much. It’s very quirky.

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Cinema Sunday: Jurassic Marathon and Cooking Competition Shows

I decided to have a Jurassic Park/World marathon to celebrate my birthday. It was mainly because I just recently bought the second Jurassic World. The timing was just perfect though! I realized during the day that I haven’t watched the second or third Jurassic Park nearly as many times as I watched the first. For those of you who don’t know me, I watched Jurassic Park dozens of times as a child. I could almost recite every line at one point in time! I also discovered that I don’t love Jurassic Park III as much as I loved the first two.

So I really loved the first Jurassic World. It was insane and intense. I’ll probably wind up watching this another couple of dozen times. I didn’t love the second one as much as I loved the first. It just didn’t have as much action as the the first one or the Park series. It was mostly drama filled. I prefer the action of the movies in all honesty. I am looking forward to seeing the third movie. If there is really going to be a third one coming out. It apparently releases June of next year if Google is to be believed. We shall see.

This is one of my favorite shows. I really love to see just how savage some people can be when competing over cooking. I also love watching them cook and overcome the challenges they are given. It’s also been nice to watch them all in order. I really enjoy it very much.

So, Dustyn and I are huge fans of Chopped. We love to see how creative the contestants can get. We also love to predict who’s going to get chopped. So, we were very excited to find this version of the show. We’ve watched Chopped 420 and some new age Chopped episode. Out of the three, this is my favorite version. Scott has been a great host. I have this favorite episode where he kept messing with this one contestant. She was full of sass!

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Cinema Sunday: Jurassic Park and Jurassic World!

My birthday is August 15th. So I’m going ahead and post this the day before! My plan is to watch all Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time! I’m so excited. We have everything prepared!!!!

I can’t tell you how many VHS tapes I went through as a kid with this movie! If it wasn’t this movie, it was Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, or Peter Pan. I was a very fixated child.

I may do another blog next week if anybody wants to hear my thoughts on all the movies. Let me know!

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Cinema Sunday: Gilmore Girls

I’ll be travelling next week and the week after. So I won’t have another Cinema Sunday until August 15th. That also happens to be my birthday! Hopefully I’ll have some amazing television shows and movies to report then. This week was a pretty light week in al honesty. My girlfriend and I have been watching Gilmore Girls. She’s watching it for the first time. This is not my first time watching it. Some episodes I’ve only watched once. Some episodes I’ve seen numerous times. I really love this series. It’s one of my favorite series.

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Cinema Sunday: Black Widow and Ion Television

I haven’t posted for this segment in about a month now. That’s mainly because I have been rewatching Bull with my girlfriend. We just finished rewatching the fourth season so we’re going to be moving on to another show. Today’s blog will cover the normal week plus last weekend. I had prescheduled last weekend’s blogs on Thursday.

My girlfriend and I went to watch this for our six month anniversary last Saturday. We had an amazing time and really enjoyed the movie very much. I’m actually looking forward to watching this movie again. Maybe even more than once!

I’ve known about this show and the book series for a long time. I’ve never really watched or read them. I’ve been curious about it. Finding out it was playing on ION all day Wednesday felt like a sign to me. I watched several episodes and enjoyed it very much. I feel like I need to watch it from the first episode on to fully get it though. I’d even be happy to get the book series in my hands to read it. I’m not hooked on the series or anything, but it’s a possibility.

This show was playing on ION all day on Thursday. I watched several episodes on and off through the day. I don’t really enjoy it all that much, but it’s watchable. If I’m being honest, I mainly started watching it because of Sophie Bush. I’m a really big fan of her. She’s incredibly beautiful and talented.

This show was on ION all day Tuesday. I didn’t even know it was a thing until then. It’s clear that it’s a sister show to Chicago PD. To the point where several of the cast appear on both shows. Like Chicago P.D., I’m not really totally in love with it, but it’s a watchable show. I did enjoy my day watching it.

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Cinema Sunday: Cruella and Bull

We went and watched this in theatres. I was so excited. I’ve been wanting to watch it since I first found out that it was coming out. It was everything I was hoping for and so much more! I can’t even explain how happy I was with everything in the movie. Emma Stone did an amazing job as Cruella. It’s like she stopped being herself and completely walked into the role. I was so impressed. She’s so talented.

I have finished this series. At least until the new season comes out. I have to say that I feel like seasons four and five felt a little rushed to me. Especially the fifth season. There’s not even as many episodes for the fifth season as there were in the first four. I totally get it. Everything was cut short and changed due to the whole pandemic. It’s still a little sad.

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Cinema Sunday: Women’s Murder Club, Bull, and Legend of the Seeker

I finally watched the last three episodes of this book. It was really rough for me to sit and wait. I may not have liked the fact that it didn’t go at all with the book series, but it was a good television show that I really enjoyed watching. It was obvious that the series was supposed to have gone in, but was cancelled due to ratings. It seems like the last three episodes were supposed to be in season two. I am sad that it got cancelled honestly. It really does seem like it would have been a good show. It also ended really sad in my opinion.

I’ve slowed down on watching this, but I’m still a good way through the fifth season now. I’ve been watching it with my other half. It’s been a really nice routine. I love that I can talk about the show with somebody. I don’t know anybody else who watches it. If you do, please let me know. I’d love to hear about your thoughts on the show.

Full disclosure. I only watched one episode of this show. I learned about it a long time ago. I’ve been reading this series for months now. My mother and I are buddy reading it. The show was aired years ago and I didn’t know if I could find the show. I’m glad I did though. It’s a really great show. For the most part, it follows the book. There are some major differences that can’t be ignored though. From the looks of it, there’s only two seasons. I wouldn’t mind shuffling through them and see what happens during the show. I wonder why there were only two seasons. I guess I’ll find out soon!

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Cinema Sunday: Bull and Women’s Murder Club

I have watched all of this but the last three episodes. I can’t lie. I’m really itching to watch the last three. However, I’ve been watching this show with Dustyn. I will not watch them until he and I can watch it again. It’s going to be hard. I’m kind of sad that this only went on for a season. I get why though. It’s nothing at all like the series. I did enjoy it anyways. After I stopped comparing the show to the books.

I have finished season four of this now. We are now into Post COVID episodes. I’ve only watched the first two episodes of the fifth season. I think I’m almost caught up with it. I guess this means that I need to find another show to catch up on. I’m debating between NCIS and Criminal Minds. I’m open to suggestions as well. Has anybody else watched Bull? Would love to chat about the show with somebody.

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Cinema Sunday: Cutthroat Kitchen, Chicago PD, and Bull

When I was looking for non-book memes to get into, I found this one. I tried to trace it back, but it seems like the original blogger has pulled their blogs. Or the link that the source I used just wasn’t valid. I still liked the idea behind it, so I thought I would give it a go. If I ever find the original source of this meme, I will update this. Until then, I’ll put my own spin on things. Every week, I’ll discuss shows or movies I watched during the week. On the weeks that I don’t watch television, I’ll talk about up to three television shows or movies I heard about that I really want to watch.

I was so happy to find this show is on Discovery +! I only watched the pilot episode of it. For now anyways. It’s definitely on my list to watch every single episode of it when I can! I absolutely love the show and I’m a HUGE fan of Alton Brown. He’s so intelligent and sneaky.

I watched a couple of episodes of this. I can’t remember where I watched this on. I think Peacock. It seems like a nice show. I mainly only wanted to watch it because Sophia Bush was in it and I loved her in One Tree Hill. I won’t lie. She’s one of my girl crushes. She’s just so beautiful and talented! I just wish I could get more into the show than I am. I’ll go back and watch it and see if it does anything for me. Right now it’s just meh.

Still watching this. I’ve started season four. It’s really interesting how everything is panning out. I’m not very impressed with what I’m seeing with season four so far. It seems like the creators of the show might be getting bored with it. I don’t know. Some episodes have been as amazing as the others. Some are just really irritating. I don’t know how to explain it. And I’m starting not to like some of the main characters. Just saying.

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