The Pillars of Creation by Terry Goodkind Book Review

Date Started: 3/9/21

Date Finished: 4/1/21

Rating: 5 of 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Title: The Pillars of Creation

Author: Terry Goodkind

Page Count: 725

Note: For those of you who have read this series and loved it, it’s still just as good as the rest of the books in the series. It just doesn’t include our trio of heroes and heroines. Our Zedd and Addie don’t play big roles either. They haven’t really played big roles in a few books anyway. It’s still a really good book and you get a glimpse of the inside of the enemy’s side in this one. 

I was prompted to read this book because it’s one of my mother’s favorite series of all time. I read the first book many years ago and I really loved it. So I broached the idea of buddy reading the series together. I’m so glad that I did. This entire series has thrown me through the loops over and over again. I love every moment of it. 

I think that the author painted the scenes and characters amazingly. I felt what the characters felt when I was reading their point of view. I felt the emotions of the crowds that they were surrounded by. I was in the moment every single step of the way. It was beautiful. There were people who I just couldn’t stand and hated to read their points of view. That was the point of the matter though. I won’t say who. I want to let the reader draw their own opinions of the new people in the book. 

This entire book in the series was told in three points of view. Two of which were offspring of Darken Rahl. Ones that managed to keep from being killed before Darken Rahl dies. They are considered a whole in the world to anybody who is gifted with magic. Magic can’t touch or harm them in any way. The third point of view is of the husband of one of the gifted women that are referenced in the series. He plays a more important role than he will ever realize. 

This entire series twists and turns so much that there are times I wonder if I will ever recover. It seems that things are going great, and then everything flips upside down out of nowhere. The transition is so smooth that I can’t even begin to explain it. Even if I tried. The only thing I’m sad about with this book is that Richard, Kahlan, and Kara aren’t in the book as much as I would have loved. 

Jenson was a really amazing character in this book. I hated that she was so brainwashed and she believed with all of her heart the lies that she has been told all of her life. I wish I could have found out for sure if her mother was also brainwashed or if she was one that was filling her daughter’s head with lies as well. Jenson was a really amazing woman who was more intelligent and brave than she really gave herself credit for. I related to her in many ways. 

I know this series was actually turned into a television show at one point. Sadly, I didn’t know about the series until long after the television series was off the show. I also have no way of watching it as far as I know. Maybe one day I’ll go back and check to see if I can watch it. I would like to see another television series based on this series. I would watch every episode that aired. Probably more than once. I’m not sure it will happen though. Sadly, the author of this book passed away last year. 

I have to be honest, the parts that were in the points of view of the person I referenced earlier were brutal for me. I couldn’t stomach them. I couldn’t stand really seeing how horrible somebody could be. How absolutely cruel and evil. It made my skin crawl. The fact that they thought that everything they did was right made it so much worse for me. I really just wanted to skip those parts if I’m being honest with myself. 

I won’t go into the details because I don’t believe in giving spoilers. I have been known to give them but only when I’ve been badgered. I don’t like doing so. I really enjoyed the whole story. It was intense. Like I mentioned, there were parts I didn’t want to see, but that’s just because I’m an Empath. I really enjoyed the ending. I was worried it was going to go a different way and I’m so glad that I was wrong. It was absolutely perfect.

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Soul Mates: Magic by Elizabeth A. Lance Book Review

Date Started: 3/4/21

Date Finished: 3/5/21

Rating: 4 out of 5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Title: Soul Mates: Magic

Author: Elizabeth A. Nance

Page Count: 178

Note: I didn’t realize it until I was about halfway through, but this is the third book in a series. As I wasn’t lost at all. I am going to say it’s safe to assume that they can be read as standalones. I always prefer to read series in order whether they need it or not though. 

I signed up for a tour involving this book. It intrigued me enough to want to give it a chance. I have a thing about reading books with characters who are considered normal. Especially if they have a bit of a feisty attitude about them. I just kind of have a thing for the feisty or bratty attitudes. 

I think the author did a wonderful job with the setting and the characters. All of the characters were quirky and unique., The worlds were described beautifully and with great distinction from each other. I really want to go live in the fae world if I’m being absolutely honest. Well the safe part of it anyway. I’m not really much for danger. 

Abbey is what you would probably call a bull headed individual. She knows what she wants and she goes after it no matter the consequences. At first I thought she was very shy and timid. That was until I got to know her and people’s observations of her. She kind of comes off as snobby and self absorbed, but I don’t see her like that at all. I just think she doesn’t think the way that most other people think. I related to her in the fact that people have thought I was weird all of my life. 

I wouldn’t say there were any plot twists in this book. At least none that I could think of. There were parts of the book that kind of came out of nowhere, but they weren’t really a big shock factor. I’m not sure if I’m describing that correctly. I mean the moments were intense, but I didn’t get overly shocked about things coming out of left field. 

I would say that Daire stood out more than anybody. It seemed like he was the one that just kept getting put in the middle of all of the danger. He was also just as bull headed as Abbey. It was very obvious from the very beginning of the book that they both had feelings for each other. The two reminded me so much of Dimitri and Rose that it’s not even funny. 

I think this would make a wonderful movie. I’m very bad at picking people to play other people. I’m also very underwhelmed by a lot of the picks that are chosen in adaptations, but I digress. I think this would be a very high fantasy-like movie. It would be similar to Lord of the Rings, but not as intense or long. 

There were quite a few scenes that I feel like should have had more flare and drama. Something major happens. I won’t say what for obvious reasons, but it just kind of ends. It’s resolved properly. But there’s no real intensity. It leaves a lot lacking to say the least. 

The ending was very beautiful. I won’t get into the details. Again, for obvious reasons. It wrapped things up beautifully. It also added to my suspicion that this is a series of stand alone novels. Either way, I would have liked to read the first two books. I’ll just have to add them to the list.

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Soul of the Fire by Terry Goodkind Book Review

Date Started: 1/4/21
Date Finished: 1/25/21
Rating: 5 out of 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Title: Soul of the Fire
Author: Terry Goodkind
Page Count: 788

Notes: This book is the fifth book in the series. I strongly suggest you read the first four before you read this book. Also, the audio narration is great, but being as there are different narrators it’s not always consistent. Still enjoyable to listen to.

My mom has been hounding me to read this series for about a decade now. She finally persuaded me into reading it by suggesting we buddy read it. So here we are months later. In the middle of the series. I’m glad I finally listened.

The author did a fantastic job with this book. Everything was written with remarkable detail. I was in awe at how beautiful it was. He took his time laying everything out. The intrigue. The build-up. It was inspiring. I even loved the characters in the book. Also, any book I get to read about my Kara is a good book to me.

There are several main characters in this series. All of them have been through so much on their journey for justice. We have Richard who went from being a normal woodsman to being one of the most powerful wizards of all time. Then we have Kahlan. She’s the only confessor left in the entire world. She is also adjusting to being able to find true happiness because her touch doesn’t work on Richard. Kara went from being a Mord Sith who was evil and tortured people for the sport of it until being thankful for her freedom because of Richard and protecting him with her life.

From what I understand, this series was turned into a television series. I never really got to watch it. By the time I found out it was a thing, it was no longer airing. My mother has seen a few episodes. She wasn’t really impressed with the cast or the adaptation. She’s generally not too picky when it comes to that kind of thing, so I’m kind of scared to watch them.

All in all, this series has kept me on my feet the entire time. Just when I think everything is going right, everything ends in disaster in the most dramatic way. The bad guys always seem to get the upper hand in the most intense and gruesome way. Everybody thinks that a certain author is evil with the way he kills everybody off, but that author has nothing on Goodkind.

Rebel Tides by Krys Fenner and Livi Luciana Book Review

Date Started: 1/15/21
Date Finished: 1/24/21
Rating: 5 out of 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Title: Rebel Tides
Author: Krys Fenner and Livi Luciana
Page Count: 112

Notes: Not the first book in the series. Can be read alone, but it’s best read in order. In my opinion anyway.

The cover of this book is very gorgeous. It pulled me in from the very beginning. I’m going to be really honest though, Krys Fenner is one of my favorite authors of all time. I would buy any of her books without questions without knowing anything about it. I heard about it when I was filling out her form for last year’s convention I attended.

The author did an amazing job with the visuals in this book. Or I should say authors since it was co-written. Either way it was engaging. It was very interactive. The characters had tension and compassion between them. It varied between the characters. One of the characters even reminded me of Aphrodite from House of Night.

I would love to see this book as a movie. Actually, it would be better if this whole book series were turned into a television series. Why watch a movie that will be over in a couple of hours when you can get a small nugget of the story a little at a time and truly get to enjoy it?

I would have to say my favorite part of this entire book was when they were in the bar trying to get information. I won’t say much more than that for the sake of keeping spoilers out. But two of the characters were trying to get answers to something that they were investigating about. Their banter with each other and the people in the bar was great!

I was really impressed with the ending. It wasn’t at all what I expected. Of course, if I’m being honest, this whole book kept me on edge to the very end. It was witty. It was charming. It was dark. It was everything I could ever ask for in a book. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips Book Review

Date Started: 1/18/21
Date Finished: 1/24/21
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Book Title: Disappearing Earth
Author: Julia Phillips
Page Count: 312

Notes: This book is told from multiple points of view. It almost reads like a variety of short stories rather than a full novel.

This book is a work of fiction. However, it is realistic. Two girls go missing on an island. There is no trace of them nor are there any witnesses. The police would rather just chalk it off as an accident rather than doing anything to investigate the matter. Just a couple of girls missing. Not worth their resources. It’s really sad to see things like that.

I really wasn’t very interested in this book. It didn’t leave me at the edge of my seat. There were several chapters that just really irritated me. I am not saying I didn’t like the book. I just think it could have been more than it was. It could have connected all the points of view better.

I can say that the dialogue of the book was very well done. It didn’t help me connect to the characters. All of them were really self-centered and self-absorbed in their own way. In my opinion anyway. I’m sure that there will be other readers that will say that the characters were really amazing and that they adored them. I respect those opinions.

The ending was both surprising and really unfinished. It leaves off on a build your own interpretation on how it really ends. I really wanted to see a solid answer honestly. The twist of the witness being found and somebody recognizing the description she gave was amazing. I’m going to leave it at that. I don’t want to give too much away. It was a beautiful and sad story. In the end, it could have been a lot more engaging.

Assassin Hunter by Drew Briney Book Review

Date Started: 1/19/21

Date Finished: 1/20/21

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Book Title: Assassin Hunter

Author: Drew Briney

Page Count: 73

This book intrigued me at first because the cover was just so stunning to look at it. I was prompted to read it because it seemed to be a very unique story. I found out about it because I am subscribed to the author’s newsletter. 

I think the author did a very good job at painting a visual picture of the settings and the characters. Especially with the limited amount of words he used for this book. I personally think it would have been better if it had been a longer novel and drawn out a bit more. That’s just me. 

The main character is a very well known assassin. However, something happens that makes him question everything he knows and remembers. We follow him as he continues to complete his missions despite everything. 

I think this book would make a wonderful movie. It would be full of action and suspense. It would also be full of drama and intrigue. The only thing is that they would definitely have to make the book longer in order to do so. Either that or combine all books in this series into one solid movie. I would definitely watch it. 

This book was great. I loved the idea behind it. The only reason I couldn’t give it a full five star is because I just thought it could have been a long longer of a novel. This is a book that really could have used the dramatic suspense to be drawn out. Other than that, I’m totally in love with the book.

The Gritty Truth by Melissa Foster Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 Second Chances

Thoughts on Plot: I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. The book is filled with hope and inspiration. We have one character who escaped life by getting addicted to drugs. He got clean and two years later runs a group to help others stay clean as well. He falls for a girl who’s whole dream was ruined due to one accident. It’s a beautiful story and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the story and the characters.

Thoughts on Characters: I’m horrible with remembering names. However, I’ll do the best I can here. Quincy is a recovering addict who does everything he can to keep himself clean and take care of those he cares about. Then we have Roni who is an amazingly talented dancer that got into a bad accident that cost her her entire career. Both of them are amazing characters. I also really adored their best friends. They really helped the two through everything as best friends should.

Notable Points in Book: This is book 7 in a series, but can be read alone. This book discusses drug addiction and all of the violence that goes along with it.

Rating on Narrator: Jennifer Mack- 5 Stars, Jacob Morgan- 5 Stars

Thoughts on Audiobook: This audio really enhanced the book for me. I loved that they were so lively and energetic with the whole story.

Suggestions for Author: None that I can think of.

Would I Recommend?: Yes. Especially to those who think they aren’t enough because of their past.

Species Traitor by Kate L. Mary Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 Species Traitors

Thoughts On Plot: This is a rare book that sucked me into the story from the very first sentence. It doesn’t really shock me that much though. This is one of my favorite authors. She has incredible talent on writing very well. She has a unique twist on things. This book is no exception.

Thoughts On Characters: Ava is just such an amazing character. She does the right thing regardless of the cost. When her entire family cut her cousin off, she stuck by her cousin’s side. It’s awe inspiring. I loved the cousin as well. She was a fiesty girl who had a good head on her shoulders. I didn’t really care for Finn at first, but he grew on me.

Notable Points in Book: Book ends in cliffhanger. Book contains references of sex.

Rating On Narrator: Heather Firth- 5 stars

Thoughts on Audiobook: This is not the first book that I’ve listened to that’s narrated by Heather Firth. She’s an amazing narrator. She’s one of my favorite actually.

Suggestions For Author: Write more like this!!!!

Would I recommend?: Yes

Similar To: Delirium by Lauren Oliver,but with Aliens

Havenfall Harbor by Albany Walker Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: Five Student Meetings

Thoughts On Plot: I really enjoyed this story very much. It wasn’t too fast. It wasn’t too slow. Everything played out as it should as far as I could see. The characters were relatable. I wanted to keep reading. I do want to give a fair warning that this book ends on a cliffhanger and book two has not been released yet. I really don’t like cliffhangers at all, but I read this anyway. I’m so ready for book two!

Thoughts On Characters: The main character in this book is a human named Quinn who gets a job at the paranormal school as a liaison between the human and paranormal worlds. I really related to her so much. She’s so passionate about what she does and she doesn’t give up. Two other noteworthy characters are a Were named Evan and a vampire named Griffin. Both of them feel a pull to Quinn that they can’t resist no matter how hard they want to or try. There are some other great characters, but I didn’t get to see enough of them as I’d of liked to.

Notable Points In Book: Cliffhanger. Really funny and witty. Isn’t an instalove story.

Rating On Narrator: Brooke Daniels- 5 Stars, Brandon Williams- 5 Stars- Both narrators did a fantastic job narrating this book.

Thoughts On Audiobook: I was really into this audiobook. I loved both of the narrators. William’s voice had a gruff quality that made me think that he could actually be paranormal himself. I mean it’s possible. Just saying. I really hope that they narrate the second book as well. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

Suggestions For Author: I’d like to see more of the secondary characters in the second book. Especially Alice and the students.

Would I Recommend?: Yes

Similar To: Think of it as an adult House of Night. Except it’s all from the staff’s point of view instead of the students.


I’ve never been the girl that likes bad boys, I’m much too pragmatic for that, but something about Griffin both intrigues me and pisses me off. I can pinpoint what pisses me off no problem, it’s the other more curious part that’s driving me insane. I remember one of my roommates my junior year had a thing for a football player. He treated her like total shit, I asked her why she put up with it. “He burns bright Quinn,” she said, “so bright that sometimes it’s worth the scorch to be close to him.” I didn’t understand her words then, and still don’t. Well, I don’t think I understand them anyway. I’m not exactly sure how I would respond if Griffin showed a real interest in me, but I do know he would need to stop being a dick.

“You guys want anything while I’m up?” “More popcorn?” Evan gives me a hopeful wince, tipping the empty bowl in my direction. “Are you actually going to share some this time?” I place my hands on my hips. “You had a handful,” he counters. “Yeah, and I thought I was going to lose a finger.” Teasing him is fun. Evan grumbles about eating something under his breath, but I don’t catch it. Griffin lifts his hand to hide his mouth, but his eyes crinkle on the sides, giving him away.

Evan grabs my arm when I move to walk away, his grip firm, punishing. “She’s not responsible for how you feel. It’s not her job to fight your demons.”

I fill the cup and stand there with the lid in my hands. Quinn had tea in her room, but I didn’t notice any honey, nor was there milk in her fridge. I put the top on and stalk over to the counter to pay. Here I am, making tea for a human and feeling ridiculous for doing it, but I still take her the fucking cup because I want her to be happy.

Peppermint Latte With a Side of Murder by Meredith Potts Book Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3 of 5 Christmas Dinners

Thoughts On Plot: This is a very quirky and easy read. It could easily be read all in one sitting. It’s wholesome and charming. Definitely a book that can be read during the holidays. It’s light and fluffy. There’s not too much going on. This book is perfect for reading during downtimes or times when the reader isn’t really interested in reading heavy plot filled books.

Thoughts On Characters: The characters were all quirky. None of them were really memorable. To be fair, it’s really a very short read. It’s not really a story that has a lot of meat in it. Not enough to fully get to know the characters. It’s cute though and the characters are too.

Notable Points In Book: This is a book that could be taken to family gatherings and parties. It’s something that can be read during downtimes.

Rating On Narrator: 3 of 5 Stars to Stephanie Quinn

Thoughts On Audiobook: I really enjoyed the narration of this narrator. She made the book feel cozy and adorable with her voice. The only problem I had was her male voices. They came off a bit creepy and angry.

Suggestions For Author: Other than making it a longer book, none that I can think of.

Would I Recommend?: I would. It’s a very light and fluffy read. I enjoyed it very much.