Author Spotlight: MK Mancos

This week’s author is MK Mancos. This is another author I met at Literary Love of Savannah. She’s such a total sweetheart on top of being a fantastic author. My mother absolutely loves her books. She’s a huge fan of her. I am quite the fan myself if I’m being honest.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

The war for the Seelie Court is close at hand…

High school life is hard. Navigating cliques, clubs, and committees can be a full-time job for the uninitiated. Take me for instance, I never fit in and take great pains to keep it that way.

It’s harder to be aloof when the hottest jock in the entire student body asked me to help him figure out an odd energy stream he discovered in the woods.
Now, his girlfriend is bullying me, I’m making weird things happen with my mind, and my parents dropped the bomb that I’m one of the fae.

Learning my new powers isn’t easy when I’m fighting off attacks from the Unseelie, trying to decide if I’m going to prom, and finding out exactly what it all means.

I’m Peony Nash, and I’m one of the Castle Street Fae

A holy war rages in the Sangrah Provinces.

As the premier of the Order of Sopha, it is Kree Janus’ sworn duty to ensure her sect of sexual mystics survives the genocide waged by the Theocratic Council. Having traveled to the city of Kemar, she is trapped in a warehouse by one of the theocratic enforcers, a Druma warrior who hunts by pheromones. Captured and taken to a secret hideout away from the long arm of the guards, Kree’s survival now depends on the plans of her sworn enemy, a man who brings all her sensual desires and pleasures raging to the surface, even in the face of peril.

As a full Druma warrior, Eavan desMort has conditioned himself in all forms of torture. None of it prepared him for being so close to Kree and the sophatic alleles that course through her blood. Contracted as an enforcer for the theocrats, his assignment is to bring in the Sophite premier in for execution. However, the Druma have their own agenda which does not align with the country’s rulers.

Charged by his people to bring Kree to their settlement, he has taken vows to die for her if necessary. Nothing, however, prepares him for the overwhelming call of her flesh. It is a temptation that could mean the very loss of his honor if he gives in. It is a chance he is willing to take, to protect her from those who pursue them.

As the fugitives run for freedom, sinister monoliths are discovered, with technology so advanced Eavan and Kree must risk detection by their pursers to uncover the purpose and save their beloved homeland.

Sometimes the things that go bump in the night are there to protect the innocent.

Four hundred years ago, Tristain St. Blaise worked as an apprentice for alchemist Benito Achilles. An experiment went terribly wrong, fusing an entity to Tristain’s soul, turning him from an enlightened man of reason to one of dark passions. Now, to find some measure of redemption, he wears the mantle of a hired killer, protecting innocents and ridding the world of men like Achilles.

Angelia Lightheart has worked hard to purge her life of unhealthy relationships. One night in a dark Manhattan alley, she is saved from a would be rapist by a man who seems able to look through her very soul into the weary heart she hides from the world.

As Angelia and Tristain fall in love, his work as a contract killer brings him fact to face with the one responsible for his immortal state–endangering not only their love, but Angelia’s life.

When the corpse of an unidentified species is found in the woods near Pine Haven, New Jersey along with a human female, anthropologist Edie Campbell is called in by local law enforcement and the medical examiner to help identify the strange humanoid male. The discovery of a heretofore unknown species is thrilling for Edie, up until she realizes the creature recently mated with the human female.

Questions form with no apparent answers until Aidan LaMont arrives in Pine Haven to identify his cousin’s body. But the secretive Aidan hides as much of the mystery surrounding the strange creature as he explains, and Edie has no doubt that behind the heat in his amber eyes, he knows much more than he’s willing to tell.

About MK Mancos:

MK Mancos lives in Florida with her artist husband, Dave and irrepressible dog, Lily. When she isn’t dreaming of paranormal creatures falling in love, she is visiting the stars or parallel dimensions under her other pseudonym, Kathleen Scott.

Interview With MK Mancos:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?
I’ve published so many different types that I should really break it down by genre. However, I will say that most of my books contain some element of mystery and romance. Mystery because I love the intrigue angle and solving things, and romance because love makes the world go around. – My upcoming novels are a military fantasy/steampunk with dragons. The series is called Dragon Wars and the first novel is titled Brass Dragon. I hope to have that one out by Halloween. Also, coming out in the fall will be the sequel to The Host: Shadows. The second book is The Host: Bloodlust and features Julien St. Blaise and the daughter of Benito Achilles. If you haven’t read Shadows yet, I suggest reading it first before Bloodlust. Not that it’s really needed since both books can stand alone, but the overall experience will be much richer.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author?
I’ve known since probably 8th or 9th grade. I used to write really horrible books during my summer vacations to pass the time and keep my mind occupied. I didn’t start getting serious about possibly writing for publication until I was in my mid-late 20s.

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?
From my perspective an author’s craft is constantly evolving, so if I have doubts, I go back to basics and figure out what I might have done wrong and correct it. That being said, even Brandon Sanderson has said he has felt like a hack at times. If he can feel that way, then I’m in pretty good company. Though, in all honesty, the best medicine for doubts is to have someone tell you how much they loved your books.

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing?
Yes. I use my experiences working in healthcare for the past 30 years in a lot of my books. Not that I write medical-centered stories, but because it makes writing body trauma and illnesses so convincing. Even in my space operas, I’ve drawn on my knowledge to make gadgets used in medical bays seem plausible.

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?
My easiest characters were from some of my earlier space operas. They just came to me fully realized. Also, the characters in my Castle Street Fae series. They spoke loud and clear in my mind. I simply took dictation for them. The hardest in terms of characters, I don’t think there have been any. There have been plots and situations I’ve been stuck on, and yes, maybe that does fall back on not having a good enough handle on the character and their motivation or driving force. Simply, not knowing what their next step should be.

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Author Spotlight: Rose Alexander

This week’s author is Rose Alexander. I met her at the convention I attend in Savannah every summer. She’s a firecracker. We’ve grown really close over the last year. I’m so blessed to have met her and I’m glad that I can consider her a wonderful friend.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

Krissy is different… a fact she hid from everyone. She’s lived a sheltered life because of her paranoid mom who isolated her after her dad took off when she was six. Now her mom is missing, forcing her to return to her estranged father. Her life takes a dramatic change when she starts attending the academy where her father teaches.

With the help of three guys she will have to learn how to control her abilities, navigate this new world, and hopefully save her mom. The only question now is… will she succeed?

When a book magically appeared, Rue learned appearances can be deceptive. Visions of strange creatures and lands haunted her.
After meeting Atticus she began her journey to self discovery with the help of her new familiar, Smoosh. Now she must use this gift to save the man she’s falling for or she might lose him forever. Can she succeed, or is her love doomed to die for crimes he didn’t commit?

Life was simple as a demon spending my days torturing the souls of the damned. But things got a hell of a lot more complicated when Lilith appeared and dumped me in the mortal realm to face a different type of demon: my history.

Come to find out, my mother had been harboring a deadly secret about what I really am.

Now she’s dead.

All I learn before her final breaths is that I’m only part demon — a halfling.

Halflings are an abomination. It’s just a matter of time before every demon, angel, and gargoyle will be hunting me.

Like the three irresistible gargoyles who happen to live in the same apartment complex I moved into. Then add an over-protective, shape-shifting Cerberus to the mix. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Right?

The clock is ticking — things prophesied are being fulfilled.

The Huntsman Clan Complete Series Collection Books 1-4

Lia learns on her 16th birthday that she isn’t who or what she thinks she is. Not only is she adopted, but she isn’t a bear shifter as she always believed.
Follow her story as she learns to navigate a new world full of shifters she’s never met, dangerous assignation plots, and a race for a crown she never wanted. Will she succeed or will she run out of time?

Blurb for Nightfall a Book 1

My name is Lia, just your average sixteen year old bear shifter, or so I thought. The night of my first shift, I found out that was all a lie. Not only am I adopted, but I’m not a bear at all.
I’m taken away from the parents who raised me and thrust into a life I know nothing about. I have to learn to navigate the social structure of this new clan and try to survive a boarding school for shifters like me. Thankfully, I meet a group of guys the same age as me who want to help me fit in. Throw in a prophecy this clan swears is true, and you have a recipe for adventure, and a whole heap of trouble headed my way.

Murder and magic… a battle to reclaim the throne…

Being a water bearer for my community was easy: just my trusty mule, Lily, and me against the world. But when a bard arrived in town weaving tales about the True Queens of Nephalia, everything changed.

Those stories were supposed to be myths—tales told to children around a campfire. Yet, this man sung truths that had been buried long ago of the Dawnings that brought the queens to power and the magical patterns on their skin marking them as qualified for such a status.

Marks… described exactly like the one that appeared on my arm the very same day.

According to the legend, these women were hunted and killed by others—imposters—who claimed to have earned the throne.

The warning was loud and clear. But instead of living in fear, I intend to compose a story of my own: with the help of three amazing men, I must save myself and the other marked women from such a fate.

If we succeed, Nephalia will prosper.

If we fail, the rekindled magic of myth will remain as such: nothing more than a tale told around a dying campfire.

About Rose Alexander

Just a small town girl from Kansas living her dream of writing books. When not writing I enjoy spending time with my husband and son.

Interview With Rose Alexander:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

I write Reverse Harem PNR and enjoy adding a twist you wouldn’t expect. 

My next upcoming will be the Second book in the Hidden Truth series, which follows Ash, a half demon while she tries to survive and learn who and what she really is. 

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author? 

I’ve always enjoyed making up stories, but I was finally pushed to share them with the world a few years ago. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment since I had thought about it for years, but was always too scared to try. 

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

I try to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones. If I’m feeling the imposter syndrome, I will read bad reviews on my favorite books. Because if people are crazy enough not to like those, my own negative reviews can’t be so bad. 

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

I’m sure we all add our own experiences to our writing at least subconsciously. Our world is colored by our own experiences after all. But I haven’t written anything intentionally after my own life. 

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

My easiest character was Jade, from Becoming Ruby. I just connected with her from the get go. Lia, from The Huntsman Clan would be my hardest. She was stubborn and always pushed the story in unexpected ways I hadn’t planned for.

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Author Spotlight: Jenn D. Young

This week’s author is Jenn D. Young. I stumbled upon audiobooks for her Shadows Ascending Trilogy and fell in love with it. I was so blown away when she reached out and responded to one of my posts. She’s an amazing person on top of being an amazing author. I fully recommend giving her a chance!

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

I’ve lived my life on the run. Always looking over my shoulder. Waiting for the day that they would find me. Everyone I have ever loved has been ripped from me until I have nothing left but memories and dreams.

For years, he has been the only thing to keep me sane. My demon prince from my dreams.
His voice haunts me. Stirs me. Makes me yearn for him.
But will I ever find him? Or will he find me?

As my abilities manifest, will I be able to maintain control, or will they control me?

For millennia, my life has been incomplete. Until I saw her.
For years, I’ve watched over her. Protecting her from the monsters that chase her. Yet, I’m the biggest threat to her safety.

My perfect Nephilim. My mate.

Her face is there every time I close my eyes. Her voice soothes my very soul.

Will I be able to shield her from the horrors of my world or will I fail and finally claim her as mine, damn the consequences?

Can Ashton LeCroix overcome her past and find her perfect match? What happens when your best friend forces you to sign up for the new hot dating app based on astrology, Signs of Love? You get matched with the sexy lawyer you’ve been flirting with for over a year, but never had the courage to ask out. 

Has her one been staring her in the face all along?

Christian Muller has no time for a relationship, he’s still broken from his past attempt. So, when his sisters sign him up for the website, Signs of Love, he scoffs at the ridiculous notion. Then he finds a match that he wasn’t expecting. The gorgeous curvy woman he has been flirting with for over a year.

Has his perfect match been standing in front of him the whole time? 

About Jenn D. Young:

Jenn D. Young is a native of Washington, currently living in Arizona. She has always dreamed of writing about the characters that have been floating around in her head. Ever since the age of 14, she has been obsessed with romance novels and reading them as fast as she can get her hands on them. Her first love is Paranormal Romance, but she enjoys stories from all across the genre. You can typically find her listening to music or an audiobook, reading, or hanging out with her dogs Hermes and Loki. 

Interview With Jenn D. Young:

  1. Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?
    I’ve published 11 books so far with number 12 coming out on the 16th. I have a wide variety of books from paranormal to fantasy and then my very first contemporary romance novel coming out on 7/16. I love to blend angst, humor, and world building together to create vast worlds that have you hanging on every word. I love strong, yet vulnerable characters that are real, even though they may possess vast supernatural powers. No one is ever fully perfect, and I love to add flaws that shape and make them the person they are. Love in the Stars is my newest book and features a strong female main character that has been hurt in the past and doesn’t know if she can let herself feel again. Christian, the male main character, has spent so many years taking care of everyone else that when love comes to slap him in the face, he doesn’t really know what to do. They find their way to each other and learn that it isn’t always too good to be true.
  2. What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author? 
    Ever since I can remember I was jotting down random ideas or making up crazy worlds in my head. I actually had the idea for my first series of books when I was fourteen years old. I’ve been a huge reader and it wasn’t until I started getting more involved in the book community, that I actually started writing and told myself that, hey, I can actually do this. 2 years and 12 books later, here I am!
  3. What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?
    Naturally, I’m a very anxious and self deprecating person. I constantly doubt myself and my writing. I had to learn that what I write may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are a lot of people that love my books and it keeps me writing. I’ve met so many amazing people on my author journey that help keep me going and pushing forward. I owe them the world.
  4. Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 
    Each of my female main characters have a piece of me in them. Whether it be my coffee addiction, or past traumas and mental health issues. I like to showcase that no one is perfect. You have to overcome your issues and with your mate(s)/partner(s) you can become a better and fuller person.
  5. Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?
    Easiest has probably been my Shadows Ascending Trilogy, Lorelei and Vincent. They’ve always been my soul babies, the idea I came up with when I was 14 and has stuck with me for all those years after. Their story flowed, and once I learned my voice and style, it just became even easier. Don’t know if I would classify anything as the ‘hardest’ I’ve ever written. Once I learned to go with the flow and let the characters do what they wanted, instead of fighting me, I moved forward. (Thanks Dragon’s Redemption. Learned that one the hard way. Let the characters do what they want. Don’t resist 😛)

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Author Spotlight: Yasmin Hawken

This week’s author is Yasmin Hawken. This is a pen name for a writing duo. I have the pleasure to know one of them. She’s so amazingly talented and beautiful inside and out. I’m honored to call her a friend.

Their Books (Click book photos to buy):

The Seraphim Network is set in Cyberpunk Seattle where technology is at an all time high matched only by the social divide. Mega Corporation’s rule the lives of the working classes chaining everyday citizens to slave like hours through high priced amenities and necessities, all to ensure the elite maintain their lavish lifestyles. With such a harsh reality it isn’t a surprise that the easily accessed escapes of booze, sex, drugs and the virtual world lures the desperate citizens into further squalor.

The Seraphim Network is determined to change that. By gathering and trading information it seeks a way to bring down the corporate giants intent on enslaving the world and free the people from their bonds. The work of The Network is dangerous, illegal and ,to many, immoral but all for the good of the future.

The Angel series and its companion the Everyday series focus on The Network’s operatives as they traverse the dingy streets of Seattle, finding love, loss, intrigue and danger all in the name of the organisation they see as family.

About Yasmin Hawken:

Yasmin Hawken is the pen name of Kay Hawken and Charlotte Head, a writing collaboration who is bringing The Seraphim Network to life.


Interview With Yasmin Hawken:

Tell us about the books you’ve published so far.

At this point in time we are publishing two series’ of books set in the futuristic city of Seattle; The Archangel Series and The Everyday Series. Both series are focused around The Seraphim Network and their shadowy exploits to take down the corporations that are suffocating the world. We have five Everyday novels and three Archangel novels with two novellas. At the moment we are working on releasing the rewrite of the first book we released, Caustic, in the back there is an exclusive novella. After that it’s the forth Archangel book. The Covid situation and life events have unfortunately affected our publishing and writing schedule which we are working on fixing. 

What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author? 

Honestly there wasn’t a single moment, more of a constant need. Everytime I looked at books I knew that I needed to write one, I needed to hold something I wrote in my hands. Next to the birth of kids and my wedding day releasing Caustic was the best moment of my life. 

What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

When I figure that out I’ll let you know. Honestly imposter syndrome is something I really struggle with. I am lucky to have some close friends who act as a cheering section, when I am having a bad time I go to them. They usually threaten me that they need to know what happens so I can’t stop, it’s usually the push I need. 

Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

 I wouldn’t say life experiences but I usually try to put a little of myself, or someone I am close to in each of my characters. It really helps me to draw myself back to the characters when I need to. Out of all characters Callista has to be the one closest to myself, she is a mixture of my negative thoughts and my wishes of what I would like to be more like. 

Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

Rhys and Miles are the characters I can write the easiest. I can’t think of a time I’ve ever struggled, the writing just flows. They are polar opposites but when I am writing a scene with them both in it, it’s always perfect the first time. I think I just love my hacker boys and I love their stories and what is planned for them. The hardest is Jaycee, me and her, we just never connected. The control freak in her and the control freak in me were like magnets, writing her book was like pulling teeth, I honestly can’t imagine ever writing her again, just because of how tough it was.

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Author Spotlight: Cara North

This week’s author is Cara North. She has a few names to keep her different genres separate. She’s an amazing author and an amazing person. She helps run a very successful convention every summer. She runs a podcast. With all that she juggles, she still finds time to get on and spend time with her friends and fans. She’s an inspiration.

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

In Nowhere, North Carolina the rules have been established for centuries. Veronica Grimm may be an heir to the Reaper throne, but she wasn’t born or raised in Nowhere. She doesn’t know the rules. Moreover, she doesn’t care about breaking them. Especially, when it means taking the handsome hybrid for her mate. Sirius Casanova has been bite bound to Veronica since they were children. She has no idea what he has been through or how dangerous the sleepy little paranormal town really is. Worried that at any moment she might kill him, he still can’t resist being near her, with her, a part of her. A whole town built on magic and the whims of an ancient being, governed by laws put in place long before she was thought of, haven for paranormal beings, threat to the outside world around it, and that’s just the information she knows. It’s time to break old rules, make new ones, and fight for their lives. Welcome to Nowhere.

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is a fun contemporary erotic romance about two people needing each other for different reasons and finding out that together they are one insatiable force. Bethany Dodson is running from her past and her fiancé. She needs a new last name and to get lost fast! Jack Johnson needs to marry a woman to get his inheritance so he can stop working on other ranches and rebuild the one he shares with his two older brothers and younger sister. When he meets Bethany, his goal is basically to get some action then get on searching for a wife. But Bethany kills two birds with one stone and the next thing he knows he’s the one getting drug down the aisle! What they discover is more than just surface needs. They take each other to new heights in and out of the bedroom, push boundaries, and even fall in love!

Teerah is the new Queen of Rain. A planet torn between technological advancements and the desire to live a Spartan existence. A warrior culture where the King is law. She is the first Queen and the battle for her throne is entwined with the battle for her heart. Step into the future and visit the past.

This title is part of the Queen Collection.

Contemporary YA for Mature Readers

Isn’t the musician supposed to be the aggressive one? Not in this relationship. I wanted him. He wanted me. I never thought I would be the one leading the charge, but if I waited for Drum to try to hit a home run, I’d be graduating college not high school.

In one day, I changed the course of my senior year, my whole life. The more time I spent with him, the more I liked him.
He’s new. He’s different. His dad is a Marine. He’s a drummer. Yes, he is also in the marching band. No, I didn’t care, and neither did my competition. It wasn’t like I was the only one who noticed him, and jealousy was a real situation I had to learn to deal with.

Dakota Hart was resigned to the fact that she was going to be married to the ranch and not a cowboy for the rest of her life.
Jace Driscol was a reporter in need of hands on experience to write his next book about the American Cowboy.

Sometimes the road of life takes us places we need to go and shows us who we should have been all along.

About Cara North:

I write fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. I am interested in a variety of literature. I have a MFA in Creative Writing and a MA in English. I have held workshops for creative writing with a variety of people in libraries and other venues. I am a USMC Veteran.

My pseudonyms are:
Cara North: Contemporary, PNR, Other
September North: YA
Echo North: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Interview Questions With Cara North:

  1. Tell us about the books you’ve published so far.

Primarily, I write romance. Sometimes erotic, sometimes steamy, sometimes sweet. I write in a variety of genres. It really just depends on the characters and how the story falls out on the page for me. My pen names are Cara North and September North. I have Echo North as well which will be emerging in 2022 but Cara North is the primary author name, I have used for over a decade.

  1. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels?

Upcoming work by Cara North includes a new I Love My Marine Anthology, for September North Gen 2 of The Drummonds, for Echo North I am torn between the fantasy or the sci fi so maybe a short story for each.

  1. What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author? 

When I was a kid. In elementary school I used writing as a way to cope with things around me. I could create better situations.

  1. What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

Remind myself that this is for me. If other people enjoy it, awesome! I love that. Ultimately, writing is a personal experience and what I publish is meant to entertain people. I won’t entertain everyone and that’s okay. I don’t have to. I would rather write for 10 people who have to have the next book than not write at all. I love you those 10 people!

  1. Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

Yes. Lots. In my YA I really share a few demons, right a few wrongs, and do my best make a lot of those things people don’t like to talk about less scary and more informative. In my Marines as I am a Marine veteran. Some of those guys are not far from personalities I knew, though none are real people. I am a Gyllenhaalic, Jake is my muse, so while I have no actual connection to him, most of my Hollywood Nights have layers of that man from hours of reading, watching, listening to interviews.

  1. Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why?

Oof. What a question. I guess my easiest lately has been Drum in my YA series. He just popped in and bam that book rolled out. I would say Drum is my hardest to write as well as I close out the last few books of Gen 2 and realize this is the end of my Drummond timeline because he will be 80 and I will not take him to Valhalla. I LOVE that character too much. I could send Mariah, but not Drum. Also, I do not send Mariah. LOL.

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Author Spotlight: Sofia Ann Hoffman

Today’s author is Sofia Ann Hoffman. I got the pleasure to meet this author due to an event I’ve been attending every summer in Savannah. I don’t remember her much from the event itself, but I’ve talked with her so much in the days that have followed. She’s very intelligent and intuitive. She also has a very unique writing style that I adore. I could go on all day, but I think you’d prefer to see what she has to offer!

Her Books (Click book photos to buy):

Who do you have left to rule when the monsters kill all of your people? The monsters, of course.

Princess Cindra may only be sixteen, but she’s growing up fast as she loses it all—her home, her planet, even her soul mate.

But like a wave will fill in footprints, life is rolling over her and offering her far more than she has ever lost. When running is no longer an option, will Cindra be willing to step up to the plate or will she surrender and become just another monster?

My name is Ava Jensen, and I’ve been hiding out for many years. If you find this message, you need to hide as well. They are after us all. It doesn’t matter if you shift or not, you are fair game. Use your wits, keep yourself hidden as best as you can. It doesn’t matter what race or religion you are, or even where you live. Everyone on Earth is a target. But, we won’t go down easy. Prepare to fight or die trying.

All her life, Natalie has believed that Fate has had it in for her. Raised as an orphan, kicked to the streets at eighteen, and now losing custody of her children to her ex, Blake. Natalie honestly doesn’t know how much more she can take. But Natalie won’t give up, all she has to do is prove she can support herself and her children.
Things start looking up when Natalie finds an injured dolphin and contacts MAR–a marine animal rehabilitation center. She’s offered a full-time job with them when they see the connection she has with the dolphin, and over time, she realizes that the dolphin is not exactly what he seems. The same goes for her coworker, Sol, and his friend Conall.
Fate is taking a stand, and this time it’s on Natalie’s side if only she can open her heart and accept the secret that the men hold.

Kyle Phillips only wants to drop the groceries he’d purchased off at the teen center. Little does he know that it will lead to him becoming the caretaker to three hellhound puppies. When the choice becomes ‘take care of them or die,’ it isn’t a difficult decision. Suddenly, Kyle is faced with not only raising and training them, but he also has to guard them from their father, who is determined to get them back, even if it means taking Kyle out in the process. Will the floofballs from Hell cost Kyle his life? **This is a slightly expanded version of the story that appeared in All Hallowed Tales.**

Aleksi knows Ivan is close to losing it. Ivan doesn’t care how he escapes from the submarine they are trapped on, including dying. In desperation, Aleksi talks Ivan into a last resort of writing to Ded Moroz to help them escape. Neither of them are aware that the submarine they are on is approaching a MAR dome.
Sara has watched many of her friends find their mates, marry, and start families, and she wants the same. She decides to give a shot to writing to Santa, asking him to provide them. Before she gets a chance to send it off, she’s alerted to a human submarine approaching MAR. She’s the only one strong enough to get rid of the submarine before the dome is exposed to the humans.
Find out what happens when Sara discovers who really are the passengers of the submarine threatening MAR.

Life has a way of just being existence until you find the reason to truly live. I made a difference in other people’s lives, but inside, I was just . . . physically there. I worked to pay the bills and took care of my family when I wasn’t at work, but that was it.

That is, until the day Steven walked into the video store where I worked. 

No, it wasn’t ‘love at first sight,’ but it was definitely ‘like at first comment.’

My name is Carolyn, and this is the story of how a simple man turned my world upside down. A man who had the power to see beyond the wall I built around my heart and discovered the real me hiding inside. A man who connected with me wholly. The man who made me live.

About Sofia Ann Hoffman:

Originally from Texas, I’ve moved around from coast-to-coast with my family because my dad was in the Navy. I’m currently in Arizona (It’s a dry heat.) I find enjoyment in my fur babies. I currently have Daisy and Minnie. I love 80s music and reading paranormal romance. I’m not a huge TV watcher, but I do binge watch shows periodically. Right now, I’m catching up on Lucifer. I prefer my stories to have an HEA or at least a HFN because I figure there’s enough darkness in the world already. I also try to avoid cliffhangers and keep most of my stories as stand alones.

Interview Questions With Sofia Ann Hoffman:

  1. Tell us about the books you’ve published so far. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming novels? My first attempt at actually publishing a story was for an anthology back in 2018, so I had to keep the word count down. Steven With a V was that attempt. However, the story didn’t match the steam level of the rest of the stories. I put Steven to the side and co-wrote a story with Petra J. Knox called Taken for a Ride. That story is not currently available. My first solo story was Leap at Love. I wanted to be included in the Falling for Them anthology and decided to write about shifters that were different from what everyone else was writing, so I picked dolphins. There were not a lot of sea animals being written about at that time. This story also was the beginning of the MAR world that I write in. MAR stands for Magical Alliance Refuge and basically are protected areas that magical people of all kinds live in to avoid detection by humans or other creatures. Floofballs from Hell came next and took the story out of MAR. It was a short story about a man forced to raise Hellhounds and is based from a dream I had after listening to my dad’s neighbor’s puppy bark and howl all night. That was also in an anthology and has since been slightly expanded and released solo. In a Christmas anthology with my writing group, I included the next story Men for Christmas: Check. It went back to the MAR world and featured Sara as the main female character. She was the main female character’s best friend in Leap at Love. Even though the two are connected, they can be read as stand alone stories. In fact, I am attempting to do that with all of the MAR books. Next came Claiming the Owl Shifter. I won the cover for that in a contest for the best blurb and decided to connect it to the MAR world but take the story into outer space. This story begins 70 years before Leap at Love happens and comes forward to the present time. Ava is an owl shifter captured by golden-dragon aliens. Steven With a V is the story closest to my heart because it features most of my real life. I used to work for Blockbuster Video and had a crush on Steven but was never brave enough to tell him. I’m pretty sure he felt the same way about me, but neither of us acted on it. This story is what might have happened if we had. Many of the events are true that I describe. This is my only contemporary romance to date. My last released book is called Saving Yanoth. I decided to go YA with this one and still connect it to the MAR world. It is best if you read Claiming the Owl Shifter first because the characters from there play major roles in Saving Yanoth, but it can also be read alone. I do have a short called Static Elecwitchery which will only be available in print at Literary Love Savannah in the YA anthology. This is a fun one where the two sisters discover they are witches but the female main character has issues with static electricity. My next upcoming novel is called Pisces on the Hunt. (If I can get my muse to cooperate.) Pisces is a red-octopus shifter who is hired to find the missing daughter of a mob boss and her best friend Veronica who is pregnant. This one was also in an anthology, but I’m adding more to it by making it not just Pisces’s POV but also the other two women.
  2. What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author? I’ve pretty much wanted to write for as long as I can remember. My earliest published work was a poem in my high school magazine when I was in 11th grade.
  3. What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing? I talk to other authors and to some of my supportive readers. My family also totally supports my writing even if they don’t read it. Sometimes, I will just begin a story for fun, not caring about grammar and punctuation.
  4. Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? Most of my stories feature dogs or doglike characters because I love my fur babies. Also, Steven With a V is very close to what my real life was like at that time frame.
  5. Who was your easiest character to write about and why? What was your hardest and why? I truly enjoyed writing Sara’s character the most, but the story that I found the easiest to flow up to a point is called Marnie’s Heart. I had a vivid dream that I was struggling to get the words out fast enough to describe it. Marnie’s Heart is on hiatus until I revamp it because the character is deaf and I want to rewrite certain parts to make her extremely hard of hearing instead and I also want to find a sensitivity reader to go over it before I release it to make sure I don’t offend the deaf community. The hardest character to write so far has been Keene because I really don’t know much about her. She’s around 4 feet tall with one green eye and one amethyst eye, short spiky black hair, and she can turn into a sword. Together, she and Johann act as a paladin for a modern-day king. Her story is only partially written, but she appears in other MAR stories.

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Author Spotlight: RK Phillips

Today’s author is RK Phillips. Her debut novel, The Complications of Pi, published on March 14th, 2020. It’s one of the strongest debut novels that I’ve read. It is also a LGBTQIA+ book that I strongly recommend for those of you reading books in honor of Pride. She has many great works to come that I’m very excited to read! She’s also has two stories in anthologies that will be released in August at a popular convention in Savannah.


What do you get when you mix a female born on March 14th, loves math, is clumsy, and loved by her family and best friend? You get Peyton, nicknamed Pi, of course. Add a dash of a bad break up and you get someone who doesn’t trust when love might find its way into her heart.
Peyton’s life might not be perfect, but it is wonderful and routine. She has her career as a mathematics professor, a best friend she has known since college, parents and a brother she is close to, and free time to enjoy peace. That is until the summer day Peyton accompanies her brother to a gala holding a date auction fundraiser. She is instantly attracted to someone up for bid, but is shocked when her brother bids on the individual for himself. They had never liked the same person before. Now what?

Misunderstandings, dates involving medical attention, spiteful strangers, and a myriad of other encounters leaves Peyton, a woman who lives her life by the numbers, in the throes of chaos. Who knew one little fundraiser would have such an impact on a math professor’s life?

About RK Phillips:

RK Phillips is a quirky, nerdy, number loving person that finds inspiration in her dreams She currently resides in Texas, but is originally from Oklahoma where she spent the majority of her life. By day she is an accountant, but after work her right brain is freed. Imagination and creativity come out to play in her writing,crafting, and sleeping dream world. Some of her favorite things are books, movies, numbers, and tigers. She loves hearing from people.

Interview With RK Phillips:

Q: Tell us about the books you’ve published so far.

A: First off, I want to thank you for the opportunity to be featured on your blog. I am honored. Thus far I only have one book published. It is called The Complications of Pi. It is a contemporary romance about a female math professor named Peyton who has to learn how to trust in herself and love again. 

Q: What was the moment you knew you wanted to be an author? 

A: I don’t think I ever had that moment. I had a few writing efforts more along the lines of role playing with people. During this time I had some friends that self published books and I kept telling them I wanted a nerdy math girl as a main character. Finally I decided to write my own and prove to myself I could write a whole novel. Now, I need to prove to myself I can do it again.

Q: What are some things you do to overcome doubts about your writing?

A: This is something that I constantly struggle with. However, it helps that I have a wonderful romantic partner that loves and supports me. She tells me all the time that I am a good writer so I try to remember this. Plus sometimes I go back and read parts I have written to see what I have created before to remind me it isn’t all horrible. Lastly, I try and remember that everything is horrible at first and can always be edited. 

Q: Have any actual life experiences reflected in your writing? 

A: Yes. There are several things that happened that showed up in my writing. One of the prime examples I use is when Peyton goes home one night and has a bubble bath and eats some ice cream. That was something I actually did shortly after I moved to Houston. It had been a rough week at work and since I don’t drink, I had ice cream. 

Q: Who was your easiest and hardest character to write about and why? 

A: There are several characters that so far have been easy to write. However, I think one of my easiest characters to write was Simone. She is Peyton’s best friend and I love her. The two women compliment each other well. Simone has this easy going nature that flowed on the pages. She is sassy and has no problem saying what she thinks. The hardest character to write I think is Cassie O’Sullivan. She is the main character in Baked With Magic, a short story that is part of an anthology at a convention in August. I struggled with the story because it was outside of my normal realm. It is a prequel to a possible series. The short story features Cassie, a kitchen witch, who enters a human baking competition where she runs into a former nemesis. There was something about the whole story that presented more of a difficulty than my full novel did.

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Interview With Clare Flynn

Where do you get your inspiration?
Anywhere and everywhere. I travel widely and have lived overseas in the past so I draw on these experiences a lot. I also read widely. Sometimes I get inspired by a place – for example the idea for The Gamekeeper’s Wife came to me while I was staying in a gamekeeper’s lodge on the Shuttleworth estate in Bedfordshire. I also visited a garden there – the Swiss Garden which had been a Victorian industrialist’s creation but had fallen into neglect after WW2 and since restored in all its splendour. I used that to create the sunken garden in the book – this time neglected as a result of the gardeners being killed in WW1.

Can you tell me a little about each book?
I have ten novels now so that would take far too long! I’ll tell you about some common themes. I write a lot about displacement – people being uprooted from their comfortable world and flung into a new and challenging one – often geographically distant.
My first novel A Greater World has the two main characters meeting on a ship to Australia from England – both forced to leave everything they have known due to sudden tragic circumstances.
Ginny in Kurinji Flowers has no future in England after being disgraced as a debutante so marries on the rebound and moves with the husband she barely knows to live on a tea plantation in India where she struggles to adapt.
My next book, The Pearl of Penang (published December 5th and now pre-ordering) is set in the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia in the 1940s. Evie the main character ends up there after accepting a marriage proposal by post from a man she met once only when she was only fifteen, twelve years earlier.
I am fascinated by the whole idea of British colonials and the worlds they created in far flung parts of the empire. I also write about war and its after-effects (The Canadian trilogy – The Chalky Sea, The Alien Corn and The Frozen River).

What inspires you to write?
I love entering a whole new world that emerges from my head, and meeting characters who begin to assume a life of their own. I also love the way my books affect readers. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than hearing from them, reading their reviews and finding out how my stories have touched their lives. On the rare occasions I get discouraged, an email from a reader can galvanise me and send me straight back to the keyboard!

Tell me about how you got started as a writer.
I’ve always written. As a child it was poems, plays and stories. Later I had numerous attempts to write a novel (always knowing it would happen in the end) but got sidetracked by life and a demanding career.

When did you first publish? How did publishing make you feel?
It was in 2014. I’d lost a lot of time while my then agent tried to sell it. In the end I decided to self-publish and never looked back. My last book Storms Gather Between Us was traditionally published and while I have no complaints about the publisher or the process, I prefer being my own boss so I’m now reverting to being indie. I’m helped by the fact that I am an ex Marketing Director and publishing is all about marketing. I ran my own business for almost twenty years after a long slog in corporate life so I much prefer the control I have as an indie. Not that I do it myself – I use a professional editor and cover designer and invest a lot in my own development and training.

What advice can you give future authors?
Read as much and as widely as you can. Your craft improves with your exposure to and understanding of different styles, eras, genres, etc. I am blessed in that, since childhood, I have read voraciously from the classics to fast easy reads. I’d also say read your work aloud. That is an amazing tool to improving your work. And take your time to get it right. There is a big emphasis these days on pushing as many books out as possible – in some cases a book a week!! I doubt many of these will stand the test of time – and the toll on the writers will be enormous in the long run.

What was the easiest book for you to write?
The most fun was the latest one, The Pearl of Penang. It followed an unexpected writing drought when I was on a round the world cruise. I’d expected to write while I was away but it turned out I didn’t want to. After visiting Penang, an idea came to me and I set aside the book I was planning to write and started this one instead. I loved the writing and got so absorbed by the research I had to do. It was a sheer joy.

What was the hardest?
The one I am writing now! But I usually say that.

What is your biggest challenge as you’re writing?
Distraction – I have a horrible tendency to stop to fact check something and then before I know it I am down the research rabbit hole – or off on a complete tangent as one thing leads to another and before I know it I am on YouTube watching old Pathé newsreels.

What do you think of promoting your work? Do you find it easy or hard?
Very very hard. Even though my marketing background should theoretically make it easier!

How would you describe your writing style to people who have never read your work?
My readers tell me they get hooked very quickly so I am responsible for lots of missed sleep and over-salted, overcooked meals – so many people have told me they walk around the kitchen preparing supper with one of my books in their hands! I try to write evocatively about the places in the books – I’ve been told it’s like vicariously travelling there as I aim to bring the sights, sounds, and smells of the locations to life on the page. I’ve often been told I write convincing dialogue and work very hard to make my characters believable and capable of evoking emotional responses in readers – good or bad. And the goodies are always flawed in some way and the baddies mostly have either some redeeming qualities or at least a backstory that explains how they ended up so bad.

Have you ever participated in Nano? If so, did you make the goal?
This is my fifth consecutive year and every time I have hit the 50k. This year is the hardest yet!

How supportive is your family of your books?
I’m single (which probably helps!) – my siblings are generally supportive but I don’t expect them to read my books. Sometimes they do. But I think your own family can be your toughest critics.

Have you ever had anybody in your life ever try to discourage you from writing? How did you cope?
No. No one’s told me I shouldn’t do it. Not that I’d have listened anyway!

Do you have a team that helps with your writing process and promotions?
I am a member of a critique group of five published writers. We meet weekly to give each other honest feedback. I have a great team of editor, designer, proof readers, beta readers. I also have a team of advance readers who get an ARC pre-publication for review purposes – they also spot any missed errors.

How many drafts do you write before you are pleased enough to publish?
I am constantly tweaking and tuning – a real iterative process – including the ongoing feedback from my critique group. By the time I’ve finished it’s pretty close to final draft. I then read it through again and make further changes. The editor gives me a report which may require further changes (this time hardly at all!) and she does a line edit which I work through. I have a final read-through and make any further tweaks.

Are any of your books in audio? If not, is it something you eventually want?
Yes four are – A Greater World, Letters from a Patchwork Quilt, The Chalky Sea and The Alien Corn. I need to get a move on with the others! I also need to figure out how to promote them!

What are some of your favorite books and authors?
Aaaagggh! I hate that question as there are so many. I love some of the classics – Thomas Hardy in particular – life always seems better in comparison with the terrible things that happen to his characters, the Brontes, George Elliot and Austen. I love Kate Atkinson’s writing. Recently I hugely enjoyed reading Amor Towle’s A Gentleman in Moscow. Nowadays I also read books by authors I know. I particularly like Linda Gillard’s work. Her latest book, The Memory Tree has done extremely well and as soon as one of hers comes out I have to buy it. My personal fave is Emotional Geology set in the Scottish isles. Linda never shies away from tough subjects. While on my cruise I met Helen Carey, author of the WW2 Lavender Road series. I’ve since read three of them and enjoyed them immensely and must read the others. At the Literary fiction end Jane Davies stands out for me, winner of the Selfies award for her cracking novel Smash all the Windows which follows the lives of a number of people who had been caught up in a disaster on the London Underground and their search for justice and personal reconciliation with what has happened to them.

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming books?
Not yet! I am afraid to jinx them. I will say my Nano project is a novella set in WW2 in the Pacific theatre. It’s not a military story though.

Where can we find you on social media?
In too many places!! And too often.
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –
And of course on my website – – if you sign up on there for my newsletter you will receive a short story collection as a thank you.

Interview With Angela Ford

Where do you get your inspiration?

 I write from the heart. I love to read as much as I love to create a story. One word, one picture can ignite that spark into a beautiful feeling that just flows endlessly. Who doesn’t love a happily-ever-after? 

Can you tell me a little about each book?

That could make a book itself lol I have over 50 published works. Each and every one makes my heart smile. But to sum it up…I write romance. Always a HEA…sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy and sometimes suspenseful. 

I’m very excited about my new young adult series! A different direction this time but a sweet romance series about life’s trials, wise words left, healing Hearts and horses! 

What inspires you to write?

 Reading, I would say has been my first inspiration that began this journey to share stories I’ve created. My parents are a huge inspiration-my real-life fairy tale couple. 64 years together and still in love as much as the first day they met!

Tell me about how you got started as a writer.

 I started writing as a teenager on the beach one summer. Not that a lot of people knew about it. I kept it to myself. Later in life, after years of being an avid reader; it was time to share my stories. From there, it hasn’t stopped. It’s an addiction!

When did you first publish? How did publishing make you feel?

I published in 2013. Scared. Nervous. Not knowing where to start. But determination kept me going, even after many discouraging rejections. Then one day I received an offer with the same publishing company I’m with today. The day just happened to be April 1st-April Fools Day lol but after a 2nd request two days later…it wasn’t a joke. And here I still am! Loving what I do!

What advice can you give future authors?

Never give up! Do what you love. 

Write from the heart. Edit later. 

What was the easiest book for you to write?

My Cyber Crime Series (Closure/Forbidden/Obsessed). It’s about an elite FBI task force hunting down internet predators from teens. Besides the fact that I love mysteries and FBI shows! As a school council chair with the school my kids went to, I hosted seminars with the local police to educate parents on internet safety to protect their kids. I’m a Mom. Always protecting my kids, along with my passion for the education system and keeping kids safe online; the stories just flowed!

What was the hardest?

The hardest was Provoked. Not just because I wrote it during NaNoWriNo (50,000 words in 30 days challenge). It is a police procedural, mystery thriller…which I love but it also involves domestic abuse. It was tough to write some scenes due to my own personal experiences. 

What is your biggest challenge as you’re writing?

Time! I want a 36 hour day lol

If I didn’t need the day job…I like to eat lol … I’d be writing for hours every day. Doing what I love!

What do you think of promoting your work? Do you find it easy or hard?

It’s a love-hate responsibility lol

It’s fun to create ads, trailers, and story pitches. But it’s time consuming and takes away from writing time. There are a lot of promotional places that can help ease the promotional side but a lot cost more than an author makes lol

How would you describe your writing style to people who have never read your work?

I write the way I enjoy reading. Being pulled into the story like I’m there. I can see, feel and be swept into a world where the characters are real and true to life. 

I love researching to make them real. Whether it’s their profession or the place they live. I want it to feel real. 

Every time I write the last word of each story, I have a bittersweet moment. Happy I wrote another story but sad to say goodbye to my characters. They’ve become friends after the many hours of living with me lol 

But I’m happy now while I’m writing this new series…they get to live with me a little longer!

Have you ever participated in Nano? If so, did you make the goal?

Just the once when I write Provoked I mentioned in an earlier question. 

I remember that last Saturday of November. It was 2:22 pm and I wrote the last word. I think the neighbours heard my loud WHOO HOO!! I did it! 53,000 words in 29 days!!

How supportive is your family of your books?

 Very supportive and my biggest fans! Not all of them read. So the ones who don’t, still brag and promote!

Have you ever had anybody in your life ever try to discourage you from writing? How did you cope?

I’m a positive person and blessed with many readers. You can’t always please everyone in this world and in life you find true friends. Those are the ones to treasure and be thankful for. And always remind yourself you write because it’s your passion. 

Do you have a team that helps with your writing process and promotions?

I’m very lucky to have great, true friends and family. And family also includes my publisher and my readers. They always inspire me to keep writing! I love brainstorming with them for ways to promote. I’m very blessed to have an awesome Street Team (Angie’s Angels) and a review group who love to read and review (Angie’s ARC Angels)…you can find us on Facebook!

How many drafts do you write before you are pleased enough to publish?

One draft. Then I go through it slowly, polishing it before sending to the editor. After edits, I don’t re-read or I’d probably keep editing lol 

Are any of your books in audio? If not, is it something you eventually want?

More than half are already in audio! And will continue to get the rest done. Audios are great for today’s world. We’re so busy but with an audio we can multi-task! I know I love listening to an audio book in my car, going for a walk or while cleaning. 

What are some of your favorite books and authors?

There are so many!! I’m an Agatha Christie fan and James Patterson too. They’ve inspired my mystery and suspense side of writing. I’ve always been a Danielle Steele fan since I was a teen. I’m a proud owner of all her hardcovers!

I love to read new authors and ones I’ve met along the way. There are so many talented writers and so many stories to enjoy. 

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming books?

 Now I’m working on a new young adult series that takes place on a ranch in the mountains of Montana at an equestrian ranch. A family saga who have a love for horses and the hearts they heal. Book 1 released July 29th. Book 2 will release Sept 29th. Book 3 is set for November for a Christmas story. 

In between I dabble at a suspense thriller novel I’ve been working on. And on the back burner…I’m thinking of a paranormal series. 

Endless thoughts and love it!

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me mostly on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon and wherever else I find time and a spot lol 

I have a website ( and a newsletter where I offer a free ebook when you sign up. 

Sign up for my newsletter and receive a free ebook!


Angela Ford – Award-Winning Author and Screenwriter


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Interview With Lannie Sheridan

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from all kinds of things. Sometimes a song or a photo might give me an idea. A conversation with a friend may spark a plot, or even I may even dream the entire scene. Ideas come from all over, but not all of them are good ones. Sometimes I silly idea can lead to an amazing scene or plot twist while what seemed like a wonderful idea might not go anywhere but the trashbin.

Can you tell me a little about each book?

Well as far as finished books, I only have two at the moment. The first book, Shadows of the Past, follows Princess Amirilla of Mercury as she takes her new position on the Intergalactic Court. Amirilla, known as Rilla by her friends and family, has oracle blood, which gives her visions of the future.  My second book, Shadows of the Past, is a sequel to the first. The system is in chaos and nothing seems to be going right…  Can’t really say more without giving spoilers. I’m about halfway through writing the third in this series, When Shadows Fall, which will pick up where book two ends.

Once I finish the Shadow series, I have several other series I plan to work on. Sadly I don’t have titles for them yet, but I know the basic plot of all of them. I have a series about a young hunter searching the land for the magical being that murdered her parents. Another series follows a young witch who learns that imaginary friends are anything but imaginary. I’m still working on the details but I am working on a mystery series that follows an investigative reporter looking for her brother. The last one I have is about a lonely girl who winds up being sent back in time after making an innocent wish on her birthday.

What inspires you to write?

The stories in my head need to be told. When my muses start talking I have to write down their tales. Doesn’t matter if anyone else reads them or likes them, I write the stories for me and my muses.

Tell me about how you got started as a writer.

Not really sure how I actually got started. I don’t remember a time that I didn’t makeup stories for fun. Even before I could write I would make up stories and my mom would write them down for me.

When did you first publish? How did publishing make you feel?

I published my first book, Shadows of the Past, in December of 2015. The day I received the first printed copy was the happiest day of my life. Words alone can’t describe the emotions I felt seeing my name on the cover.

What advice can you give future authors?

Never give up. Being a writer isn’t always easy and it’s not a fast way to make money. It takes a lot of time and hard work to finish writing and editing a book. Promoting and selling it is even harder. No matter how hard it gets, never stop and never give up.

What was the easiest book for you to write?

Dancing with Shadows was the easiest so far. It practically wrote itself. Only had a few gaps I had to fill in.

What was the hardest?

The hardest is the one I’m currently working on, When Shadows Fall. There are a lot of fight scenes and a huge battle involving a dozen armies that I have to write. I’m not the best at writing fight scenes so this is quite a challenge for me.

What is your biggest challenge as you’re writing?

My biggest challenge is finding time to write without being interrupted. Its often hard to get people to understand that just because I’m sitting at my computer with music playing or in the recliner with my laptop and reruns of my favorite tv shows playing, that doesn’t mean I’m not working.

What do you think of promoting your work? Do you find it easy or hard?

It depends on the situation. If I’ve got someone who is honestly interested in books then it’s usually pretty easy to sell the books or at least get them to take a business card and possibly follow you later on. People that are looking for a specific kind of book that doesn’t include mine or people that don’t want to read at all, well they’re almost impossible to sell to, but you still have to try and do your best. Sometimes the impossible sale is the most rewarding.

How would you describe your writing style to people who have never read your work?

Hmmm, that’s a hard one….. I’m not really sure how to describe my writing style. I write in the third person because I like knowing what’s going on with all the major players, not just the main character. For me, the dialogue is the easiest thing to write because I actually hear the characters in my head. I’m working on being better with descriptions and details. I don’t think I have set style though. My editor told me after reading what I have of one of my other series that it was like someone else wrote it. My tone and voice change to fit the characters and setting of the story I’m writing. I took that as a huge compliment. I don’t want all my stories to sound the same. If I did that I would be doing my characters a great injustice.

How supportive is your family of your books?

My family is very supportive. My dad bought a dozen copies and gave them to all his friends. My mom insists on being one of the first to read my books once they’re finished.

Have you ever had anybody in your life ever try to discourage you from writing? How did you cope?

I had a few people in college tell me that writing wasn’t worth my time. They thought I should be doing something better with my time. Those same people thought it was fun to get blackout drunk and not remember what actually happened over the weekend. They couldn’t understand why I thought that sitting at home with a good book or a good movie was more fun than a party full of drunks. Needless to say, their opinions mattered little to me and I kept writing.

Do you have a team that helps with your writing process and promotions?

I have two editors, who are both dear friends. One reads for story content and the other fixes my spelling and grammar. The only other people do anything directly for my books would be my cover artists. While they don’t work with me or get paid, my biggest help with promotions are my readers. The people that read my books and leave reviews or tell others about my stories help out more than they realized. Word of mouth is the best advertisement a writer could ask for.

How many drafts do you write before you are pleased enough to publish?

Not sure of the exact number. I probably had close to 30 drafts of book 1 before I was happy with it. For book 2 there were at least 20. I don’t keep track of how many drafts I go through, just how much my book improves with each one.

Are any of your books in audio? If not, is it something you eventually want?

Not yet, but its definitely something I want to do.

What are some of your favorite books and authors?

That’s a long list. First ones that come to mind are Diana Gabaldon, J.K. Rowlings, Stephen King, Richard Castle (yes I’m aware these books have ghostwriters but I still love them), and Sir Arthur Conan Doyal.

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming books?

Well, the one I’m mostly working on at the moment is When Shadows Fall, the final book in my first series. It’ll be a very battle heavy book and I’m certain there will be a few readers that will yell at me for certain parts of the story.

Once that one is complete I plan to work on either the series about the young hunter or the imaginary friend one. I haven’t decided which one just yet. I do know that I will probably jump back and forth between my series and not focus on getting one particular one done first. I did that with my current series and burned myself out on it. I think the writing will be much easier if I just write what comes to me and finish and publish the books as I get them done. Hopefully, it’ll be less stress that way too.

Where can we find you on social media?


Twitter: @LannieSheridan

Instagram: LannieSheridan22


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