No Matter What Blog Tour and Review


Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2023

Mason’s life is far from perfect, but it turns out it can get worse. When his mom ends up in prison, he’s shipped off to the middle of nowhere. Apparently he’s got grandparents—parents of the father he knows nothing about. Mason’s not interested in bonding with these newfound grandparents. He just wants to survive until his eighteenth birthday so he can escape this backwater town and finally be free.

Emily is struggling to keep what’s left of her family from falling apart after a horrible accident stole her mom. She has enough on her plate with mothering her younger siblings and protecting a secret that could destroy everything, when she runs into Mason—literally. Her life doesn’t need more complications, and this distractingly attractive, clearly damaged boy promises nothing but trouble. Still, she can’t help but be drawn to him.

Mason and Emily are opposites in nearly every way, but neither can deny the attraction between them. Mason knows he isn’t good enough for her, and Emily knows she should stay away, but that doesn’t stop the pull they feel toward each other. Their tentative relationship is threatened when Mason is put in the crosshairs of the local gang and the town sheriff. Mason and Emily will have to decide what they really want—and if they’re willing to fight for it.

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K.M. Frost was brought up surrounded by books, and has loved stories of all kinds her whole life. Romance, comedy, and fantasy are some of her favorite genres to write, read, and watch. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, and graphic design.

K.M. Frost lives in Northern Utah, and is the author of the YA sweet contemporary romance, No Matter What, and the YA dystopian trilogy, Reality Dreamers.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Full Disclosure: I will have a more detailed review posted later. It will be posted to most social medias as well as in a separate blog.

I really enjoyed this book very much. It gave me vibes of Seventh Heaven, One Tree Hill, and A Walk to Remember. And Mason reminded me so much of Jess from Gilmore Girls. If you know me, you will understand how much of a compliment that is. Jess is one of my favorite male characters of all time. I fully recommend this book. The writing style is beyond amazing!

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My attention shifted to Mason, and I found him watching me with that same solid, unreadable expression. His features were bold, with a strong nose and cheekbones. His black hair was longer on top, with thick locks falling across his forehead, almost hiding his deep blue eyes. Like he had on Thursday, he wore tattered dark jeans and a worn black t-shirt, this time with the words No Resolve in faded white letters across the chest. It had the look of a shirt for some band, though I didn’t recognize the name.

He hadn’t lost the earbuds, either. The black cords trailed from his ears and disappeared beneath the collar of his shirt. If he hadn’t been so outspoken in the parking lot, I would have thought he couldn’t hear a thing with them plugging his ears. But since I knew he could hear with them in, I had to wonder why he didn’t just take them out when other people were around.

“Are you okay?” His unexpected question interrupted my thoughts.

I blinked, my fingers drifting along my chin where Luke had grabbed me. I could still feel the ghost of his blunt nails. I dropped my hand. “Yes. Thank you. For stepping in, I mean.”

He stiffened, though I had no idea why. Did he regret getting involved? Or maybe he was still angry about the whole almost-running-him-over thing. Despite my own leftover annoyance with how he’d yelled at me, I knew I needed to apologize, but every opening line I came up with was beyond stupid.

To buy myself time—and put off the inevitable embarrassment—I asked a question that had been humming in the back of my mind since he’d first shown up. “What are you doing here?”

He gestured with his chin toward the back of the store. In the last aisle, in front of a line of refrigerators, Mr. Peterson stood with his back to us, reading the label on a carton of juice. I hadn’t realized anyone else was in the store, though I assumed he’d come in with Mason. I wondered why Mason had noticed Luke and Ty when Mr. Peterson hadn’t.

“How do you know the Petersons?” I asked, turning back to Mason.

He frowned, the motion tugging at a small white scar at the corner of his mouth. Something about that tiny imperfection was totally fascinating, and I had a hard time looking away from it. “I don’t,” he said, like that explained everything.

I waited for him to elaborate, but he just stood there, drumming his fingers in a silent rhythm against his leg. My eyes caught on a dark braided leather bracelet on his right wrist—no, wait, it was two bracelets joined together. There was also a black ring on his index finger . . .

I was staring again. My cheeks heated, and I hoped he hadn’t noticed. “If you don’t know them . . .?” I tried to prod, but I wasn’t even sure how to finish my question.

Luckily, Mason gave me a little more. “Technically, they’re my grandparents.”

He didn’t know his grandparents? Then why was he here with George Peterson in the first place? I’d had no idea the Petersons had a grandson. As far as I knew, their only kid, Greg, lived in New York with his wife and two daughters. So where did Mason fit into the family? And what did he mean by technically? I had so many questions, I didn’t know where to start.

I really wanted to delve into this mystery, but Mason’s tapping fingers screamed discomfort, and I doubted he would appreciate an interrogation. In fact, he might walk away at any moment, but I needed to apologize before he did that.

Not letting myself overthink it, I just let it out. “Look, about the other day . . .” I cringed. “I’m really sorry for backing into you. I swear, I checked the parking lot and honestly didn’t see you.”

A beat passed with absolutely no reaction, then he said, in the driest tone I’d ever heard, “Isn’t blindness a cause for license suspension?”

My mouth fell open and all the anger I’d thought had dissolved came rushing to the surface. Before I could even form an appropriate retort for that, his lips twitched, and I realized he’d meant it as a joke.

That was unexpected and . . . surprisingly clever. I wasn’t sure what to do with that. Then a response leaped to mind, and I decided to let it out. “Isn’t daydreaming in a parking lot cause for a wake-up call?”

“So you’re saying I deserved to be run down in broad daylight.”

Now I was fighting a smile, too. “I’m saying you should watch where you’re going.”

His dark eyebrows lifted in mock surprise. “That’s the second time you’ve threatened my life. I might have to get a restraining order.”

“Somehow, I don’t think the judge would take your side.”

“Well, that’s the world we live in, isn’t it?” Laughter lit his eyes, making him look like a completely different person than the angry guy who’d yelled at me in that parking lot. He didn’t look scary at all. Actually, he was really cute.

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