Children’s Book of the Week: One Hundred Percent Me

This Week’s Book: One Hundred Percent Me

Blurb (From Amazon):

A heartwarming story about the joys of multicultural families and being mixed race. One Hundred Percent Me takes readers (ages 4 to 8) along as a young girl explores and accepts her unique identity.

It can be confusing to be a child of mixed race. As the little girl moves through daily life in the big city, she hears some people say she looks more like her Puerto Rican dad, while others claim she takes after her Filipina mom. Should she favor one identity over the other? No! In fact, honoring every facet of her identity equally becomes the main character’s favorite affirmation. This beautifully illustrated book about celebrating differences, claiming our belonging, and acknowledging our heritage encourages all readers to embrace the fact that we are all 100% ourselves.

Reason I chose this book:

It’s hard enough to figure out who you are as you grow up. It’s even harder when people don’t seem to understand your culture or cultures in some cases. I feel this book should be in any household that has younger children. I think it would be a comfort to know that the way they feel isn’t just them. It may even help them talk about it more.


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