Bookish Chatter: A Change of Plans

Due to a misunderstanding with this week’s author, I do not have an Author Spotlight for this week. They got the Author Spotlight segment and the Reading With Star segment confused and insisted that they already gave me what I needed. I let it go. I’m thankful that they want to be part of my blog. And we all have our moments where we get confused here and there.

I decided to take this opportunity to just chat about my reading lately. I’ve been doing far better than I have in a long time. I’m starting to really get into readathons. I have days where I really don’t to read. I read a bit and stop once I feel like I’m not concentrating like I should be. I find it’s really helpful. I still have my “reading streak”, but I’m not forcing myself to read. It’s a win win!

I have two conventions that I will be going to in a couple of months. One in Tennessee and one in Salem. I have everything booked for Tennessee, and I have the plane booked for Salem. I haven’t gotten somewhere to stay booked yet. I want to find a reasonable priced place that’s as close to the event as possible. It’s really not easy since I don’t know the area at all. Maybe something will come up.

That’s all I can think to talk about. If you’ve read this to this point, I want to say thank you for reading my blogs. It gives me the encouragement to keep going. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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