Sundays in Bed With… The Hunted and Dangerous Dreams

Audiobook I’m listening to today: The Hunted by Jeff Wheeler.

I have a lot to do today that I can’t actually read. So I’ll be listening to a lot of this audiobook. I’m excited to get into this book. I just finished the first book before going to bed.

Blurb for The Hunted (Directly from Amazon):

A young woman’s burgeoning powers make her Muirwood’s most wanted in a breathtaking novel by Jeff Wheeler, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Druid.

Eilean is rising. A foundling raised in an abbey, she was entrusted by its imprisoned druid, Mordaunt, with an ancient tome. Its magical words can change the world. Eilean’s first mission: translate it. Her second: rescue a benevolent Aldermaston sentenced to death as a heretic by the High Seer. But wielding power, knowledge, and ambition has now made Eilean the hunted.

In pursuit is Captain Hoel Evnissyen, an inquisitor in service to the High Seer’s demands. His objective is to track Eilean and steal Mordaunt’s invaluable work. But Hoel’s quest soon yields a fascination with the woman he’s been ordered to pursue. When an invasion begins and the world erupts in chaos, Eilean and Hoel find themselves bound by their mutual wills to survive and, against all odds, realize they are not each other’s enemy.

But now Eilean must decide who is friend and who is foe. Especially when the powerful tome falls into the wrong hands. The closer Eilean and Hoel get, the nearer they are to realizing the part they must play in their kingdom’s destiny—and its ties to Eilean’s own mysterious past.

Ebook I’m reading today: Dangerous Roads by Abbie Roads

I’m not going to lie. I’m not in love with this book right now. It started out really weird, but in a good way. But I hit the miscommunication trope. So until I slog past that, this book is going to be cringy for me. I hope to get past it today with some luck. I hate the miscommunication trope with a passion. Not enough to put a book down, but enough to be frustrated until I’m past it.

Blurb for Dangerous Dreams (Directly from Amazon):

A cult. A kidnapped woman. A man who won’t stop until he finds her.

Special Skills Consultant, Xander Stone, has an uncanny ability to solve crimes, but at a painful price. When he rescues a kidnapping victim, her mere presence relieves his suffering and makes him feel something he’s never felt before. Love.

But with her free, no one is safe.
Who will survive?
Who will die?
Only fate can decide.

Dangerous Dreams is the first book in Abbie Roads’ Beautiful Nightmare Series of dark romantic thrillers. If you devour true crime and thrilling romance then you’ll love this series that combines both in a roller-coaster ride of danger, mind games, and swoon worthy love.

Buy this dangerously dark romance today!

Trigger warning: Depictions of violence

Previously published under the title Race the Darkness

What are you reading today?


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