Author Spotlight: Cara/September/Echo North

This week’s author: Cara/September/Echo North

This author is one incredible author. She’s witty. She’s funny. She’s incredibly talented. She’s also fierce and tough. She’s incredibly loyal and humble. I’m incredibly thankful I met her and get to experience her work. Seriously check her out!

From Cara/September/Echo North:

I want to talk about mature teens. It seems like everyone wants to pretend that a thirteen year old doesn’t know anything about sex. I was a freshman in high school when I was thirteen. I dated a senior and I knew about sex. Not just from health class. I knew about it before my boyfriend and conscent. So, when people talk about  books with adult themes, I get it. Some kids get to remain kids. My books probably are too much for them, but for the kids who have to grow up fast, kids who have to step in to do adult jobs, and make descisions that also impact the family, yeah, they need books like the ones I write because I could have used more fictional characters that reflected some idealistic versions of some of the absolute (expelitive) ish I had to deal with growing up. I don’t wish that kind of life on anyone and my characters will come through eventually. Some have it easier than others. Some cope and learn faster than others. Like real life. My characters have a common thread of a love for music, but their backgrounds vary. Gen 2, the concluding series of the Drummonds has the most variety yet, so…don’t miss it.

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