Author Spotlight: Sofia Ann Hoffman

This week’s author: Sofia Ann Hoffman

This is another wonderful author I met at LLS. She’s witty and fun. It shows in her writing. She’s an incredibly talented person. Aside from being an author, she makes some amazing things. She also edits for other authors as well.

From Sofia Ann Hoffman:

Hello everyone,

My name is Michelle Hoffman and I write under the pen name Sofia Ann Hoffman. I’m a native Texan and a Navy brat, so I have traveled around some on the mainland, though I spent most of my upbringing years in Corpus Christi, Texas—hometown of the Whataburger!

I’ve been reading, or have been read to, as long as I can remember. My parents were both readers and passed the love for it on to me and my sisters. I also have been making up stories since I was small, though I didn’t really start writing them out until I hit high school and my first publicized work—a poem from the viewpoint of a dying leaf—appeared in my high school magazine.

I’m a very quiet person, even when I’m hanging out with people that I consider my friends. It tends to bug people who aren’t familiar with me because they think I’m angry over something. I’m not, I’m just taking everything in. I have been told that I have stealth powers and tend to accidentally sneak up on people without meaning to.

Most of the time, you will find me with a piece of plastic canvas, yarn, and a needle because that’s one of my favorite hobbies. Another pastime of mine is listening to 80s music and, as of a few months ago, audiobooks.

After many years of taking care of my mother and helping raise five nieces and nephews, I decided I had done my duty and would never marry or have children of my own. Instead, I am a dog mom. My current fur babies are Daisy and Minnie. (I didn’t name either one of them and I got them at separate times, so it’s just a coincidence they are both named after Disney characters.) I usually have a dog—or a creature that acts like a dog—in each of my stories.

Speaking of stories, you are probably wondering where I get the ideas from. Pretty much everywhere, to be honest. The most prevalent place is from dreams, however. I see the stories in my head as if I am watching a movie and the viewpoints can change. Sometimes, I am a main character, sometimes, I am a director. Many dreams have me just as an omnipotent observer. They can be wild or even based off of things in my real life but mixed together. I do have one book which is called Steven With a V and is based off of my real-life crush that I had on a coworker. In real life, I was too chicken to let him know, so in the story, I have the main character admit her feelings and they work on developing a relationship.

Most of my stories are paranormal because…magic! I love the idea of being able to get out of a sticky spot with the use of magic or with some sort of shifter abilities that a person may have. One of my current works in progress is expanding Draggin’ Decision in which sixteen-year-old Vizhadi (a silver dragon) must decide if he will remain on Earth and always hidden from prying humans or go to another planet that is dragon friendly.

If you want to hang out with me, the best place is my reader group on Facebook, where any talk of books, pics of baby animals and/or sexy people(within FB guidelines!) are welcome.

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