Author Spotlight: Krys Fenner

This week’s author: Krys Fenner

Krys Fenner is such a talented author. I had the pleasure of meeting her at an event called Literary Love of Savannah. I fell in love with the covers of her books first. They were an impulse buy that I do not regret at all. I didn’t read them right away because I have so many books that I have to read and I keep buying more. When I finally did, I became hooked. I can’t wait for the next book in the Dark Road series to be released. I do need to read more books from her, I know that I will love them. She has this wonderful writing style. She also has the ability to captivate your attention and hit many emotions all at once.








From Krys Fenner:

When I first started writing in high school and I dreamed about becoming an author, I never could’ve imagined the journey it would take me on. That’s strange to say, given some stuff I’ve created. Yet, it’s true. Back then, all the stories I wrote comprised fantasy. As I was into things like Dungeons & Dragons, White Wolf, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it made sense. I loved the paranormal world. Something that hasn’t changed over the years. For the most part, anyway.
It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that someone challenged me to think bigger and broaden my imagination. Mr. Pierce had given us a short story assignment in my creative writing class. Nothing unusual about that. What made this time different was that he pulled me aside and asked me to write something other than fantasy. How could I do that? Fantasy was my getaway. I lived for it. No matter how hard I tried, my brain pushed back. It refused to give me anything. So, I talked to my friends about the assignment. They gave me a variety of ideas.
One of which sparked something inside of me. I wrote a short story about a female whose father had molested her growing up. Though she hadn’t seen him in years, his death brought her back, where she visited his gravesite and forgave the man who’d hurt her. It was the best story I’d ever written. Something I was extremely proud of. For years, I’d kept those two sheets of notebook paper, front and back, with that story. Unfortunately, it’s got lost somewhere along the way, but I never forgot it.
That story, that moment, altered me as a writer. It shaped me in a way that when I took the plunge and published a story of my own, I started with what has become the “Dark Road Series.”
But so did high school. It’s why I write these books, why I work on a series that addresses the darker part of life for teenagers. Because we as a society think, “You’re a teenager. How hard can your life be?”
Trauma doesn’t discriminate against age, race, or gender. It doesn’t give a shit if you’ve only lived for a few years or eighty. I wanted to write these books because I want people to talk. So the world can change.
I imagine for some, that doesn’t make a lick of sense. Let me explain it like this.
High school was tough for me. I was as much a geek back then as I am now. (I totally feel like Dustin just pointed that out.) People often bullied me. My self-confidence was low, and I dealt with depression. While I had a few friends, I didn’t always know how to talk to them. Not about real-life stuff. After I graduated from high school, things didn’t get better. Someone assaulted me and the friend I confided in, it turned out he wasn’t really a friend.
Life taught me not to trust people. That they would only use you and spit you out when they were finished.
As a teenager, I didn’t know how to handle any of this. It took years for me to overcome the trauma I’d experienced. Part of that results from writing the “Dark Road Series.” Although Bella’s trauma is her own, some of her emotions come from me.
I ultimately hope that by sharing this fictional story, people will see the house isn’t always made of glass. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that way.

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